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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Truth About America Is Consolidating With "Real American Truth" Site

In Our Great Society, any job is "A Good One."
Having recently returned to the "Working World," out of absolute necessity, I have had to make some very important decisions lately. As much as it pains me to do this, one of them has been to reduce my current personal workload - by eliminating two of my current blogs online. Thus, I have been forced to choose among: "The Truth About America" and my "Real American Truth" site, due to their frequent informational overlap - with regard to individual political topics.

Although this site was my first one, and is considerably larger with regards to actual topical content, Real American Truth [honestly] does much better with respect to Search Engine Optimization. Ultimately, SEO Issues were my overriding concern - given these substantial structural changes. Consequently, I have decided to consolidate and move all of my articles over to the much newer blog site. I had hoped to keep them both online, however, my new job duties are presenting too big an obstacle - to maintain them both - over the long term.

Although this blog will remain up for the next couple of months, as I transition my articles between these two blogs, all future postings will be uploaded upon the "Real American Truth" site from now on.... Please feel free to check it out, and bookmark the new editorial page! In the meantime, I will be moving my current "Truth About America" blog archives as quickly as time permits me to do so... so that I may get back to my regularly posting of our rapidly developing and largely historical political events.

For more information, about these changes, please see the following article:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interesting, And Humorous, Political Quotes - Still Relevant Today

Who's To Blame? HIM, Of Course....
Although many of these quotations were either: penned, or spoken long ago, it is amazing how relevant that they continually remain today... at least, to those who don't understand the True Value [or, Authoritative Power] of History. Even though the individual human players will continue to change over time, their Normative and Inherently Human Characteristics do not... nor, do their: Personal Agendas, Political Tactics, or Situational Failings. People are inherently drawn toward that, which is their greatest [and potentially destructive] human weakness: Alcoholics to Alcohol, Junkies to Drugs, Gamblers to Casinos, Sex Addicts to Prostitutes, Robbers to Banks... and Politicians to: Money, Notoriety, and Raw Political Power.   

Since the "Universal Laws Of Cause And Effect" remain constant and never change over time, truly insightful statements are timeless and of considerable value - irrespective of any other contributing environmental factors. Of such caliber, are the following Political Statements:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Politics Is The Art Of Social Compromise

The "power of a cartoon" is an honestly truthful answer.
There are many definitions for the term "Politics." However, very few of these textbook definitions are truly succinct, concise, and clearly explanative of this frequently utilized social term.

For Instance:
  • Wikipedia says: "Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. It consists of social relations involving authority or power and refers to the regulation of a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy."
  • FreeDictionary.com says: "Politics is the art [or science] of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs."
  • Knowledgerush.com says: "Politics is the study and conduct of decision-making power (who's got it, and who hasn't) at the inter-social and societal levels."
Politics is, "The art of social compromise - within a much larger society - of opposite and competing factions." Contrary to all of those previous definitions, Politics has absolutely nothing to do with government specifically; or even directly! Politics is a [mere] fact of innate human life - which occurs everywhere two, or more, individual humans are gathered together. It occurs within America's: churches, businesses, civic organizations, schools, and even public playgrounds. Everywhere some sort of social compromise is [honestly] required, politics is an absolute societal necessity!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The True Dangers Of American Bureaucracy

The Bureaucratic System is patently un-American.
Although many Americans have grown increasingly frustrated with our American Bureaucratic System over the last couple of decades, most are simply resigned to the fact that this is merely the cost of existing in a modern and democratic society. But, is it? Is "Bureaucracy" a functionally necessary part of the modern democratic process? And if so, what real function does it honestly and truthfully serve? More importantly, is it even a constitutionally recognized form of governmental authority and power? Let's explore these questions and more... while turning our attention to, "The True Dangers Of Our American Bureaucracy."

The purpose of Bureaucracy is to create a top down pyramidal structure - wherein orders may given to those beneath - in which all commands may be issued upon a need to know basis and each succeeding level downward may be compartmentalized with respect to the amount [or level] of knowledge being given. To put it simply:

Bureaucracy Is "The Methodology Of Secret Societies"

For Instance:
  • The Executive at the top wants a Nuclear Weapon to be built to destroy another country.
  • The DOD is told to build one - for unstated reasons of executive necessity.
  • One Contractor is ordered to build a rocket motor Propulsion system - for whatever potential payload.
  • Another Contractor is ordered to build a guidance system for a missile - of some unknown type.
  • Yet another Contractor is told to build a nuclear device of a set size and megaton payload.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of scattered employees build individual components - for dozens of unnamed and unexplained devices - as ignorantly uninformed participants.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Real American Is Now Moving Up To Videos

"The Real American"
For those of you, who have been following The Real American's internet presence over the last 8 months, you have probably noted that my: organizational skills, writing style, and online capabilities have been largely and rapidly improving. Let's face it, folks, my blogs have improved considerably, my postings are becoming more functionally informational, and I am finally beginning to get noticed online! And either it's a complete and total fluke, or my overall ranking in the search engines has [even] begun to increase substantially, as well. We are now on the very first page, for a number of search-able terms, and in the very first position for some.

As one, of over 30 million Unemployed Americans, I started out with nothing but a computer and a dream - to largely assist my fellow hurting Americans. That vision was to provide an open and unrestricted outlet for The Truth, as our ancestors understood it to be and as many of us continue to understand it. Whether it is "Politically Correct," or not, is entirely irrelevant - while honestly considering our current dilemma! Of course, The Truth has seldom [if ever] been politically correct in any nation and particularly in ours....

  • If Equality Under The Law is politically incorrect, then so be it. It is still "The Law" - even when we continually fail to acknowledge it!
  • If Our Freedom Of Speech is now being viewed as "Domestic Terrorism" - by those at the top - then they better start reading those documents that they've sworn to willingly uphold and protect!
  • And if Our Newspapers and Media Outlets are refusing to do their own assigned jobs, then others will inevitably step up and do it for them. Freedom Of The Press doesn't belong to our corporate conglomerates alone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Two Party System Is A Practical Reality

Career Politicians learn the rules fast, or go bust
Contrary to what we so often hear, there is no officially sanctioned "Two Party System" in the United States of America. Nor, has there ever been one as such. What there really is, is a political reality. In every properly functioning democracy there are always numerous voices seeking to be heard... and so it is in ours. Throughout our illustrious history, we have had no fewer than five political parties at any given time. And at other times, we have had even more than that! So why do we always hear about the so-called Two Party System... and to [honestly] what does it refer?

