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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Truth About America Is Now Growing

"New" Real American Truth Blog Site.
If you've been wondering what has happened to me, lately? I have been designing, debugging, and optimizing a "New And Improved" American Truth Blog Site. It isn't, because I don't already like this one.... It is because this one seems to be hopelessly at a loss for getting noticed by the search engines! Meanwhile, this "New" site should do much better at acquiring that all important Page Rank - which you always hear about, but can never seem to accomplish for yourself....

For those of you who have grown accustomed to this particular blog site, I am intending to maintain them both for quite some time. By paralleling my efforts on these two different blogs, I am hoping to actually learn what works in "Real World" Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, everything they've told me to do so far hasn't helped at all... and I can't spend my entire life: clicking, commenting, and writing other people's reviews. That doesn't leave any time to do what I'm trying so desperately to do. Nor, does any of that intense activity pay my bills.... Am I wrong?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The False Left / Right Paradigm In Action

"The Phariseaical Liberal Mindset."
Recently, while surfing the web, I dropped in at Harrison Price's blog site: "Just Politics..?." As he has a very unique style and wit, I frequently do so - to my own personal benefit. The article that caught my undivided attention, this time, entitled: "Examining My Country, Right or Wrong" is both logically presented and extremely well written. In it, he shares the popular misconceptions of many [currently] disenfranchised Americans. He firmly envisions the debate as revolving around the two issues of: "Liberalism" verses "Conservatism...."

Whereas, many of my more loyal readers already know, The Two Dominant Political Parties are neither: "Liberal," nor "Conservative" - by any qualitative, or quantitative, unit of political and statistical measure. Liberalism holds no higher: Ideal, Goal, Aim, or Purpose than protecting the Freedoms and Rights of the Individual Citizen, or Solitary Human. Its root, which is Liberty, literally means "Individual and Personal Freedom." Since "Social Empowerment" must necessarily occur at the expense of The Individual's Own Freedoms and Rights, such Democrat Policies are [factually] "Anti-Liberal!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lessons In Blogging Part Two: Advertising And Promotion

Since even: the best written, most well thought out, heavily researched, and time invested blog sites cannot prosper [or even survive] without traffic - I have been experimenting with certain seemingly beneficial methods of promoting my blog lately. Among these internet introductory services are: Blog Catalog, Linkreferral, and Entrecard. You will notice that their advertisement buttons and logos have been recently incorporated into all of my blog pages. Please don't be alarmed.... lol

Being primarily an informational site - with a few "Pay For Click Ads" to defray my expenses - I am merely attempting to generate more traffic without a significant increase in my own expense. I am currently unemployed, after all.... In a nation suffering under 20 percent unemployment, I feel quite certain that you can understand my own personal predicament. If not, then, I'll just have to beg your forgiveness.

For my new Entrecard visitors, I am also offering two additional services - which they would benefit greatly by utilizing - to expedite their own industrious blogging activities. These aggregator services are called: Drop 2 Top and E Buckets... both are designed to expedite their: visitation, commentary, and promotional processes. Since using Entrecard, my traffic has definitely increased dramatically! Let's hope that my articles will [ultimately] keep them here... it does, require a very large investment of time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Crime, Prolonged Detention, and RFID Chips: Is That Really The Future Of Freedom In America

Pre-Crime? Don't fool yourselves, folks... it's really coming!

It is absolutely bizarre how far America has strayed from its historic roots, considering where we once started. Here we have President Barrack H. Obama speaking about: "Pre-Crime and Prolonged Detentions" - the locking up of innocent Americans: indefinitely, without access to an attorney, or any other "Constitutional Rights." The FAST Program, is [now] being rolled out at FEMA... experimental Military Checkpoints are beginning to go up all across our nation... electronic RFID chips are being implanted into citizens... and nobody seems to notice that anything is wrong? This is simply incredible!

Wake Up, America! Are we still: "The Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave?" Or, have we [already] become: "The Land Of The Chicken and Home Of The Slave?" I must say, the future of Freedom in America doesn't look too promising to me....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lessons From World History: Two Differing Perspectives

Sometimes it's interesting to just stop and examine our unique World History from the perspective of the lessons we have learned over those same periods of time. Often much can be brought to light, and hidden things may be revealed, which are invisible to the naked eye - while living within the natural ebb and flow of time itself. Lately, I've been spending an exorbitant amount of time doing just that, and the results have been [personally] very enlightening.

To those, who are open to such reflections and speculations, I value your own personal insights and would happily request your own comments upon this particular posting. After all, anything which results in the ultimate attainment of valuable collective knowledge is a worthwhile pursuit, in my estimation. I believe that most, truly, open-minded individuals will invariably agree with this sentiment. However, be advised that these events will be evaluated from both a "Judeo-Christian" and "Non-Believer" Perspective.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Padrino - Not My Usual Fare, But Interesting Nonetheless....

Recently - while surfing the web - thanks to my Entrecard membership, I came across a blog site called: "The Padrino." It has absolutely nothing to do with American Politics [or, Social Editorial], but it has some of the coolest gadgets and pictures I've ever come across on the web! If you'll actually check it out, then I'm sure that you will honestly agree - on this one. The articles aren't the most detailed I've ever read, but the: Conceptual Vehicles, Fantastical Gadgets, and Cool Products - being reviewed - are simply incredible. I would advise anyone to check it out.

In addition to those really cool vehicles and gadgets, it also boasts some truly incredible: architecture, artwork, and sculptures on the blog site. It's just one of those rare sites which are both visionary and inspirational - without openly or overtly attempting to do so. Amazingly, it's not very commercialized either... and aside from a few links at the top right of the main page, it isn't a noticeably revenue generating site at all.

Be sure and let me know what you think - in the comments section. If you like it, I'll try to break up the political monotony - by adding an occasional review, such as this one - when it's appropriate and honestly warranted. Don't worry, though, I won't lose my primary focus.
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