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Monday, April 26, 2010

Word Redefinition, False Political Labeling, And The American Ruling Elite

For decades we have been focusing our attentions on all sorts of patently irrelevant political factors! As individual American citizens, we [most often] wrongly identify ourselves in terms, such as: Liberal or Conservative; Christian, Jew, Atheist, or Muslim; White, Black, or Hispanic; Male or Female; Heterosexual or Gay; Pro-Business or Anti-Business; and [even] Smoker or Non-Smoker.

The reasons that I maintain that these are either false or wrong labels are numerous.... For instance, there are no relevant differences at all between Americans being defined as Truly Liberal or Truly Conservative! Consider these obvious definitions:

  • Liberal - one who: Seeks Out, Promotes, and Protects - Individual Liberty and Freedom.
  • Conservative - one who: Stands Up For, Promotes, or Protects - Our Traditional American: Society, Culture, and Political Institution [or, The United States Constitution].

However, since The Constitution was [itself] designed and written to: Establish, Promote, and Protect Individual Liberties and Freedoms, The Traditional American Liberal and The Traditional American Conservative are squarely upon the same page! For instance, under the proper definitions of these terms, The Libertarian Party is Traditionally Liberal and The Constitution Party is Traditionally Conservative... and both parties are within substantial agreement over the particulars of Traditional Constitutional Issues.

Meanwhile: The Democratic Party is Traditionally Anti-Liberal - in that they view, all liberties as being: Collectively Held, Socially Empowering, and Governmentally Vacatable... and The Republican Party is Traditionally Anti-Conservative - in that they consider, The Constitution secondary to securing or preserving their own political agendas! Thus, in a Traditional Sense, these two parties are both within substantial agreement as well - in their: Anti-Liberal and Anti-Conservative views. Both of these parties - while maintaining their claims to the traditional terms - are fundamentally opposed to these same true philosophical concepts.

All Forms Of Social Empowerment come at the expense of Individual Freedoms and Rights - as guaranteed by Our [Actual] Constitution! Nor, can placing one's agenda over and above The Constitution strengthen its: Standing, Position, or Authority! Just as the Anti-Christs have invaded God's Church [and corrupted it], The Anti-Liberals and Anti-Conservatives have invaded our own government - under their equally false identities! Moreover, just as the nearly completed reformation has born considerable fruit in identifying the former, the political movement now underway will reveal the latter truth, as well....

Nor, are the religious terms of: Christian, Jew, Atheist, or Muslim even relevant [in any significant way] - when being so foolishly applied to our elective leadership! For religious belief has never been denoted by the words or labels we use; but rather, by the very real actions governing our individual: activities, endeavors, and lives. By judging a man's readily obvious fruit, their true beliefs are more easily and accurately ascertained. In the case of our American Politics, they are blatantly: Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish, and Anti-Muslim - with respect to the underlying theology with which they align themselves and supposedly embrace. For their true Babylon-ish intentions are to equally: degrade, confuse, and malign them all - in favor of their very own "Ancient System Of Political/Religious Control!"

Whereas, their frequently used referential terms: White, Black, or Hispanic are utilized to effectively divide us through mentally untying the strings from Our Common Humanity! Rather than more properly bringing us together - As A Brotherhood Of Men - they would encourage us to forget our unique and common ancestry, and further isolate us from the similarly enlightened members of our own genetically diverse family. For "The Children Of Lucifer" know that "A house divided against itself cannot long stand, united!"  

Consequently, the call by God to "Exit Spiritual Babylon" is mirrored by His call to "Exit Political Babylon," as well! As the scripture relates, "The Physical World Mirrors The Spiritual" - in every solitary detail.... Remember that Babylon The Great is both: "A Spiritual Authority and A Physical [Or Political] Power" operating within "The Last Days [Or, The End Of The Age]!"

Look at the: Positions, Policies, and Strategies effectively employed and sustained by both major political parties, since President John F. Kennedy's assassination! Has either party lessened The [Ever More] Fascist: Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions of their predecessors? No! They [merely] add further insult to injury - by increasingly accumulating new ones....

