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The Key to solving America's current dilemma, as our Enlightened Ancestors would say, "Lies not, in flying off half-cocked... but rather: in self-education, in formulating a carefully conceived plan, and in executing it with flawless and organized precision!" In that spirit, we should fully understand: the "True Issues Of Our Day," the "Exact Nature Of Our Enemies," precisely "Who They Are," and "How To Successfully Defeat Them...."

Meanwhile, the resources in this bookstore, will hopefully get you started on the path - which we all must soon travel.... We have two years until 2012, and we must not waste them! Although, I cannot vouch for every single book, I have taken a great deal of time in winnowing out the very best available for that all-important purpose. I hope that, you will profit by and thoroughly enjoy them! - The Real American.

Although the very nature of History itself - as factually alluded to and referenced - precludes the possibility of any change, inconsequential or otherwise; I learned very early on, by being observant, that man has a certain predilection toward subtly altering it [to suit his needs] over time! As a person with a great interest, and passion for history, I observed this phenomenon - even over the course of my own short educational career - in public school and college. However, the mass revisionism of the past twenty years is simply incredible!

Every American-parent should examine the texts, currently being palmed off on their children, in the name of Modern American History. The alarming contextual differences, blatant alterations of fact, and politically propagandist explanations of our common history - being openly taught in our schools today, under the federal guidelines for Social Studies - are grossly appalling! Had such creative works been produced in our day, then perhaps McCarthy would have rooted out The Real Communists....

For all of their human faults, Our Founding Fathers never resorted to such blatant alterations of fact - in order to justify their occasional and personally errant duplicities. Nor, can any personal failings on their part, no matter how egregious, justify the current actions of our own modern political leadership - to do even worse! However, the All-Important Key - for our current American electorate - is to arm ourselves with: true knowledge, accurate understanding, and the steadfast determination of our ancestors.

Make no mistake, "The Modern Princes of This Earth" have surrounded themselves in political darkness... devised for themselves camouflaged robes of the most subtle gray... and utilized multiparty political chicanery to mask their solitary political agenda. The Democratic-Republican Party has become the bane and scourge or our nation... the destroyer of our well-knit society and traditional culture... and "A Force Of Evil Most Foul!" And yet, it was: apathy, complacency, and ignorance - on the part of many Americans - which allowed it to overtake us, while laying around in our beds.

Let us resolve this day, that no-more shall: "We The People" take our duties, honors, and responsibilities lightly... and let us stand up as, "Free Born Men and Women" and honestly take up the fight. For, as George S. Patton once said, "Real Americans love to fight, when the cause is both Righteous and Just!" 

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