Our nation, unlike many other political democracies, was not designed for rule by a coalition or even parliamentarian government. The Electoral System - which was set into place at the time of our founding - requires our executive leadership to have more than fifty percent of our votes, to govern at the time of election. In fact, our use of electors - rather than Total Popular Votes - was primarily to assure this singular outcome. Otherwise, multiple candidates would lead to a potential "Total Deadlock" - under just such a political system. It is important to note, that Electors do not ever have to vote the same as their home State constituencies.

Bush Derangement Syndrome, Or BDS, Still Plagues Our Nation

The development of the recent social disorder known as B.D.S., or "Bush Derangement Syndrome," is significant in many historical ways. First, it is shared by the members of both: The Far Left and The Far Right. Second, the reason behind it seems to be coming from both opposite and oppose-able political directions. Third, the resultant level of anger and resentment became an epidemic quite rapidly nationwide. Finally, and perhaps strangest of all, it has very little to do with President George W. Bush directly.

The term itself, may be factually attributed to Dr. Charles Krauthammer - a former psychiatrist and conservative political columnist - who defined it as being: "The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush" - back in 2003. Moreover, he also noted this equally shared: Far Left and Far Right Antipathy - while the American Middle continued in staunchly and stoically propping him up - at the time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Do States Have The Right Of Secession

"Civil War" battle scene, circa 1860-1865.
With American Politics heating up, for the first time in a century and a half, many Americans are now revisiting the same political questions as our earlier ancestors. Among these very troubling issues are: Hard-Lined State Sovereignty, Jurisdictional Nullification, and [even] Lawful Secession. The fact, that our Federalized Republican Union is increasingly forcing these issues - by its overbearing and all encompassing political nature - is now well established... for such drastic political measures aren't easily, or lightly, being considered by anyone.

After all, our last attempt at peaceably walking away from an ongoing political argument, resulted in America's most destructive war upon historical record! Like an: abusive, compulsive, and obsessive spouse - our Federal Government doesn't believe in divorce and the Supreme Court is largely afraid of her, for very good reasons. In such instances, they do not have any real enforcement mechanism at their own political disposal! Without an ability to back up their decisions, they are forced to concede whatever points are dictated upon America's inevitable battlefields. Case in point, the Supreme Court Decisions upon Tribal and State Sovereignty [respective to the actions of 1838 and 1860], which simply read:
  • "Had the Office of The Presidency, or Congress, not had such political authorities and powers - then it couldn't have factually done so."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Controversy Over President Obama’s Birth Status Heats Up

Col. Terrence Lakin - US Army.
The "Birth-er Controversy" - surrounding President Barrack H. Obama's eligibility for holding Presidential Office - is continuing to heat up, thanks to the ongoing court martial case of Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin. When Army Col. Denise R. Lind denied Col. Lakin's defense attorney the right to obtain potentially exculpatory evidence - upon the grounds, that Obama's birth records could "Prove Embarrasing" - she not only denied a Fundamental Right under the Unified Code of Military Justice, but provided even more growing fuel for this ongoing political controversy.

The real question upon everyone's mind is: "For whom would they prove to be most politically embarrassing..." The White House - who refuses to disclose Obama's birth records; and thus to, end the controversy once and for all... The United States Military - for arguably questioning the status of their Commander In Chief... our current President Barrack Obama - who could theorhetically be forced to step down from his current political office... or, The Democratic Party - for knowingly fielding an illegal candidate, to this highly-important and constitutionally protected position? In a "Worse Case Scenario," any and/or all of them could substantially suffer from the much-needed public humiliation!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bethere2day Blog Site Hits One Out Of The Park

Political Humor helps us keep our sanity.
While doing my "daily clicks" for Entrecard, I stopped in at the bethere2day blog site, which is one of the funniest around online. All that guy does is write and post jokes... and his frequently bust my sides with their very good nature humor. His newest joke today was about Doctors and Politicians , and I really loved it! I don't usually recommend other people's blogs, but there are always an exceptional few. This one, however, is exceptional and should be bookmarked and checked regularly for its frequent updates.

Bear in mind, that bethere2day isn't in the least bit politically oriented as far as humor blogs go. But, its sharp and biting wit is always worth a regular daily reading! I try not to miss it most days, and I absolutely love searching through its extensive archives of jokes. It is also an equal party offender in all areas of political correctness. A truly monumental plus, for those of us who are sick of all the propagandistic drivel being largely passed off as supposedly non-biased humor. If you are looking for something funny to mellow out with, then I [honestly] think you'll enjoy it. As far as Entrecard Sites go, this one is top notch!

Leave your comments and tell me what you think....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Constitutional Issues: A Right To Privacy

Right To Privacy is protection from Covetousness.
Among the most important Constitutional Issues - which we are now facing today - is the rapidly growing loss of our Individual Right To Privacy. Although many Americans no longer understand the relative importance of such sacrosanct personal freedoms and rights, our much wiser ancestors fully realized their ongoing necessity - towards establishing: a peaceful, stable, and productive society. As a predominantly Judeo-Christian people, they understood the readily-apparent social dynamics surrounding The Tenth Commandment given by Yahweh to All Israel [both: Christians, and Jews]. Greed isn't a problem of Capitalism, but rather a spiritual one.

The religious principle of: "Thou Shalt Not Covet," is one of properly aligned personal and societal focus. Rather than looking lustfully towards our neighbors on the left, or the right - for unrighteous and illegitimate gains - societies are far more successful, when each individual focuses upon his or her own personal efforts toward long term happiness and financial success. Nothing good ever comes from spending too much time watching your neighbors! It always ends with, either: Gossip, Envy, Jealousy, Adultery, Crime, Unjust Governmental Legislation, and even Murder. None of which, is [in anywise] beneficial to our overall society at large. This is why we have always needed a Constitutional Right To Privacy.

