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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Constitutional Issues: A Right To Privacy

Right To Privacy is protection from Covetousness.
Among the most important Constitutional Issues - which we are now facing today - is the rapidly growing loss of our Individual Right To Privacy. Although many Americans no longer understand the relative importance of such sacrosanct personal freedoms and rights, our much wiser ancestors fully realized their ongoing necessity - towards establishing: a peaceful, stable, and productive society. As a predominantly Judeo-Christian people, they understood the readily-apparent social dynamics surrounding The Tenth Commandment given by Yahweh to All Israel [both: Christians, and Jews]. Greed isn't a problem of Capitalism, but rather a spiritual one.

The religious principle of: "Thou Shalt Not Covet," is one of properly aligned personal and societal focus. Rather than looking lustfully towards our neighbors on the left, or the right - for unrighteous and illegitimate gains - societies are far more successful, when each individual focuses upon his or her own personal efforts toward long term happiness and financial success. Nothing good ever comes from spending too much time watching your neighbors! It always ends with, either: Gossip, Envy, Jealousy, Adultery, Crime, Unjust Governmental Legislation, and even Murder. None of which, is [in anywise] beneficial to our overall society at large. This is why we have always needed a Constitutional Right To Privacy.

"Eyes Forward" is often good advice.
Had this God-Given Right been better protected - over the intervening 234 years - our nation would be: in much better financial condition, suffering from much less crime, and far more capable of competing in the current international marketplace! Nor, would we be now living in a Social-Fascist Society - where the average American citizen must live in continual political fear of his, or her, increasingly opinionated neighbors... one in which, the stroke of a pen - wielded in covetous anger - can reduce [even] an arrogant Billionaire, to a mere hopeless Pauper overnight.

Of course, the majority us aren't actually Billionaires; and the ones that are, have already purchased this immoral system outright - through carefully cultivated and selectively administered political donations. The point is that society does not truly benefit under such an system. Whether the "Extremely Rich," or the "Dysfunctional Poor," control this process is largely irrelevant to anyone. Whoever controls such a warped political process gains a decidedly unfair, unjust, and illegitimate advantage over their own societal brothers and sisters. Governmental legitimized thievery is thereby inevitable! The fact that, the power of law now allows for these ongoing criminal actions, makes it all the onerous - for everyone.

Wake Up, America! How much someone else makes, what kind of car they drive, how big their house is, the food they choose to eat, and whether they choose to smoke, or even exercise everyday, is none of your damn business.... God [Himself] - in His wisdom - gave each human being their own individual brain... and it wasn't so that they could do the thinking for their neighbors. We all have enough personal problems of our own, why are we being so amazingly thoughtful towards our neighbors? It sure isn't, because we have their "Best Interests" at heart! Let's be honest with ourselves. This is the American Truth largely needed for our day...

The scripture states:
  • "Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members? You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war. Yet you do not have, because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it upon your pleasures." - James 4:1-3.

Wars [with other nations] are the result of externally directed covetousness, while Fights [with our neighbors] are the result of it occurring internally. How can you spell it out any clearer than that? The Truth About America is that we are fast approaching: a complete financial meltdown, a hyper-inflated national currency, massive systemic unemployment, an attempt at federal martial law, and an inescapable civil war! All because of the overly oppressive nature of individual covetousness - being practiced upon a wholesale societal level. As a nation, we are in great need of long past due repentance. Otherwise, everything will become, just another case of historical "Cause And Effect" and the consequences will be devastating for everyone.

In these modern times, we have largely forgotten, "The Importance Of Religious Perspective..." and, in so doing, we have lost the most important aspect of our traditional and cultural heritage! The Right To Individual Control - over our own personal property - is absolutely predicated upon the right to privacy. It [honestly] benefits each of us alike - while promoting a strong social cohesion, necessary to our mutual and common successes. Real Americans inherently understand this principle. Our nation grew rich because of it, and impoverished through failing to continually observe it! That's, The Truth About America....


  1. You have combined religion, privacy, socialism, greed and covetousness into one inseparable mishmash here. But are you on target or did your writing on this topic devolve into an incohesive, paranoid, delusional rant? If you are going to opine on an issue then maybe you should stick to the arguments relevant to such. BTW - You seem to have voluntarily given up one of your basic rights - the right to remain silent.

  2. If you cannot perceive that, "Our Failure To Respect The Individual's Right To Privacy" is equally at the root of: Best Interest Laws, Income Redistribution, Selectively Punitive Taxation, and every other form of societal micromanagement - then you are inherently blind. When human beings expend all of their time watching others, gossiping, and second guessing every decision they make - rather than worrying about their own - then all of the other BS inevitably follows. Whereas, when people focus upon their own personal problems they are far more individually productive - while their neighbors have no reasons to: fear, resent, or even hate them.

    Meanwhile, those who sows these seeds of covetousness and discontent, know precisely what they are doing - with a certain agenda in mind... nor, is it for the purpose of leveling the playing field for all. Such "sleight of hand" tricks are neither amusing, nor benevolent - in the end.

  3. Just because, I chose to emphasize a somewhat different aspect of the term "Right To Privacy" than your limited and preconceived expectations might allow, doesn't mean that our Right To Privacy from the other members of society isn't equally as valid as that of from the government. In fact, it is more so.... For, the government never involves itself into our privacy until a certain percentage of nosier citizens demands it!

    Rather than utilizing the power of government to persecute one another, our ancestors attempted to use it to prevent this very occurrence. By elevating our Constitution with such altruistic principles and placing it objectively above all other such laws, they sought to protect us from our own foolish ignorance.

  4. You miss my point - completely. You did not present a clear and logical progression of relevant, factual examples to support your thesis. Instead, what could've been an informative and thought provoking article devolved into an incohesive, personal rant. Yes, I held a "limited and preconceived expectation" - for a better written piece.

    Personally, I do not want the government taking over the role of persecution that has for so long belonged to "the church". Personal responsibility and self control are key to one's successes in life. If everyone, in fact, had it then we would not need so much government involvement. Does not Supply drive Demand? Romans 2:21 - you then who teach others, will you not teach yourself?

  5. The purpose of this particular article was the Right To Individual and Personal Privacy. Although it is true that Personal Responsibility and Self Control are needed for the individual to abstain from "Covetousness," I chose to focus upon the moral and ethical reasons for doing so... rather than the mindset and skills to do so.

    Like many philosophical topics covered by this blog, "The Right To Privacy" and its interrelated relevant concepts is far too big to cover in one single posting. Ultimately, I have to choose a direction to go and a particular line of thought to follow. I assure you that other postings will appear upon this subject in the future, which will further broaden the scope of this much-needed timely and relevant subject.

    There is little doubt that I could have broadened the number of factual examples specific to this posting. Rather than the few I have given, there are now millions of them to consider - as we all [honestly] already know... but, to what particular purpose would I do so? I am certain that everyone who reads this posting can think of their own more personal examples of such jackbooted social and political oppression.

    In the end, it must stand as what it is. An article lamenting the ignorance of a nation, that would legislate away its own Individual Freedoms - in the halls of unwarranted Personal Covetousness.

  6. You do a wonderful job of bringing up some very good points, not just applicable to privacy issues, but to all the freedoms our ancestors so resolutely fought for, our parents revered as sacred, we took for granted, and our children are all too eager to give up voluntarily. It is too bad that Americans now feel the need to give up their freedoms in the name of freedom. At this rate one day we will all be residents of one big ant hill of people with someone like Hillary as queen. Welcome to progressive nirvana.


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