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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The American Dream - Or A Self-Deceptive Hallucination

When I was a child - in the late 1960's and the early 1970's - America was at it's: political, industrial, and economic zenith. Nowhere on Earth, were: the buildings taller, the living standards higher, or the rules by which people must extensively operate in society any easier. In those days, being born an American, offered certain societal advantages and privileges - which nowhere [else] upon Earth could be found! Thus, many of us took a certain rightfully-excessive pride in our Nation.

We were the unopposed world leader in: heavy industry, technology, medicine, and commerce! Almost half of all new inventions were American made... our products were being shipped to every corner of the globe... and our managers and executives were sought after from Tokyo to Moscow. Executives from across our planet, toured our: military bases, factories, and farms - taking notes everywhere they went - to learn new and more productive ideas from the unique American style of conducting "The Business of business."

Although many had warned us against such laissez faire openness toward others - wisely noting, that it would eventually lead to increased competition on all fronts - the pride in our own American accomplishments needed an outlet in the form of such wondering foreign eyes. Consequently, we benevolently assuaged it.... After all, we are Americans: "The only people to have ever walked upon the surface of The Moon..." and we could always maintain a technological advantage and lead!

From a dominant position in the world markets, we were the strongest advocates of Free Trade. In fact, we devised our entire college curricula around it! Adopting "Keynesian Macro-Economic Theory" as our doctoral prescription to all of the worlds numerous economic ailments - while, teaching its principles, using: grossly over-simplified, laboratory-level, and purely conjectural-based examples - in those very same classrooms.

Meanwhile, numerous voices clamored to be heard among the inherently political and societal dialog.... Explaining that there were numerous other factors and variables to [honestly] consider... and that the real world was far more: divergent, diverse, and complex! They boldly proclaimed, that - far from, "A Cure All Panacea," Free Trade would lead to greater political and economic imbalances worldwide. Of course we couldn't listen to them either... for, "We Are The Americans," and we can do anything - that we set our minds to do!

We became overly obsessed with our national environment.... After all, everyone wants: pure water, good soil, and clean air! "What shall we eventually leave for our children," was upon every American's [rightful] mind. Thus, we: curtailed, diminished, or eliminated every means of Domestic Energy Production. Nuclear was: toxic, dangerous, and generated large amounts of radioactive waste... Oil was: messy, polluting, and led to potentially massive spills upon our shores... Coal was: dangerous to the workers, left great physical scars, and polluted our water and air... Hydro Electric was: expensive to build, required disruption of our waterways, and harmful to our rarest domestic species of fish.... In fact, not even windmills or solar power production have escaped from our ever watchful eyes - over this time!

While, many of the wisest among us, have noted - that every available technology, is potentially fraught with pitfalls, when [honestly] being improperly applied - we have continually and systematically eliminated them all, without any consideration of just utilizing them responsibly and properly! Rather, than doing the very best we can do - with what God has [honestly] blessed us - we have allowed ourselves to become wholly dependent upon others in meeting those needs. But, then again, "We Are The Americans" and nothing bad can ever happen to us!

While our ancestors clearly cautioned us to most carefully safeguard, "Our God-Given American Freedoms and Rights," we have systematically handed the control of our lives over to our own Federal Government... believing that our government alone can provide for our: societal benefit, safety, and protection! After all, a nation that can uncover the mysteries of space itself, can obviously handle such mundane human matters far better than us.... Where's the beef?

As our Budgetary Deficits grew out of control - due to excessive social spending - wiser heads attempted to sound an alarm... saying that: "Twenty percent of GDP going to servicing our debts is wholly unsustainable!" Of course, every American knows that [a mere] twenty percent of our budget - means that we are still eighty percent solvent [overall] and, thus, we can pay such sums down any old time that we like. Sure, it might take a number of years, but we could most certainly do it... after all, "We Are America," the greatest single economy on Earth!

When Economists around the globe were predicting the 2007 financial collapse, we boldly ignored their spiteful predictions of "Doom And Gloom..." relying instead upon, "Our Wonderful American Optimism." After all, even if it did happen, we could always get our deep pocketed government to shoot a little more money into the ever worsening economic equation! Meanwhile, our debt service has now finally exploded - thanks to that rapidly contracting economy and a sudden decrease in government taxable revenue. But, hey, its all under control... after all, We Are America, nothing can ever stop us for long!

