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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Barrack Obama: Anti-Christ, Or Just Anti-Christian....

Obama: Anti-Christ or Anti-Christian? You decide.
According to recent polls being conducted in America, 56 percent of the American population firmly believes that: we are [now] factually living in "The Biblical Last Days." Even more startlingly, according to one recent poll, 35 percent of Conservatives and 21 percent of Liberals living in the State of New Jersey believed President Barrack Hussein Obama to be the Biblical Antichrist that the world has so long awaited - before, the "End Time Period." Could Barrack Obama [honestly] be "The Antichrist?" Or, is he [just] the first openly Anti-Christian President in our American history?

It is interesting to note, that when it comes to the practice of Judeo-Christian religion, America is the most lukewarm nation upon Earth. While some 76 percent of Americans openly profess to be believers, the majority of Americans today do not even meet the minimalist "Pharisaical Standards" railed against by Christ - more than two thousand years ago. How is it that we forgotten these simple words: "For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven?"

Regardless of any protestations otherwise, only an idiot [or someone seriously unversed in the scriptures] could seriously believe that 76 percent of Americans are factually Christian, or "Christ Like!" If three out of four Americans were following Christ's clear cut and purpose driven life examples, America would be the very same nation it still boastfully and pridefully claims to be. Why would we need: governmental programs to assist with the needy, a minimum wage to provide minimal compensation, or a veritable "police state" to handle our exploding rates of violent crime? America is no longer predominantly "Christian" and our national characteristics [or fruits] display it shamefully - for the entire world to now see.

So, when so few Americans are factually Christian, why are so many of them convinced that we are obviously living in "The Last Days?" Because the evidence is already so strong to support it, that even a majority of the wicked can naturally see it - with very little: spiritual training, understanding, or knowledge. After all, many of them know a little - about God and His scriptures - even, if they haven't known Him personally or invested the necessary energy to study His word... and the signs of His Son's imminent coming are quite flagrant.  

Meanwhile, this largely Fence Sitting Generation - "Having a form of faith, but denying the power thereof" - stands equally: as a witness to our current events and yet incapable of acting upon such valuable [albeit, limited] knowledge... for they lack the required and necessary self-control to turn from their pleasure in societal wickedness and sincerely repent of their ongoing self-destructive actions! Moreover, their self-serving spiritual shepherds are even more corrupt than they are. After all, religion has now become big business and "The Gospel Of Greed" is its vaunted economic engine.

So, what of these majority perceived religious opinions? They are a mishmash mixture of: misunderstandings, lies, and half truths - which both ebb and flow with the tides of spiritual confusion... occasionally striking a note of truth, but [more often than not] merely roiling the seas of naturally minded public opinion! Consequently, they just drown out "The Truth" - with all of the background noise they continually generate - to the ongoing detriment of millions who could have been saved otherwise. This is the greatest tragedy of all!

According to those oft neglected scriptures:
  • The Anti-Christ is both a religious and political leader.
  • He controls the world's most powerful "False Christian Church."
  • The number of his name is 666.
  • The church would historically murder and persecute "The True Christians."
  • It would be based in the city of "Seven Hills."
  • It would conspire with "The Kings Of The Earth" and "The Merchants" to obtain her political power.
  • It would have seven physical daughters born from its own spiritual body.
  • It would also have other religious systems created by it and under its direct spiritual control.
  • It would possess a spiritual mark, which contradicts God's Eternal Laws.
  • It would control three constituent: Socio-Economic, Political, and Spiritual parts: "Mystery [Masonic/Occult/Corporations]," "Babylon The Great [Royal Bloodlines/Illuminati]," and "The Mother Of Harlots [Universal Religion/Other Spiritual Abominations]."

Does Barrack H. Obama fit any of these very detailed descriptions? No, he doesn't! Then, ask yourself: "Who does?" The answer, of course, is the Roman Catholic Pontiff/Pope - whose official title, "Vicarius Fili Dei" holds the alphanumerical value of 666, within its formative and preordained letters. Barrack Obama isn't a Roman Catholic Pope, now is he?

President Barrack Obama's name, which [some have noted] means: "Lightening Fallen From Heaven" doesn't meet the given biblical criteria for the "Last Days" Anti-Christ Ruler. However, it does have historical and spiritually significant ramifications in other equally profound ways. Perhaps, you should search out the scriptural significance of America As Referenced In Prophecy.

