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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The True Dangers Of American Bureaucracy

The Bureaucratic System is patently un-American.
Although many Americans have grown increasingly frustrated with our American Bureaucratic System over the last couple of decades, most are simply resigned to the fact that this is merely the cost of existing in a modern and democratic society. But, is it? Is "Bureaucracy" a functionally necessary part of the modern democratic process? And if so, what real function does it honestly and truthfully serve? More importantly, is it even a constitutionally recognized form of governmental authority and power? Let's explore these questions and more... while turning our attention to, "The True Dangers Of Our American Bureaucracy."

The purpose of Bureaucracy is to create a top down pyramidal structure - wherein orders may given to those beneath - in which all commands may be issued upon a need to know basis and each succeeding level downward may be compartmentalized with respect to the amount [or level] of knowledge being given. To put it simply:

Bureaucracy Is "The Methodology Of Secret Societies"

For Instance:
  • The Executive at the top wants a Nuclear Weapon to be built to destroy another country.
  • The DOD is told to build one - for unstated reasons of executive necessity.
  • One Contractor is ordered to build a rocket motor Propulsion system - for whatever potential payload.
  • Another Contractor is ordered to build a guidance system for a missile - of some unknown type.
  • Yet another Contractor is told to build a nuclear device of a set size and megaton payload.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of scattered employees build individual components - for dozens of unnamed and unexplained devices - as ignorantly uninformed participants.

Ultimately, the only person with full knowledge - of what is [precisely] going on - is the one at the top of the Bureaucratic Pyramid. This promotes: Secrecy, Blind Obedience, Psychotic Behavior, and Zero Accountability - from anyone below the very top of the pyramid. Bureaucracies can accomplish many horrific things that cannot be achieved otherwise - due to the effect of individual consciences being spread throughout an official organization. Many of the world's most horrendous occurrences were the preplanned results of Bureaucratic Heads working in secret - through this type of system... while, the unknowing assistance of millions, accomplished these tasks.

The greatest irony, of this fact, is that these bureaucratically driven systems frequently utilize their own targeted enemies to devise [and produce] the very means of their own destruction. For instance, it was Jewish slave labor which built The Nazi Crematoriums at: Auschwitz, Birchanau, Dachau, etc.... This is one of the great wonders of the Ancient Babylonian Bureaucratically Devised System - now being utilized by virtually every nation upon earth today. Adolf Hitler was merely a man, but his NAZI Bureaucratic Structure amplified his individual power - by tens of millions of times over. In the end, his wielded power threatened to fully consume our planet!

Of course, some will say, that Bureaucracies are necessary within the military... and, of course, they are! Our United States Armed Forces must be able to operate within certain levels of governmental secrecy. Lest everyone else acquire our: military technologies, battle strategies, deployment information, and organizational status. Consequently, The United States Constitution allowed for the creation of a National Military Bureaucracy - underneath Executive and Presidential Control. Moreover, The Unified Code Of Military Justice, or U.C.M.J., was devised - at that time - to ensured that all orders must also be Constitutionally Lawful. Consequently, we have the most Checked and Balanced Armed Forces upon Earth!

Our Officers must take an oath to, "Uphold And Protect The Constitution against all enemies both: Foreign and Domestic" - for precisely this reason... they have been instructed to conscientiously refuse all unlawful orders - under actual penalty of prosecution... and their primary allegiance is to the preservation of our All-Important Founding Societal Contract - not to the President, or [even] Congress! This is very important for us to remember! Luckily, for us, many of our officers still do.... 

But What About Outside Of The Military?

However, in the last one hundred years of American history, our leaders have devised all sorts of other governmental bureaucracies neither: authorized, nor envisioned - by The United States Constitution! Nor, has The Constitution ever been properly amended to allow the creation of even one of these bureaucratic organizations, during this time of ever increasing political change - being forcefully shoved down the throats of our increasingly unhappy citizenry. Meanwhile, most important of all, most of these compartmentalized bureaucracies are political hybrids - which wield both: Executive and Legislative Power. Amazingly, as it may honestly seem, some even exercise Judicial Authorities as well.

Whereas, The Constitution clearly delineated a visible "Separation Of Authorities And Powers" - our government has been increasingly consolidating these three distinct functions under one heavily bureaucratic branch. While Congress writes fewer and fewer actual laws, choosing instead to authorize entire new bureaucratic agencies under the authority of The President, thousands of unelected bureaucrats are creating: Official Policies, Governmental Procedures, National Regulations, and Arbitrational Rulings - which are officially stated to carry the full weight and effect of our actually Legislated Statutory Laws.

The Executive Branch has no Legislative Authority [whatsoever] to delegate... and Congress cannot Lawfully Delegate such clearly defined "Legislative Authorities" to any other branch of government - without a Constitutional Amendment expressly allowing them to do so. Moreover, it violates all three philosophical aspects of our foundational document - its: Letter, Spirit, and Intention. When one solitary and unscrupulous bureaucratic agency can fully act as: Judge, Jury, and Executioner - we are living under a tyranny most foul! Whether it's [seemingly] benevolent, or not - to certain people - is entirely irrelevant. After all, a great many Germans thought Hitler's policies were absolutely fabulous! Isn't that [factually] so?

Finally, where is the actual necessity for: Compartmentalization, Autocracy, and Secrecy in commonly legislative matters? If our government is merely doing the Expressed and Consensual Will of: "We The People," then why can't these administrators stand for political election and open debate of all the relevant issues? Are they afraid, that they might [sometimes] get fired, like those currently in Congress? Congress alone has the Authority and Power To Write Laws... neither: The President, nor The Courts may do so. Wake Up America, this is still your country and no amount of unconstitutional laws can change that! That is The Truth About America....


  1. A great piece on a problem that everyone can agree on. “The bureaucracy is a circle from which one cannot escape. Its hierarchy is a hierarchy of knowledge. The top entrusts the understanding of detail to the lower levels, whilst the lower levels credit the top with understanding of the general, and so all are mutually deceived.” - Karl Marx

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