If we can no longer get it through: Taxation, Borrowing, or Financing - then we can just Print More Of It and everything will work out just fine! So our government then doubles our money supply and keeps on spending - like it did in the past. After all, "We Are America," "The Reserve Currency Of The World," and everybody wants Our Money... Right? Sure....

While, wiser Americans and Worldwide Economists, are relating the detailed description of a worldwide currency collapse - particularly surrounding The American Dollar - our wonderful American Pride looms large. For, it has become a narcissistic form of destructive societal arrogance! Those predictions will also come true in the fullness of time... and more rational heads are quickly and quietly investing in Real Money. Even at $1100.00 per ounce, Gold is a true bargain when compared to the American Dollar... and around the world, there are many who secretly take note and adjust!

Some, even envision an America plunged into "A Catastrophic New Civil War," fought amidst: The People, The States, and Our National Entity! While our National Media totally ignores such foolish and crazy allegations, other nations are openly betting against us - some, on their Prime-Time Media Broadcasts. I wonder why?

Perhaps, we should ponder this [honest] question: "Are we still experiencing 'The American Dream,' or suffering from merely 'A Self-Deceptive Hallucination?'" Or, this one: "At what point does, 'Our Reasonable American Pride,' become 'Unwarranted American Arrogance?'" Can we even tell the difference, any more? Wake Up America! "God Will Not Be Mocked," and neither, "Will His Well-Established Laws Governing Our Universe Be Suspended" - in regards to any one particular nation! Just as, "The Rod is for the back of a Fool," a nation of fools will suffer "numerous and painful afflictions...."  
  • It is written: "For whom the Lord loves He chastens, And scourges every son whom He receives."

Long ago, when America called upon Yahweh [God's] Blessings, it also became subject to His Cursings - as well! For, Yahweh [God] has continually proclaimed - from The Beginning Of Creation - that Every Covenant With Him is subject to these equally binding societal conditions.... In "Our Obedience To Doing Right," we have been Blessed... In "Our Disobedience And Increasing Societal Wickedness," we have slowly come under The Curse... and "A Stiff-Necked And Stubborn People," will eventually relent - under the backbreaking yoke of, ever worsening, societal heartache! The time for untoward optimism is over....


  1. Whilst your intent be true, your message be just a wee bit meandering perhaps?

    Aaah, some would say life is but what ye make of it, ain't it so? Some were born to work toward their pot o gold whilst others were born to sit n spout bout how this n that n them n those stole the pot to make some stew or hid the rainbow behind the clouds or devalued the gold by mining more or... Well, ye gets the gist. If it twern't fer that I'd be a wealthy man by now, yes I would be indeed.

    Regardless of what area of life we focus on, people have a tendency to perceive symptoms as the problems and also have a tendency to attribute factors that, from our particular viewpoints in the scenario, seem like obvious, logical causes but, in fact, we are engaging in purely unscientific fallacies of logic that do not even measure up to theory much less a proven cause and effect relationship. And people also have a tendency to look toward extraneous causes to rationalize away their own failures. But I do admit there are some things that need no "proof" because, let's face it, its obvious what the deal is. Like I swear every single time I wash my car it rains. And speaking of cars, I for one say if people would just stay the f... out of the left lane and let me zip by I could get to work on time and not always be late just about every morning. But no! That's too damn simple! Just what do you people think the passing lane is for anyway?! Going the same speed as the guy beside you?! My job is in jeopardy because you people don't know how to drive!

    The way I see it, whether your American experience is a Dream or a Hallucination - same difference. They're both gone when you wake up.

    As for America's zenith being set at the early '70s - you must be a muscle car fan. But have you seen the horse power they're puttin' out now? I say there isn't any other country or any other time I'd rather be living in than right here, right now.

  2. Actually, my favorite ride was the 1986 or 1987 Buick Grand National... and, no, I am not referring to the T type, but the real deal! One might say that the 1986 BGN is my 1967 GTO....

    Welcome back, Vulcan420.

  3. All I know is if you consider the 86 - 87 Grand National (or any 80s POS) to be a Muscle Car then you are delusional.


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