"Eyes Forward" is often good advice.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Government's New Rights To: Willfully Trespass, Vandalize Property, And Track It's Owners

For decades, Americans have had to withstand a veritable onslaught of Governmental Intrusions into their personal privacy and a steady reduction in their overall God-given Freedoms and Constitutional Rights. It appears that our expensively educated "Government Of The Lawyers, By The Lawyers, And For The Lawyers" understands neither its: Letter, Spirit, nor Intent - when it comes to expressly Constitutional Issues! Meanwhile - in their latest leap of moral, ethical, and legal depravity - they have decided that: Intentionally Trespassing, Planting Transmission Devices Upon Your Personal Property, and Secretly Tracking Your Movements are perfectly acceptable societal behaviors.

More importantly, however, a certain number of Federal Justices clearly agree with them! Although the initial ruling was made - back in January - by a mere three judge panel of the highly "Leftist" Ninth Circuit, a much larger panel has since staunchly upheld it. The logic upon which they have done so is that the outside of one's residence is open to: neighborhood children, delivery personnel, and occasional visitors - therefore cannot be considered truly private property [with legal respect] toward the uninformed owner... logically, they state: "had they truly intended this property to remain private, then they would have established a fence or even locked their property securely inside the house or garage." The fact that this argument is based upon pure conjecture and patently false assumptions didn't seem to bother them in the least.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

American Education: Merely One Piece, In A Much Larger Tragedy.

"Left Behind" from education, or political indoctrination?
Apparently, our American educators are either incapable, or unwilling to do their jobs - when it comes to the subjects of: English, History, and Social Studies - because there seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the various definitions of certain words in our English language today. As is the case with blatantly opposable concepts such as: Socialism and Charity, Corporatism and Capitalism, Social Empowerment and Individual Freedom, and a whole veritable host of numerous others.

While some of us might chalk these developments up to random institutional failures occurring throughout our educational spectrum, I cannot and will not so easily do so. Why not? Because a careful analysis of the terms and terminology being currently: misunderstood, misused, and misapplied are indicative of a specific "Anti-American" Political Worldview, Perspective, and Agenda. In point of fact, these ongoing political results are anything but statistically random... they have been personally tailored to fit a highly specific program of national changes in our Traditional American Culture and Inherent Societal Fabric!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Barrack Obama: Anti-Christ, Or Just Anti-Christian....

Obama: Anti-Christ or Anti-Christian? You decide.
According to recent polls being conducted in America, 56 percent of the American population firmly believes that: we are [now] factually living in "The Biblical Last Days." Even more startlingly, according to one recent poll, 35 percent of Conservatives and 21 percent of Liberals living in the State of New Jersey believed President Barrack Hussein Obama to be the Biblical Antichrist that the world has so long awaited - before, the "End Time Period." Could Barrack Obama [honestly] be "The Antichrist?" Or, is he [just] the first openly Anti-Christian President in our American history?

It is interesting to note, that when it comes to the practice of Judeo-Christian religion, America is the most lukewarm nation upon Earth. While some 76 percent of Americans openly profess to be believers, the majority of Americans today do not even meet the minimalist "Pharisaical Standards" railed against by Christ - more than two thousand years ago. How is it that we forgotten these simple words: "For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven?"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Truth Behind American Taxation: Mass Economic Enslavement

Economic Servitude is just plain Slavery to most.
The Truth Behind American Taxation is Mass Economic Enslavement - being perpetrated upon a scale, far greater than any other of the previous attempts at imposing such a servile system in American history. Neither: the southern Plantation System, nor The Company/Stores of the north - could have so thoroughly enslaved the individual American; or been historically maintained in a time of rapid educational and technological advancement. Thus, a three track system had to be extensively devised.

This Three Track Political And Economic System, consists of the: Freemason Corporate Conglomeration, Public Social Empowerment, and Expansive Governmental Hegemony. Meanwhile, each of these three collectivist political and economic structures - of Masonic and Trinitarian design - is charged with focusing and channeling specific and naturally occurring political forces, which are fundamental to every human society in general. Its inherent advantages - with respect toward Totalitarian and Authoritarian Control - were not lost on those privileged individuals who had honestly envisioned it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Corporatism Isn't Capitalism, Nor Are Those Differences Even Close.

Corporatism isn't "Capitalism," it's Fascism.
The differences between Traditional Capitalism and Modern Corporatism may seem slight to the average ignorant American, but they are profoundly significant in every meaningful way! Capitalism is the process of Individual Freedom, acting within the lawful constraints of The Free Market, and dealing out punishment and/or reward based upon Personal Initiative. Whereas Corporatism is the process of Collectivized And Governmentally Chartered Business, acting without lawful consequence [or subjective liability] to Socially Manipulated Markets, and dealing out punishment and/or reward based upon purely Political Criteria.

Businesses cannot grow "Too Big To Fail" under Capitalism - where the size of every private company is quite naturally regulated by a man's [or certain group's] ability to raise his/her/their own necessary capitalization... where the Finite Lives of a company's private owners, are largely disruptive toward policies of negative social monopolization... and where the very real measures of legally quantifiable Criminal And Civil Liability, reinforce one's moral and ethical obligations toward overall society in general! This is the greatest verifiable strength of Traditional American Capitalism.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Upside-Down America Is Our Inverted American Reality

A New American Symbol for A New American Generation.
Welcome, my friends, to "Upside-Down America..." where, in all reality, the unreality of inverse reality has become our official reality! It is a land of infinitely expected surprises and totally unbounded surprised expectations; a nation, which has been: Enslaved by its own exercised freedom, Overtaxed by its own personal choices, Subjected to its own public servants, and Terrorized by its own lawful protectors. Nor, can it honestly and openly confront The Truth behind its own effective societal creation... that, "We The People" have been fully complicit, in its overall political development.

