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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

President Barrack H. Obama And "Change Americans Can Believe In"

A little over a year into Barrack H. Obama's presidency, many Americans are now feeling very disappointed with their "Rock-Star Presidential Candidate...." They have been left wondering, whatever happened to that, "Change America Can Believe In" - being espoused by their hope-filled and charismatic leader. Amazingly, even Obama's popularity in Europe has suffered, as well! What on Earth is now going on?

In order to more fully understand what's happening politically - in the United States and [for, that matter] around the world - we must realize that every individual human being operates on a different level of mental perception. While many people are: deep minded, highly thoughtful, and investigative thinkers - numerous others are equally: less observant, easily misled, and emotionally manipulated by others. Meanwhile, both types of individuals always exist - coincidentally - throughout history... and they will naturally fluctuate and/or shift over time - dependent upon their shared and collective social experiences.

Periods Of Political, Economic, and Social Success - will strengthen general attitudes of: Nationalistic Pride, Political Trust, and Social Complacency. Thus, leaders are given a wide degree of political latitudes, that they could not acquire in any other times. Since the common perception is that of success, few individuals will deeply question their: Directions, Attitudes, or Motives. Consequently, the latter group will eventually eclipse the former, and invariably gain the political ascendancy. Meanwhile, Periods Of Political, Economic, and Social Failure - will generate attitudes of: National Skepticism, Political Distrust, and Social Activism. Which results in those same leaders - being: called into question, closely examined, and politically reigned in.
However, since individual humans have varying degrees of personal tolerance, the attitudes of a society in general will not make this shift overnight. In fact, many will take a wait and see attitude - lest any particular societal failing is just a minor downturn, or an even less significant and temporary setback. After all, "True Societal Vigilance" requires a very real investment in: Time, Energy, and Focus - which can often be expended elsewhere with far more personally significant returns.

Meanwhile, our political leaders are highly aware and respectful of these very natural tendencies. They fully realize, that: Political Propaganda, Innocuous Soundbites, False Labeling, and Institutional Media Control - can stifle popular political dissent for a certain amount of necessary time... time to: organize new political structures, develop socially restraining contingencies, and thoroughly prepare for all storms! This is highly-valuable information - when effectively needed.

Of course, such actual occurrences are purely hypothetical - among a morally upstanding and highly ethical political leadership. But, what about those, who aren't so moral and ethical... those that would do anything necessary to strengthen their powers, or accomplish their sought after agendas? History has been replete with such leaders! Take Hitler, for instance....

His governmental adherents intentionally demolished The German Currency - in order to generate an emotionally driven passion for their necessary societal and institutional changes. He accumulated vast Un-Constitutional Powers and Authorities - in order to give real political teeth to those valued changes. He secretly orchestrated "Terrorist Activities" against his own nation to justify those very same changes. Dressed German Soldiers as Polish Troops and invaded his own borders - to justify an ever expanding territorial war. And even signed treaties with his enemies to assuage their worries and buy for himself more time.... Chancellor's like him are a menace to all of humanity!

And yet, here we are [a mere] seventy years later - just now - starting to question our own leadership's underlying political motivations.... It's Honestly Amazing! We should be fully aware of those motivations - by now. America is The Greatest Military Power on Earth... its Currency is the bedrock of stability... it's Economy is the largest in the world... its Leadership the most diverse on the planet... and its Citizens still enjoy a whole host of highly-necessary and individual political freedoms. Where are the reasons for dissent?

Those reasons for dissent, can be found in Obama's favored political slogan, which was: "Change That We Can Believe In...." You see, the majority of Americans would define such a term - as meaning: "Change That We Can Agree With," "Change That Is Highly Beneficial," or even, "Change That Moves Us In The Right Political Direction" - when [properly] evaluated from a commonly-held public standpoint. Whereas, to President Barrack H. Obama and Our Governmental Leaders, it merely means: "Yup, this crap is [factually] happening, so get over it..." and, "Believe It!"

That is the problem with an entire generation of disinterested voters focused improperly on "Sound-Bites." Every Individual Citizen evaluates [or perceives] them differently... and, by the time that they are fully aware of such relevant meanings, the nation is already deeply and profoundly in trouble! Therefore, an Observant Electorate has always been mandatory - throughout history - for the proper maintenance of "True and Valuable Freedom ." Our enlightened ancestors fully knew this and desperately tried to implant that knowledge into our culture - for the sake of our future generations. Alas, such Altruistic and Philosophical Concepts  haven't been [honestly] "Believed In" for several generations of our own American History.

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