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Sunday, April 18, 2010

America: The Spiritually Covenanted Nation

America is a Spiritually Covenanted Nation! Although many modern Americans will most vehemently and/or viciously deny this highly philosophical argument, the vast majority of their Enlightened Ancestors held it in common and universal agreement... nor, were they without their reasons, in [factually] believing it to be so. More importantly, however, the rest of the world thought so - at that particular time - as well! And yet, many of us will ask : "Upon what basis could such a bold philosophical assertion, or wild political allegation, be made?"

First of all, America's history is entirely unique - from that of all its more numerous political neighbors - in several pivot-ally important ways! Just as Old Testament Abraham was led out of Babylon and Chaldea into the spiritual desert of Canaan, Our New Testament Ancestors were led across the seas in search of a new spiritual homeland. For the unjust spiritual warfare, going on in Europe, was just as excessive as it was in thoroughly pagan-ized Babylon.... Thus, the freedom to practice "consciously driven religion" was the overriding purpose for both: Ancient Israel's and America's ultimate creations! Moreover, every nation on Earth: noticed, speculated, and remarked upon these amazing physical [or political] and spiritual [or philosophical] parallels.

Just as the majority of The Ancient Israelites initially longed for and preferred their captivity in Egypt, the majority of The New Americans initially desired and preferred their captivity to Europe. Yet, in both cases, their spiritually led leadership fought heatedly and passionately against it... preferring instead, The Blessings of Yahweh [God], over the luxurious comforts of bondage to that which was sin! Meanwhile, millions more - like them - flocked to our shores everyday, to equally share in that more enlightened spiritual vision.

Amazingly, when war finally came to a head in our colonies, only 15 percent of the people initially sided with the forces of Freedom - while the other 85 percent were supported by the largest kingdom on Earth... and yet, Yahweh [God] provided the victory anyway! Moreover, the sea - by effectively closing behind us - had ultimately protected us from England's full physical fury and wrath. A remarkable coincidence indeed... and around the world, many of the world's citizens took note - of this fact - as well....

The earliest American writings speak of such spiritually discerned things in great and significant detail! Among them, the pamphlet by Reverend Thomas Paine - entitled: Common Sense - stood as a monumental structure of: Religious, Historical, and Philosophical design. In it, he declares the covenanted nature of our nation and prophetically presupposes her eventual political construction. Published in 1776, Common Sense clearly spells out "The [Eventually Adopted] Constitution" in every particular and detail! Bear in mind, that such "A Non-Denominationally Specific Theocratic Political System" was considered quite alien at that time... and another type of governance would be [honestly] tried first.

Paine wrote that America stood at a spiritual crossroads, ordained by none other than Yahweh [God] Himself... that America would represent to the world A Physical New Testament Covenant - as Ancient Israel represented The Physical Old Testament Covenant - before them! That the Thirteen: States, Colonies, and Tribes of America were [merely] the New Testament equivalent to the Thirteen: States, Colonies, and Tribes of Ancient Israel... and that both had been given to display Yahweh [God's] Light to the nations of their respective times.

Meanwhile, across the planet, millions of Non-Americans envisioned the very same philosophical ideas and many of their national leaders grew: angry, resentful, fearful, and perplexed by this [now] ongoing American Experiment - in Non-Denominationally Specific Theocracy! For if it was true, then America was threatening their political hegemony... and, even if not, the millions of their citizens - who, so thoroughly, believed it to be so - would be pressuring them for disruptive political changes. Thus, we [as a nation] became both, equally: loved and despised across a whole disadvantaged planet! While the other nations [most frequently] detested us, their citizens loved us all the more....

With the adoption of our one page covenant - entitled, The United States Constitution - the contract between our nation and Yahweh [God] had been sealed! Thus, He blessed us accordingly to His promise - toward all nations that would seek out a covenanted relationship with Him. One of these primary blessings was in providing us with a steady supply of knowledge based resources in the form of: educated, thoroughly trained, and/or highly skilled new citizens. In fleeing, the autocratic and authoritarian societies of the world, they brought their knowledge base with them... and our nation flourished, unlike any other in all of Earth's history!

It wasn't by accident, that America soon dominated the world in every scientific and commercial endeavor! Nor, was it surprising that we generated more verifiable wealth in 100 years, than others had accumulated over thousands of years! Just as Ancient Israel had received bountiful blessings in obedience, America was rewarded for her spiritual faithfulness. Meanwhile, our regions, towns, and cities stand as an unchanging testament to this parallel physical occurrence! Names such as: Shiloh, Beulah Land, Promised Land, Bethel, Beth El, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Philadelphia, and hundreds of others stand [today] - as highly descriptive allusions - to this common scriptural promise.