Upside-Down America represents the single greatest: Magic Trick, Sleight Of Hand, and/or Deceptive Illusion ever perpetrated upon any particular audience in history. In a nation of 300 Million Fools, virtually every Traditional American Institution currently possesses its own identical and yet mocking parody of blatant illusion. For instance, in our currently Upside-Down America, or our Inverted American Reality:

  •  We still have two mainstream and opposing political parties: The "Anarchist" Republicans [who proclaim themselves to be Inherently Conservative] and The "Socially Enslaving" Democrats [who call themselves Traditionally Liberal].
  • We still practice organized religion - albeit, The Gospel Of Greed has long ago supplanted The True Gospel of Christ, as honestly related in the scriptures.
  • We retain "The Freedom Of Individual Choice," from among any number of socially predefined and governmentally approved choices - in every single aspect of our well-regulated apolitical lives.
  • And we are still "A Nation Of Laws." Even though, the laws themselves are [by now] completely unconstitutional and/or highly unlawful as adjudged by: their letter, their spirit, and/or original intention.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fascism: A Product Of The Right, Or Of The Left

Were Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco Conservatives?
As far back as I can remember, over the course of my lifetime, I have heard it said all around me that: "Fascism is [by definition] a product of The Political Right," "Leftists have never embraced such socially damaging systems of Totalitarian and Authoritarian Control," and "It is the natural and militant outgrowth of: Fundamental Conservatism, Zealous Patriotism, Unrestrained Capitalism, and Purist Judeo-Christian Religion." Many, are quite adamant upon these particular points. But is this entirely [or even partially] true? Is Fascism really a product of The Political Right, or is it of The Left?

When studying the world's great fascists, from a distance, it becomes apparent that certain elements of: Conservatism, Patriotism, Capitalism, and Religion are essentially involved and largely employed by such a Totalitarian and Authoritarian Leadership. With respect to the "New Fascist Status Quo:" they will kill anyone who dares to question them, they demand total nationalistic loyalty, industry immensely benefits by the production of new military armaments, and religion becomes just another useful manipulative tool of the state.  

Friday, July 9, 2010

American Truth Site Gets An SEO Oriented Facelift

The Truth About America - without Introduction.
In our never ending efforts to balance the needs for providing the best informational source possible, with actually showing up in the all important search engines, The Truth About America has undergone yet another noticeable site modification. We hope that you'll be somewhat patient with us in this transitional period. As many of you are by now aware, the articles are usually well worth your personal forbearance.

The fact that, currently, more than one fifth of all our visitors remain on this site over an hour at one time and that almost as many are frequently repeating visitors - equally offers us an incentive to get this American Truth Blog just right - for all of our wonderful readers. So far, you  have remained a very loyal readership... and we are honestly hoping to keep it that way. Please feel free to comment, upon the: general look, ease of use, and overall functionality of this site at any given time. These changes aren't set in concrete and [in many ways] it's your site too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Just Doesn't Feel The Same Anymore

Remembering America, the way it used to be....
No matter how hard I try, Independence Day just doesn't have the same meaning to me anymore.... A lot has happened to this awe inspiring nation, in those intervening 234 years; much of it good, and a whole lot of it bad. Of course, in the 1960's and 1970's - when I was growing up - there was still just a hint of her previous glory. Religion was yet to be criminalized, and Politics was something most Americans could still discuss peaceably among themselves - on most occasions.

Sure, America wasn't perfect back then, but the terms: Common Sense, Individual Freedom, and Human Decency still held some cultural and traditional meaning. For the most part, our political leadership still made a halfhearted attempt to listen to the voters and [even occasionally] cast votes that reflected it. Consequently, when July 4th invariably came around, it was still a time of historic celebration. After all, America might not have been perfect, but it was still a far greater nation than any other on the face of the Earth! We could [certainly] settle for that: "Bring Out The Fireworks."

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Truth About America Is Now Growing

"New" Real American Truth Blog Site.
If you've been wondering what has happened to me, lately? I have been designing, debugging, and optimizing a "New And Improved" American Truth Blog Site. It isn't, because I don't already like this one.... It is because this one seems to be hopelessly at a loss for getting noticed by the search engines! Meanwhile, this "New" site should do much better at acquiring that all important Page Rank - which you always hear about, but can never seem to accomplish for yourself....

For those of you who have grown accustomed to this particular blog site, I am intending to maintain them both for quite some time. By paralleling my efforts on these two different blogs, I am hoping to actually learn what works in "Real World" Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, everything they've told me to do so far hasn't helped at all... and I can't spend my entire life: clicking, commenting, and writing other people's reviews. That doesn't leave any time to do what I'm trying so desperately to do. Nor, does any of that intense activity pay my bills.... Am I wrong?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The False Left / Right Paradigm In Action

"The Phariseaical Liberal Mindset."
Recently, while surfing the web, I dropped in at Harrison Price's blog site: "Just Politics..?." As he has a very unique style and wit, I frequently do so - to my own personal benefit. The article that caught my undivided attention, this time, entitled: "Examining My Country, Right or Wrong" is both logically presented and extremely well written. In it, he shares the popular misconceptions of many [currently] disenfranchised Americans. He firmly envisions the debate as revolving around the two issues of: "Liberalism" verses "Conservatism...."

Whereas, many of my more loyal readers already know, The Two Dominant Political Parties are neither: "Liberal," nor "Conservative" - by any qualitative, or quantitative, unit of political and statistical measure. Liberalism holds no higher: Ideal, Goal, Aim, or Purpose than protecting the Freedoms and Rights of the Individual Citizen, or Solitary Human. Its root, which is Liberty, literally means "Individual and Personal Freedom." Since "Social Empowerment" must necessarily occur at the expense of The Individual's Own Freedoms and Rights, such Democrat Policies are [factually] "Anti-Liberal!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lessons In Blogging Part Two: Advertising And Promotion

Since even: the best written, most well thought out, heavily researched, and time invested blog sites cannot prosper [or even survive] without traffic - I have been experimenting with certain seemingly beneficial methods of promoting my blog lately. Among these internet introductory services are: Blog Catalog, Linkreferral, and Entrecard. You will notice that their advertisement buttons and logos have been recently incorporated into all of my blog pages. Please don't be alarmed.... lol

Being primarily an informational site - with a few "Pay For Click Ads" to defray my expenses - I am merely attempting to generate more traffic without a significant increase in my own expense. I am currently unemployed, after all.... In a nation suffering under 20 percent unemployment, I feel quite certain that you can understand my own personal predicament. If not, then, I'll just have to beg your forgiveness.

