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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

America Plays A Key Role In Biblical Prophecy

For those of you interested in how Biblical Prophecy relates to current events, I recommend that you take a moment to consider my other blog: The Truth About God. I added a recent post there that offers significant insight into precisely where we stand regarding the scriptural prophecies in The Bible. Although this may not be your "cup of tea" - at the moment - such things are equally important to consider. In fact, to many of us, they're even more important than politics!

Although many Americans don't realize it, America plays a key role in Biblical Prophecy. It is the Beast which arises from the Earth - wearing two crowns [signifying our "Separation Of Church and State"] and possessing the nature of a lamb. Later, it gains: "the strength of a dragon..." and "makes fire come down from Heaven...." And yet, America isn't the Antichrist's seat - as so many of you might surmise. It is, "The False Prophet," which leads the world into a very damaging fellowship with her!

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