*** Note: The answer to that question may have actually surprised, or even upset, you... however, that wasn't my purpose in writing it. Many sincere believers have been caught up in her various spiritual deceptions - through no relevant fault of their own - merely because the spiritual walk with our Father/Creator Yahweh is a path of spiritual growth from relative ignorance unto "The Fullness And Stature Of Christ." Plus, the deceptions continually being perpetrated are often incredibly clever to our more naturally minded and more selfish inner human child.

For more on Biblical Prophecy, see the article: "Prophecies Fulfilled Since 1900."



    Why was Michelle Obama spreading "stimulus" money in Spain? Do you suppose Barack Hussein Obama told her he can't get re-elected without the votes of Hispanics who aren't American citizens and she thought he meant the non-American Hispanics living in Spain?
    At least those foreigners are much better than "voters" in American cemeteries!
    BTW, in 1928 Herbert Hoover's campaign promised that if he were elected there would be "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage."
    Well, Obama has come up with a Hoover twist and says that if he's re-elected there will be "a chick in every car and some pot in every garage"!
    For some insights into Obamessiah and his think-alikes, Google "Obama Avoids Bible Verses," "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Government-Approved Illegals," and "Imam Bloomberg's Sharia Mosque."
    Have you noticed that America's "Christian" president has favorites? See search engines including Google and type in "Obama Favors Islam Over Christianity."
    I wonder what will happen when Obama "comes out" and admits that he's a Muslim!

  2. You don't seriously believe that the Republicans are for freedom of religion do you? I suggest that Senator Corn**** is totally against freedom of religion unless it is his own religion.

    If you think the Republicans are for extending constitutional freedoms this blog is sadly mistaken.

  3. Apparently you don't know very much about this blog, or the political beliefs of its writer "The Real American." This blog neither supports: The Anti-Conservative and Fascist Republicans or The Anti-Liberal and Social-Fascist Democrats... nor, was the article you commented upon in any way partisan.

    This posting was upon the spiritual blindedness of millions of Americans - who profess to adhere to Christianity - while largely never having studied: the book, the prophecies, or even its editor. Moreover, it specifically addressed certain patently false assumptions - which have been forwarded and perpetuated through such ongoing spiritual ignorance.

    Perhaps, you should read the following links - in order to understand our stated political position.




  4. I appreciate your mistrust of all politicians. I have seen your other blog and have appreciated some concepts there. One thing I would like to point out is that Christ said his kingdom was not of this world. He told Peter to put away his sword. Therefore, there should never be a Christian nation except an invisible one.

    One of the Tea Party's greatest supporters, Sarah Palin, would have told Peter to fight away and keep the sword out. That is why her religion is false, that she is a perverse example of dominionism, and that she will go to hell without being called into the elect. Romans 9. Take care Frances.

  5. I am fully aware that Christ's kingdom is not of this world - as were our enlightened ancestors... however, Christ noted the peculiar position that His people were in until His Second Coming - when He said: "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's." As Judeo-Christian Believers we must operate within two kingdoms - one spiritual and the other secular - until His return... and as such, we must provide our best efforts toward both!

    Although our nation was a decidedly Judeo-Christian Religiously Theocracy, it was Non-Demoninationally Specific and expressly Neutral Regarding Religion. The reason for this is that Yahweh Himself placed two trees in the garden to signify "Our Freedom Of Choice." What many like you fail to realize is that "Religious Freedom" is a Judeo-Christian Theological Belief - not shared by any other religious system.

    Yes, a few others teach Religious Tolerance... however, religious tolerance isn't the same as Religious Freedom. Thank God that America was built by spiritually minded and well-read Judeo-Christians, rather than: Catholics, Muslims, or others. Zealotry is just another form of extremism, regardless of who practices it!

  6. I have to say, I enjoy reading your well written and researched posts even when I do not always agree. It must take a lot of work keeping such a site going - how can I make a donation if I wish?

    I would also like to point out to your anonymous commenter that I, for one, would love a chick in my car and a garage full of pot - what more does one really need besides a drive-up window?