For my new Entrecard visitors, I am also offering two additional services - which they would benefit greatly by utilizing - to expedite their own industrious blogging activities. These aggregator services are called: Drop 2 Top and E Buckets... both are designed to expedite their: visitation, commentary, and promotional processes. Since using Entrecard, my traffic has definitely increased dramatically! Let's hope that my articles will [ultimately] keep them here... it does, require a very large investment of time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Crime, Prolonged Detention, and RFID Chips: Is That Really The Future Of Freedom In America

Pre-Crime? Don't fool yourselves, folks... it's really coming!

It is absolutely bizarre how far America has strayed from its historic roots, considering where we once started. Here we have President Barrack H. Obama speaking about: "Pre-Crime and Prolonged Detentions" - the locking up of innocent Americans: indefinitely, without access to an attorney, or any other "Constitutional Rights." The FAST Program, is [now] being rolled out at FEMA... experimental Military Checkpoints are beginning to go up all across our nation... electronic RFID chips are being implanted into citizens... and nobody seems to notice that anything is wrong? This is simply incredible!

Wake Up, America! Are we still: "The Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave?" Or, have we [already] become: "The Land Of The Chicken and Home Of The Slave?" I must say, the future of Freedom in America doesn't look too promising to me....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lessons From World History: Two Differing Perspectives

Sometimes it's interesting to just stop and examine our unique World History from the perspective of the lessons we have learned over those same periods of time. Often much can be brought to light, and hidden things may be revealed, which are invisible to the naked eye - while living within the natural ebb and flow of time itself. Lately, I've been spending an exorbitant amount of time doing just that, and the results have been [personally] very enlightening.

To those, who are open to such reflections and speculations, I value your own personal insights and would happily request your own comments upon this particular posting. After all, anything which results in the ultimate attainment of valuable collective knowledge is a worthwhile pursuit, in my estimation. I believe that most, truly, open-minded individuals will invariably agree with this sentiment. However, be advised that these events will be evaluated from both a "Judeo-Christian" and "Non-Believer" Perspective.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Padrino - Not My Usual Fare, But Interesting Nonetheless....

Recently - while surfing the web - thanks to my Entrecard membership, I came across a blog site called: "The Padrino." It has absolutely nothing to do with American Politics [or, Social Editorial], but it has some of the coolest gadgets and pictures I've ever come across on the web! If you'll actually check it out, then I'm sure that you will honestly agree - on this one. The articles aren't the most detailed I've ever read, but the: Conceptual Vehicles, Fantastical Gadgets, and Cool Products - being reviewed - are simply incredible. I would advise anyone to check it out.

In addition to those really cool vehicles and gadgets, it also boasts some truly incredible: architecture, artwork, and sculptures on the blog site. It's just one of those rare sites which are both visionary and inspirational - without openly or overtly attempting to do so. Amazingly, it's not very commercialized either... and aside from a few links at the top right of the main page, it isn't a noticeably revenue generating site at all.

Be sure and let me know what you think - in the comments section. If you like it, I'll try to break up the political monotony - by adding an occasional review, such as this one - when it's appropriate and honestly warranted. Don't worry, though, I won't lose my primary focus.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Census 2010 - "Papers Please...."

I must say, that I definitely agree with Jerry Day's take on this year's 2010 Census. Having recently taken it myself, while interacting with a Real Human [nonetheless], I felt honestly quite intimidated by the number and detail of all those highly personal questions. Of course, I fully understand what they want them for - but, as a Judeo-Christian Believer, I felt morally and ethically compelled to obey them. Had I only listened to Jerry Day's Video first, I might have been more resolute in my own resistance to such unwarranted political tyrannies. We should all know our Fifth Amendment Rights....

Still, I will place my trust in Yahweh alone - in this, as in so many other real matters. He is my "Refuge and Salvation" - after all!  However, to be on the safest possible ground, I would advise watching this video before calling back that Federal Census Taking Bureaucrat. And please, be nice to them... they aren't the enemy. It is Our "New World Order" Leadership that is the problem, not them! Do not give them a reason to move against us. America is far from educated, just yet....

Senator Harry Reid Doesn't Understand The Concept Of Voluntary

I don't know about you folks, but anyone this obtuse doesn't belong in Our [We The People's] Congress. In an interview with Jan Helfeld, Senator Harry Reid stated that we have "A Voluntary Tax System" and actually defended that stance with the most convoluted and complex sophistry that I have ever heard. Apparently, Senator Reid never heard of the "IRS." For your benefit, the Reid Interview Video is included here.... See it, for yourself.

Goldman Sachs Gets Sweetheart Deal From Indymac Failure

Having Stumbled across this particular video, recently, I was appalled and incensed by it. In it, you will see precisely how Goldman Sachs is profiting off of their sweetheart deal - concerning "The Indymac Bank Failure" - set up by the FDIC and our government. Although, such things are [now] commonplace these days, it still both: amazes and frightens our inherent sensibilities of governmental ethics and social morality to learn the extent of these criminal ongoings. Without any further ado, please watch the following video.

"Too Big To Fail" - Governmental and Corporate Conspiracy

What is truly behind the ever-increasing rise of our Modern Corporations? How did they get so big and tremendously complex? Are any of them, "Too Big To Fail," and if so, why are our leaders consolidating them even further? What does it all mean for our ongoing political future? And will National Sovereign-ties survive the inevitable monopolization of an entire planet's natural resources? These are all excellent questions, to consider....

For thousands of years, man has sought out numerous ways to unite the Earth under one political banner! He has tried: Imperial Conquest [through wars], Dynastic Control [through intermarriages], Religious Conquest [through dogmatic edicts], Financial Control [through leveraging great wealth], and Colonial Accumulation [through relocating domestic populations]... and every effort has failed - for various reasons - to accomplish this one true goal. As most political leaders are so fond of saying, "The End Justifies The Means..." and they all have one highly focused desire in each of their minds! Nor, do most of them, even care, who ultimately accomplishes it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Plantation System, Company-Store, Or Modern Corporation: The Un-Ending Adaptation Of Economic Slavery Systems

Whether we examine: The Plantation, Company-Store, or Modern Corporations - we will find that all three of these systems are fundamental economic structures designed to mitigate the moral and ethical requirements, in the area of paying humans, for their true costs of labor. Whereas, The Plantation System was a blatantly egregious, and obvious, incarnation of unwarranted economic servitude - The Company-Store System offered a certain quaint measure of respectability when looked at [merely] upon the surface, by outsiders. One did not readily see the mechanisms whereby the workers were truly and thoroughly enslaved. Thus, it flourished much longer!