Moreover, their increasingly heated and vicious political dialog - as these two parties effectively close their political ranks - is devised to [merely] create and foster a false sense [or perception] of substantial political difference in intended political direction! Meanwhile, it is blatantly obvious - once we ignore the rhetoric - that both parties are working together at achieving a solitary and common goal of Domestic American Tyranny!

Even now, the mechanisms of implementing it - starting with the actions of President Ronald W. Reagan - are fully in place... their current activities are [merely] efforts at further consolidating all of that Un-Constitutional Power - prior to using it. The stronger their own starting position, the weaker the position of their enemies will be... and those enemies are us: "We The People - Of America!"

Consequently, we must vote them all out - if possible! Every last one... Democrat and Republican alike! In the meantime, we must wait quietly and peacefully for their first move... calling upon our States to ready themselves if need be, and acquiring necessary resources of our own. Remember, any efforts on our part must be: Peaceful, Politically Driven, and Calm [or: Fair, Firm, and Consistent]. Because anything else will provoke their already preplanned response - "The President [Now] Has The Power and Authority To Declare A National State Of Emergency And Invoke Federal Marshall Law [for almost any reason]!"

*** Remember: Be and Stay Calm....


    1. I enjoyed reading your latest entry and agree with the premise of the changing definition of political labels and similarities of the two parties.

      But I do disagree on virtually all of the other points.

      You are [factually] wrong to include other "labels" in with the issue of political labels. If someone smokes then they are not a non-smoker. They do in fact smoke. I don't believe that has ever changed. By the same token, if someone is male they are not female.

      All the terms you mention are legitimate classifications of people that people have made about themselves and others. As for the names of the political parties, they and the ideals of the people they represent may have morphed over time but they are still legitimate designations to identify people. Because the meaning of a term changes over time does not make it false.

      You and many others in the media talk of the increasingly heated and vicious political dialog. I say there is plenty of evidence to show that it is no different now than it was hundreds of years ago. The only thing that has changed is the number of media outlets that repeat it, the speed with which statements are disseminated and the size of the audience it reaches.

      The fact that the Dems and Reps get more similar over time and the fact that they disagree over what are more and more subtle differences in the same philosophy is only natural evolution of our political system. I think it should be expected. I believe it is something that must happen due to human nature and the nature of politics and to try and stop it is futile. Eventually it will give rise to a new party or a new government or a new nation or perhaps even a radio active post apocalyptic landscape. Meanwhile we are living in the greatest nation on earth with the highest standard of living that has ever existed in the history of mankind. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    2. The vast majority of political labels are assigned and enforced upon us by our more charismatic leaders - in their efforts to further divide us politically! Although it is true that males are not females, so what? We are all equally human beings and inclusive of the very same: needs, wants, and/or desires! All that is truly necessary is true: Equality, Brotherhood, and Justice Among all of our common humanity.

      Moreover, that can never be accomplished - while we are effectually being: Castigated, Divided, and Denied True Lawful Justice. Nor, do the effects of acutely heightening and perpetuating such minimalist divisions - throughout our overall society - benefit any other cause or purpose!

    3. You respond with "the vast majority of political labels... males are not females... so what?". I, for the life of me, do not understand how anyone could believe that the "labels" male and female were derived by politicians for the purpose of dividing us. You say there is no purpose to differentiate between males and females except by politicians trying to divide the one group of people into two individual groups, male and female, in order to deny them true lawful justice. And you included other labels that most people, regardless of moral or political beliefs, would not consider to be derived by politicians for political motivations.

      I get your point about the morphing of political terms and the tendency of people to just lump "everyone" into categories and cast blanket statements to cover them all. But you don't seem to be able to admit that you included terms and labels that do not fit in with your premise of word redefinition and false political labeling. Do you not also see that you, just like the charismatic leaders you speak of, do exactly the very same thing by the way? You, yourself, use many labels that are, in fact, derived for the purpose of dividing and classifying people by political beliefs such as conservative, liberal, libertarian, nazi, socialist, communist and so on and so on. Hmmmm... I guess that makes you a charismatic leader.

      Maybe you should adhere to your topic more and pay some attention to etymology, especially when that's what you are writing about.


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