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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Real American Is Now Moving Up To Videos

"The Real American"
For those of you, who have been following The Real American's internet presence over the last 8 months, you have probably noted that my: organizational skills, writing style, and online capabilities have been largely and rapidly improving. Let's face it, folks, my blogs have improved considerably, my postings are becoming more functionally informational, and I am finally beginning to get noticed online! And either it's a complete and total fluke, or my overall ranking in the search engines has [even] begun to increase substantially, as well. We are now on the very first page, for a number of search-able terms, and in the very first position for some.

As one, of over 30 million Unemployed Americans, I started out with nothing but a computer and a dream - to largely assist my fellow hurting Americans. That vision was to provide an open and unrestricted outlet for The Truth, as our ancestors understood it to be and as many of us continue to understand it. Whether it is "Politically Correct," or not, is entirely irrelevant - while honestly considering our current dilemma! Of course, The Truth has seldom [if ever] been politically correct in any nation and particularly in ours....

  • If Equality Under The Law is politically incorrect, then so be it. It is still "The Law" - even when we continually fail to acknowledge it!
  • If Our Freedom Of Speech is now being viewed as "Domestic Terrorism" - by those at the top - then they better start reading those documents that they've sworn to willingly uphold and protect!
  • And if Our Newspapers and Media Outlets are refusing to do their own assigned jobs, then others will inevitably step up and do it for them. Freedom Of The Press doesn't belong to our corporate conglomerates alone.

Real Americans have always had to fight for their Freedoms and Rights... and our current day isn't honestly any different! The war, currently raging, upon the battleground of our American Public Arena is every bit as important as the military theaters, that our troops are currently and physically engaged in. For America is now rapidly approaching a philosophical and spiritual crossroads - which we cannot allow her to politically cross.

The destruction, that fully awaits us there, will be incalculable in all relevant terms of human measure! Consequently, I had to somehow become more politically active and openly involved. Nor, is just voting for a carefully-vetted and craftily-devised list of International Elitists, what I [honestly] consider a useful amount of political involvement.

Consequently, I have worked hard at expanding and improving my own God-given Talents and Skills - as I minimally understood them to be... and in the end, I ended up here - as a freelance writer and blogger! Currently, I am in the process of producing a number of informational Youtube Videos - to assist in educating the public, with respect towards our Traditional American Philosophical Ideology. They will be uploaded on Youtube - as they come available - within the next few months. In the meantime, I have recently uploaded the following introduction for the "Real American Truth" blog site - utilizing these new video capabilities. Please let us know what you think, in the comments below... as we are still very much learning as we go.

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