However, the movement by Americans to unionize and collectively bargain - which began in the late 1800's - foreshadowed the end of a very abusive political era. Companies could no longer directly enslave their workers through monopolizing the communities and social institutions around them - for long. The people had finally figured out their playbook of strategies and something far more clever was sorely needed. That solution was provided in [the form of] "The Modern Corporation...."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

America Plays A Key Role In Biblical Prophecy

For those of you interested in how Biblical Prophecy relates to current events, I recommend that you take a moment to consider my other blog: The Truth About God. I added a recent post there that offers significant insight into precisely where we stand regarding the scriptural prophecies in The Bible. Although this may not be your "cup of tea" - at the moment - such things are equally important to consider. In fact, to many of us, they're even more important than politics!

Although many Americans don't realize it, America plays a key role in Biblical Prophecy. It is the Beast which arises from the Earth - wearing two crowns [signifying our "Separation Of Church and State"] and possessing the nature of a lamb. Later, it gains: "the strength of a dragon..." and "makes fire come down from Heaven...." And yet, America isn't the Antichrist's seat - as so many of you might surmise. It is, "The False Prophet," which leads the world into a very damaging fellowship with her!

Tell me what you think....     >>> Here's The Link  <<<

Saturday, May 15, 2010

American Armed Forces Day 2010

On this Armed Forces Day, May 15th 2010, we at The Truth About America would like to properly salute those brave men living and dead who have taken, The Oath to: "Protect Our Nation From Our Enemies - Both: Foreign And Domestic." For over two and one half centuries now, they have: stood in the gaps, fought in the breaches, and protected our societal walls.... No amount of gratitude or thanksgiving can ever truly, or properly, reward them for this True Gift Of: Love, Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice - which they have openly and honestly given us through their continual efforts! As Yahweh [God] Himself has exhibited in His word, "No greater Love hath any man than this: 'but that, he hath lain down his life for his friends.'"

In that spirit, we would ask that you please take the time and watch these three short featured videos. For the ones, who have voluntarily served in the forces of our nation, to protect all of our "God-given Rights and Liberties," have done [and continue to do] so without: political regard, hindrance, or reservation. They do so, To Protect: Our Nation, Its Cultural Traditions, and Deeply Philosophical Ideals - from those who do not equally share them! Without further ado, or any oratorical fanfare, the video is included below....


Friday, May 14, 2010

Bureaucracy: Agent Of Fascism

Of all the supposed building blocks of modern governmental Political and Economic construction, "The Bureaucratic Structure" is the one which people around the globe marvel at most - for numerous obvious reasons. For one thing, they have absolutely nothing else to do, while waiting extensively in all of those damn lines. For, another, they marvel at how remarkably inefficiently the simplest of tasks can invariably be accomplished. But, mostly, they wonder about [precisely] how, and why, did these monstrous constructions come about....

Of course, these are all excellent questions! However, many of us will think even a few levels deeper.... Why are they so prevalent everywhere you can go on our planet? How come the various different forms of government are all imposing the very same Political and Economic Structures? How can one basic structure operate - albeit, equally screwed up - under all of those divergent political systems? And, precisely, what overall function does it ultimately serve?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Are The Domestic Terrorists - In America Today

Considering all of the talk about Domestic Terrorism and the numerous allusions to American Terrorists - by our governmental leaders and the mainstream media - it seems quite relevant to properly nail down the subject of: "To whom are they commonly referring...." Since FEMA has quietly budgeted numerous covert infrastructural projects over the last ten years - while our roads and bridges were openly deprived of equally important and necessary funding - the national threat must be significant! Meanwhile, as Patriotic Americans, we must be ever vigilant in upholding our Freedoms from those who would [honestly] endanger them. Consequently, "We The People " must remain ever vigilant to such threats.

I [for one] will not stand for the scourge of Terrorism being inflicted upon: myself, my family, or my community - in the name of Allah, or anyone else! This is The Land of: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality - lest, we forget it... and I, like all of you, have certain expectations of maintaining that Enlightened American Ideal. Therefore, let us consider their most recent political references - in an effort to gain some much-needed insight into this very important question!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Obama Deception: One Piece In The Puzzle

Although "The New World Order Conspiracy" is far larger than many Americans can currently imagine, our own United States' History is inextricably bound together with these rapidly approaching and deeply troubling world events. As such, the Prison Planet video, entitled: "The Obama Deception" offers significant insight into these ever accumulating historical events. Consequently, we gladly offer this video for your own personal analysis. This is one of the many videos that The Illuminati Freemasons don't want you to see....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Immigration Is Not The Problem

Earlier, in the Twentieth Century, the new immigrants coming to America's shores were often just as poor as the Mexicans arriving here now. Most of them spoke little, or no, English. Nor, did they all have families or friends to help and assist them - during their own transition - to our strange American ways of cultural life. In all of these ways, they very much resembled those currently trampling across our southern borders today.

At that time, of course, we were a different nation as well. No one was given public assistance through the agencies of government. There was no: Food Stamps, Public Housing, Welfare, or Safety Net - to speak of. Although Godliness, Human Kindness, and Charity were then socially encouraged - massive and systemic governmental undertakings were considered by most Americans as a very real threat to Individual Liberty and Freedom! Americans either offered assistance to others, or not - based purely upon their own personal situations and moral discretion. Consequently, newly arrived immigrants couldn't lay any claims upon Publicly Funded Benefits, which the rest of us didn't [factually] possess either. Of course, the resultant individual Tax Rates were substantially lower, as well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Truth About America Rules: Join The Discussion

The purpose of our Comments Section: is the discussion of the particular article, or blog, posted on The Truth About America. We welcome an: Open, Honest, Thoughtful, and Vigorous discussion in the comments threads - of the subject at hand. Comments should be 350 words, or less in length. Although, an occasional exception may be made at our discretion.

