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Our Site Introduction

Since the American Lexicon or U. S. Terminology has changed remarkably over these past 234 years, you will often see me using the terms: Modern Day [to refer to current understandings], or Traditional American [to refer to past accepted usage] - with regard to very specific terms. For instance, Conservative once referred to Preserving Our Constitutional System of government - but currently refers to maintaining the status quo [which is, of itself, highly Un-Constitutional]. Meanwhile, Liberal originally meant to be embracing or endorsing of Individual, or Personal, Freedom. While, in modern day usage, it refers to destroying Individual or Personal Freedoms in favor of a quite nefarious Social Empowerment. Please do not be alarmed... all will be explained more clearly in time!

The subjects on this site will be numerous and varied. American Truth is our objective and everything from Early American History to Modern American Events will be covered. Meanwhile, all the stuff falling between is a stated given. Moreover, we will delve into some very controversial subjects, such as: the Jesuit, Illuminati, and Freemason Conspiracy to destroy America from within; the inherently socialistic basis of our Modern Masonic Corporations; and the steady decline of our American Hegemony to a rapidly developing International New World Order. Far from so-called "Conspiracy Theories," these are verifiable and documented facts - which are becoming more readily apparent every single day... and we will show you "The Facts" to prove it!

Finally, lest you take offense, I chose the personal moniker "The Real American" for several important reasons. None of them, being in anywise judgmental, regarding my fellow Americans. The fact is, that "All Real Americans" possess the very same traits as our nation's Enlightened Founders. They loved the ideals of: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Legal Equality under Our Lawful Constitution. This is an important American Truth and if you [yourself] cannot appreciate that verifiable fact, then you aren't one - no matter how loudly you may profess to be otherwise. Not by my definition, of course, but by that of The Founders themselves. If you don't like it, then honestly take it up with them - when you eventually and invariably meet them....

We honestly and openly invite your: ideas, questions, and commentary. The mark of a vibrant Democratic-Republic is thoughtful, respectful, and open human debate amongst all of the individual parties. All we ask is that your comments are PG, or less. To make sure that that factually occurs, we will screen amongst your comments before posting them. We are not pro censorship at The Truth About America... so more likely than not, your comments will get posted at the first available opportunity. However clearly egregious offenders will be deleted without our posting them, and we fully reserve the right to do so at all times.

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