Moreover, as much as we so often deny it, our founding documents stand as, "A Written Testament," to our ancestors true spiritual and philosophical intentions! All of those references to Yahweh [God] weren't just placed there by accident.... A great deal of thought is contained in that lowly one page document. Nor, could it be otherwise... for, they spent 30 days of heatedly contested argument in ultimately hammering it out! At one point, even coming to physical blows.

In the meantime, let us examine the case of our own historical precedence.... Millions of patriotic speeches, thousands of political slogans, hundreds of patriotic anthems, dozens of uniquely American sayings: all reference this Covenanted American Status! Let us not forget, those: tens of thousands of governmental structures, thousands of public memorials, and hundreds of American courthouses - that testify to fully the same - having carved it deeply into our foundational stones. One cannot even enter "The Supreme Court" without seeing it on wondrous display!

Yes, friends, America Is A Covenanted Nation... and we better start acting like it [again] soon! For Yahweh [God's] patience with us is running out very fast! Moreover, the rod - which shall be utilized in our spiritual correction - was chosen, by our very own foolish hands. The very queen, which we so wickedly idolize and worship, will be that God-given instrument of correction... and, before our affliction will finally be over, we will completely renounce her in fulfillment of certain Biblical Prophecy! Jezebel shall be no more....


  1. While it is fact that God and Christianity do have major influence on and inclusion in the founding and development of this nation I don't recall seeing Yahweh mentioned on anything written by our founding fathers or the U.S. government. Did Paine really refer to God as Yahweh or are you just making that up?

    You say the founding of America was unique in the world yet then proceed to compare it to the exodus of Jews which implies it wasn't so unique. What is your point?

    And so what is the point of this essay? That the United States of America has been successful solely due to the blessing of God rather than the success of the free market system and the hard work and desire to succeed of the people who have immigrated here? And that now we have lost that blessing? Are you saying Christianity is a requirement of being a citizen? What about the Great Depression. Did that come about for the same reason? If so, I guess there was a great resurgence of adherence to Christian values preceding the recovery from that?

    Personally, I do not believe that success in life is a measure of one's adherence to Christian religious values. Do you?

    And maybe you could elucidate a bit on that last paragraph because I don't know what the rod is or who the queen is you are referring to.

  2. There are many things, in our very confusing world, that absolutely require a minimum of physical effort and/or individual spiritual discernment to properly obtain or discern... and yet, many [often] dimly perceive their value afar off and put forth the effort to fully obtain them. While, others clearly and openly receive great blessings - due to the coincidental privileges of birth - and yet, hold them in contempt or disregard their significant esteem and value.... Thus, much of life is perceived [by mortal men] to be mere vanity and patently unfair!

  3. The Scriptures honestly relate that sin too offers its own rewards - for a specified time....

    If you want to believe that the 2 to 5 percent Economic Growth after The Great Depression equates to the 20 to 25 percent enjoyed virtually every document able year prior to it - then please feel free to do so.

  4. Moreover, the Yahweh [God] has never been concerned with the adherence to man-made: traditions, doctrines, or faith based systems; but, rather, the ever onward and upward spiritual growth of His True Children upon the Earth.

    For, it is written: "My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me whither-so-ever I go-eth."

    True Judeo-Christian Religion has always been marked by this growth process - from its infancy to "The fullness and stature of Christ."

  5. I am not sure what your 3 comments refer to as far as being a response to the questions in my 1 comment (that you did not answer any of by the way).

    I have made no claim as to what constitutes success or a reward from Yahweh [God]. You are the one who made a claim that America's success was a reward for her spiritual faithfulness. Your statement about the difference in economic growth before and after the Great Depression shows You are equating economic success with God's reward. It also appears You are saying that after the Great Depression people lost their faith (in very great numbers one would presume) and so were rewarded by God with poor economic growth. You do not elaborate on the exact correlation between the loss of faith in God and the Great Depression. I am not the one saying this stuff. You are. I am only an everyday, average guy asking for clarification so I can better evaluate the information You are providing.

    I have to say, even though I am only an everyday, average guy and despite my [sometimes] utterly stupid questions, I do enjoy learning from the wisdom of the self proclaimed master of history, religion and politics in America. You Mr. Barbour, The Real American, Profit of Yahweh [God] and Historian of Real America are a credit to this great country for you have hit the nail on the head with your insights into America and speak eloquently for all of us conservatives and Tea Partiers alike.

    I do have faith that the Truth shall prevail.


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