*** Note:
  • For those of you with exceptional: writing, commentary, and/or deep-thinking skills - we will gladly publish your comments as stand alone articles - if authorized [by you] to do so. Good Content is always highly valued! Just leave a short note at the bottom of your posting and/or include your email address for us to verify your permission.

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  • No mention or discussion of: revolution, violence, or arming to prepare for the same. The Truth About America believes in Constitutional Redress of our political grievances.

We reserve the right to delete any post, for any reason, at any time. The Truth About America is an online forum, that will read your comments before posting them. As much as we may hate it, in today's day and age, we have to do so - in order to, maintain these editorial standards. If an individual poster significantly violates these rules, then that poster may be removed from the registry and have his or her posting privileges revoked.

The Truth About America is a privately run blog site and your postings [quite honestly] reflect back upon us. Thus, publishing a comment on The Truth About America is "A Privilege and Not, Therefore, A Right!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Political Pyramid: Sacred Geometry And The New World Order

The oldest known, documented, and still existent man-made structures are all "Pyramids." Stretching back to the Ancient Babylonian Empire - and their Sun Worshiping Priesthood System - they have physically survived the vagaries of: Time, Weather, Natural Disasters, and Human Conflict. Meanwhile, their monolithic Sacred Geometries continue to protect them from any systemic forces of change. Moreover, there is much humanity can still learn from the inspection and study of these very ancient structures.

Interestingly enough, there are many who still study these mathematical, philosophical, and metaphysical  structures - in the hopes of gaining [yet more] insight into: Architecture, Design, Politics, Economics, and [yes] even Religion. You see, Pyramids are found in all of these areas and human endeavors... nor, is this by mere happenstance! Like many mathematical anomalies and scientific formulas, The Pyramidal Structure can fully function and operate under every other universal system of humanly comprehensible order.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arizona Illegal Immigration Law SB1070 - One Senators Explanation

Since it seems to be such a contentious issue among so many other unaffected political parties, I thought it might be important to allow someone who wrote the law an opportunity to speak upon this issue. It has been included here unedited, for our readers benefit. Personally, I found the letter from Senator Sylvia Allen to be quite: open, honest, and sincere.

Moreover, from the sound of it, if The Federal Authority in Washington finally decides to [actually] begin doing its lawfully required job - then it sounds like Senator Allen and the others in The Arizona State Senate would honestly prefer to let them....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

President Barrack H. Obama And "Change Americans Can Believe In"

A little over a year into Barrack H. Obama's presidency, many Americans are now feeling very disappointed with their "Rock-Star Presidential Candidate...." They have been left wondering, whatever happened to that, "Change America Can Believe In" - being espoused by their hope-filled and charismatic leader. Amazingly, even Obama's popularity in Europe has suffered, as well! What on Earth is now going on?

In order to more fully understand what's happening politically - in the United States and [for, that matter] around the world - we must realize that every individual human being operates on a different level of mental perception. While many people are: deep minded, highly thoughtful, and investigative thinkers - numerous others are equally: less observant, easily misled, and emotionally manipulated by others. Meanwhile, both types of individuals always exist - coincidentally - throughout history... and they will naturally fluctuate and/or shift over time - dependent upon their shared and collective social experiences.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael Brown: Obama Wanted Oil Spill - Video

Past FEMA Director Michael Brown.
Bush FEMA Director, Michael Brown, accused President Barrack H. Obama Monday of intentionally delaying governmental assistance to The United States Coast Guard in handling the recent Gulf Coast Oil spill. Thus, worsening the disaster for reasons of turning the public tide against offshore drilling efforts.  

Ex-FEMA Director Brown [remembered for his poor showing during Hurricane Katrina] explained to Neil Cavuto that President Obama was never truly in favor of offshore drilling in the first place and was thrilled by the current environmental dilemma. According to Brown, "This is exactly what they want, because now he can pander to the environmentalists and say, 'I'm gonna shut it down because it's too dangerous.'" He then went on to say, "This president has never supported big oil, he's never supported offshore drilling, and now he has an excuse to shut it back down.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Political Correctness And One Readers Letter - Upon Illegal Immigration

Recently, one reader of the Orange County Register wrote "A Letter To The Editor" - expressing her opinion upon the topic of illegal immigration. Since it was honestly indicative of the American majority's sentiments, it was deemed "Politically Incorrect" and unfit to publish by them! However, as you are all now aware, our blog site values American Truth above all else - and political correctness be damned. In that spirit, we offer our readership the following letter un-edited....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evil Corporations And The Freemasons Who Build Them

The History Of Corporations in America is a story of ever more individual authorities and powers being held, while [simultaneously] being subjected to decreasing levels of social and societal responsibility. While being lawfully chartered as artificial corporate entities [or imaginary persons] - under the law - they have errantly been given the full status and stature of real persons; without any of the true liabilities, or baggage, attendant to the relevant political term. Thus, they have increasingly become a true menace to the nation that so lavishly cultivated, planted, and nurtured them - in its infancy!

After 250 years of American History, many Americans [on "The Right" and "The Left"] are waking up to the new realities completely surrounding them... and a growing population of them are astounded at the socially destructive lunacy now taking place! Moreover, a vastly overwhelming pile of evidence is accumulating against: Those Evil Corporations, and The Freemasons who build them.... Nor, can this evidence be decried as just another round of Lunatic Conspiracy Theories.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Mystery Surrounding President John F. Kennedy's Assasination

Forty-Nine years after the fact, Americans are still suffering considerable consternation surrounding The Mystery Of President John F. Kennedy's Assassination! Moreover, as time has substantially passed, Certain Easily Obtained: Textual, Audio, and Video Footage - seemingly displays a previously unknown Cause and Effect relationship between what Kennedy had previously alluded to [or stated], prior to his immediate assassination soon after. For instance, his curious political address - which addressed certain very interesting and mysterious political topics - that has never been alluded to again, by any other sitting United States President!

What inside knowledge [or damning political evidence] did President John F. Kennedy have against "The Freemasons" and More Numerous Other "Secret Societies" operating within America? If such information was considered to be of preeminent importance to a sitting and afterward assassinated United States President, then why should it be clearly unimportant to those who so effectively replaced him - after his death? Unless, of course, they have a highly vested interest in covering up these mysteriously mentioned political details! Perhaps, more importantly, why have the details surrounding President Kennedy's death been sealed by the political actions of our own government?

