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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Mystery Surrounding President John F. Kennedy's Assasination

Forty-Nine years after the fact, Americans are still suffering considerable consternation surrounding The Mystery Of President John F. Kennedy's Assassination! Moreover, as time has substantially passed, Certain Easily Obtained: Textual, Audio, and Video Footage - seemingly displays a previously unknown Cause and Effect relationship between what Kennedy had previously alluded to [or stated], prior to his immediate assassination soon after. For instance, his curious political address - which addressed certain very interesting and mysterious political topics - that has never been alluded to again, by any other sitting United States President!

What inside knowledge [or damning political evidence] did President John F. Kennedy have against "The Freemasons" and More Numerous Other "Secret Societies" operating within America? If such information was considered to be of preeminent importance to a sitting and afterward assassinated United States President, then why should it be clearly unimportant to those who so effectively replaced him - after his death? Unless, of course, they have a highly vested interest in covering up these mysteriously mentioned political details! Perhaps, more importantly, why have the details surrounding President Kennedy's death been sealed by the political actions of our own government?

Was President John F. Kennedy just another whacked out conspiracy theorist - like the rest of us - according to our elected leadership and national media? Or, did his "Unique Position Of Presidential Power and Authority" lend him far greater insight into a political area - where our own efforts may not as fully unmask a massive world-wide and human deception? One might think that the open and unbiased death of America's Much Beloved President would be fully and honestly demanded - at all political cost - but such has never been the true case! Why?

If President Kennedy was the product of a lunatic fringe in American Politics, then who could it possibly hurt in revealing the factual evidence surrounding him and his death? If not, however, then the publicly denounced activities of certain Secret [And Political] Societies should be brought to "The Light Of Day" - in the overriding interest of a nation being effectively held hostage to them - as John F. Kennedy most profoundly declared!

Whatever the true answers are regarding, "The Mystery Surrounding President John F. Kennedy's Assassination," much of the evidences are currently beyond our political grasps... for our [purportedly] elected political leadership refuses to disclose the real and factual information concerning it! This is merely one more singular incidence indicating they have certainly forgotten The True American Hierarchy Of Power.... For they are, "The Public Servants," and "We The People" are the masters of them all!

Among the numerous reasons for removing them all from office - over the next three election cycles - is our justifiable American need to get to the bottom of this ongoing political mystery! For the amount and degree of political defiance - in sealing these necessary historical records - is indicative of something inherently socially destructive operating behind our situationally closed political doors. Consequently, we must pick our new candidates with that particular agenda in mind - once and for all! America doesn't need more secrets... rather, it needs: humility, honesty, and disclosure - in our overall political arena.


  1. You've heard the saying you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. What more is there to know then? You are aware of the existence of the secret pyramid. You are aware of their infiltration into governments and how they've been pulling the strings. You are aware of the pending north american union and new world order. And yet you expect full disclosure of the kennedy assassination? I know you are a late comer and all but let's face it, you're being just a trifle naive here wouldn't you say?

    Its ok for you to lay your consternation over this issue to rest. Have faith and trust in the fact that as an anglo european your best interests are being looked after.

  2. Checked out your site via amazon associates, not bad...


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