Word Redefinition, False Political Labeling, And The American Ruling Elite

For decades we have been focusing our attentions on all sorts of patently irrelevant political factors! As individual American citizens, we [most often] wrongly identify ourselves in terms, such as: Liberal or Conservative; Christian, Jew, Atheist, or Muslim; White, Black, or Hispanic; Male or Female; Heterosexual or Gay; Pro-Business or Anti-Business; and [even] Smoker or Non-Smoker.

The reasons that I maintain that these are either false or wrong labels are numerous.... For instance, there are no relevant differences at all between Americans being defined as Truly Liberal or Truly Conservative! Consider these obvious definitions:

  • Liberal - one who: Seeks Out, Promotes, and Protects - Individual Liberty and Freedom.
  • Conservative - one who: Stands Up For, Promotes, or Protects - Our Traditional American: Society, Culture, and Political Institution [or, The United States Constitution].

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Words We Use Really Do Matter

Apr 16, 7:04 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Bill Clinton warned of a slippery slope from angry anti-government rhetoric to violence like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, saying "the words we use really do matter." Read Full Article>>>

Having recently read [Ex-President] William Clinton's article, I was left simply aghast by his [seemingly] Conservative Political Sentiments.... Particularly, with those surrounding the value and meaning of mere word's! Isn't this the same guy, who questioned the very meaning of, "What 'Is' is?" To put it more succinctly, He questioned how narrow-minded America had [factually] become - when "Oral Sex" might be defined as a form [or type] of "Sex," or an "Oral Sex Act" could be honestly considered a "Sexual Act!" And now, he has the unmitigated gall to proclaim himself an arbiter of acceptable language and/or meaning?

Yes, Mr. Clinton, Words do matter! They mattered long before you were ever elected to office, and they will continue to matter long after you are dead and gone! The shame is that You never thought of this concept prior to: "Swearing An Oath to your Presidential Office," while making all of those campaign promises, or when you were sitting at that lovely oaken presidential desk.... Even now, you are merely utilizing words to silence your political opponents... rather than, speaking in: "The Spirit Of Truth!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Runaway Federal Reserve Actions, Fuel HyperInflationary Woes

Since the last year of George W. Bush's Presidential Term, The Federal Reserve has been printing Trillions of New American Dollars.... The first two trillion printed, paid for: Uncontrolled Budgetary Deficits, Bush's Two Rounds Of Federal Tax Rebates, and The First Five Failing Banks. The next five trillion printed, paid for: Even Larger Budgetary Deficits, Twenty-Two More Failing Banks, and Obama's New Governmental Stimulus Package. Meanwhile, two trillion more has been printed merely to keep on hand as needed - by our, "Out Of Control," Federal Government.

Considering, our original National Currency Supply of 11 Trillion, going into this economic downturn - 9 Trillion Additional Dollars represents almost a complete doubling of our National Currency Supply... and were The United States any other nation, hyperinflation would now be factually occurring! And yet, with the exception of certain commodities, we are doing remarkably well in keeping our currency values in line.... Why, you may ask, is America so different?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

America: The Spiritually Covenanted Nation

America is a Spiritually Covenanted Nation! Although many modern Americans will most vehemently and/or viciously deny this highly philosophical argument, the vast majority of their Enlightened Ancestors held it in common and universal agreement... nor, were they without their reasons, in [factually] believing it to be so. More importantly, however, the rest of the world thought so - at that particular time - as well! And yet, many of us will ask : "Upon what basis could such a bold philosophical assertion, or wild political allegation, be made?"

First of all, America's history is entirely unique - from that of all its more numerous political neighbors - in several pivot-ally important ways! Just as Old Testament Abraham was led out of Babylon and Chaldea into the spiritual desert of Canaan, Our New Testament Ancestors were led across the seas in search of a new spiritual homeland. For the unjust spiritual warfare, going on in Europe, was just as excessive as it was in thoroughly pagan-ized Babylon.... Thus, the freedom to practice "consciously driven religion" was the overriding purpose for both: Ancient Israel's and America's ultimate creations! Moreover, every nation on Earth: noticed, speculated, and remarked upon these amazing physical [or political] and spiritual [or philosophical] parallels.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The American Dream - Or A Self-Deceptive Hallucination

When I was a child - in the late 1960's and the early 1970's - America was at it's: political, industrial, and economic zenith. Nowhere on Earth, were: the buildings taller, the living standards higher, or the rules by which people must extensively operate in society any easier. In those days, being born an American, offered certain societal advantages and privileges - which nowhere [else] upon Earth could be found! Thus, many of us took a certain rightfully-excessive pride in our Nation.

We were the unopposed world leader in: heavy industry, technology, medicine, and commerce! Almost half of all new inventions were American made... our products were being shipped to every corner of the globe... and our managers and executives were sought after from Tokyo to Moscow. Executives from across our planet, toured our: military bases, factories, and farms - taking notes everywhere they went - to learn new and more productive ideas from the unique American style of conducting "The Business of business."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 15th Is Tax Tea Time Again

As April 15th rushes upon us, many Americans are preparing to flood our streets in protest over a government grown considerably beyond any acceptable standards of political constraint! Once again, they will be castigated by our governmental agencies as: Ignorant, Racist, and Anarchist Terrorists... when they merely want our own government to: pay attention, listen to their serious concerns, and show some semblance of interest in addressing their [honest] concerns.... It was for those very reasons that: Freedom Of Speech, A Right To Assembly, and The Petition Of Grievances was thoroughly enthroned in Our Constitutional Laws - as being God-Given and not subject to any State or Federal Jurisdiction at all!

Meanwhile, we again may expect our National Media to either: largely ignore these growing protests, or continue to slant them politically [as something which they are not]! Who can forget the CNN Reporter last year, that expended far more effort in hurling unfounded insults at the crowd, than actually inquiring into the actual motivation of the immensely large crowds? Of course, why ask such questions, when you already know the politically correct answers - you are intending to report upon before you even begin taping? Such a travesty in America, where "Freedom Of The Press" was once so hotly contested, by all!
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