    As for the first lady's holiday in Spain - it would've been worth the taxpayers footing the entire bill if she only would've run with the bulls.

    I am left with one question. So when will anonymous "come out" and admit you are a very stupid, bitter person who has no appreciation for the important things in life?

  7. You wrote the title of your post with the clear intent that President Obama is anti-Christian but you did not address that in your post. I do not understand why...

    Even if your intention was just to bait people so you could give your view that the Pope is the anti-Christ, I think you owed it to your readers to elucidate upon the statement you made that President Obama is anti-Christian.

    Maybe you could at least touch upon that in a follow-up comment?

  8. News flash. Jesus was the original socialist. Yeah, that's right. All that feeding of the poor and healing of the sick? He'd be crucified all over again by your folks and your false Gods at Faux News if he came back today preaching that. And he probably file suit against the so-called "Christian" right for misappropriation of his name, too.

  9. Yahshua [whom you call Jesus] wasn't a socialist. He never once asked his followers to use political power to enforce publicly mandated societal spending by others. He told them to freely give of what they themselves possessed.

    Only a fool can confused Socialism [a state mandated function] with charity [a individuals personal decision to assist another]! Yahshua stated that His kingdom wasn't of this world - which meant, it wasn't a political one, but rather a spiritual one.

  10. Oh, while I'm at it, I'm not a member of "The Christian Right" or "The Apparently Godless Left" either. Leave me out of your propagandist debates. I value The Truth and neither of your two sides do!

  11. Although I addressed Obama's anti-Christian sentiments in previous postings, here's a video link to let him speak for himself.


  12. One could say that Jesus, while he did not advocate for government enforced socialism did, in fact, advocate for social responsibility. He may not have forcefully required people to be charitable but he sure used a pretty powerful argument for why one should - for the only true path is through Him. Sure, one could choose not to obey Jesus but then wouldn't that be the choice of a true fool? To the politically uneducated he could be considered to be a "socialist" to some degree just as America is "socialist" to some degree.

    Sure, many people such as Jayne Martin, who do not devote their lives to religious and political pursuits, may be ignorant of the technicalities and dictionary definitions of terms such as socialism, but they have honest beliefs based upon Christianity and a desire to do what is right even if they are a bit uneducated or misguided. I think the way you dismiss them all as fools is mean spirited and serves no purpose for, at that point, you cease any form of meaningful communication or hope at educating them. I know, your intent is not to waste your time educating those who do not agree with you. I guess you are fortunate not everyone felt that way or you would be an ignorant fool as well.

    If your intent then, is to alienate people, incite bitterness and perpetuate a divide then you have succeeded but I fail to see the Christian or societal value of such a purpose. Was it not Jesus himself who said "Let he who is without guilt cast a stone?". I think you could learn something from Jesus yourself.

    But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind - Luke 14:13

    Verses like this are interpreted by many to support the idea that when the government spends your tax dollars, it should spend some of that on social programs. The government has "proven" its case that the constitution does not prevent it from levying taxes. Do you believe it states that those tax dollars cannot be used for social programs that are "charitable" in nature? If those programs are, indeed, unconstitutional then they should be declared as such by the courts and made illegal.

    Regardless of how misguided the original intent or how corrupt they may have become, our social programs did not come about without people feeling a need to fight to address severe deficiencies in the fabric of our society. Had people on either side of those societal issues made the right choices to begin with then we would not have those social programs now. And so, for better or worse, society reaps what they have sewn.

  13. Wow! What a excellent thought provoking post and commentary.

    Obama is a lot of things, but the Anti-Christ he is not.

    Thank You Francis for your good works!


  14. First, I said: "Yahshua [whom you call Jesus] wasn't a socialist. He never once asked his followers to use political power to enforce publicly mandated societal spending by others. He told them to freely give of what they themselves possessed."

    The philosophical point I was making is that Socialists would politically dictate the actions of another through state or governmentally mandated force - something which Christ never once advocated in the scriptures. While "Charity" - which He did speak about constantly - is based upon a person's own conscience and personally determined ability to do so and is freely given out of a desire to do good by others.

    Nor, did I call Jayne Martin a fool. What I said was: "Only a fool can confused Socialism [a state mandated function] with charity [a individuals personal decision to assist another]!" There are obvious differences between these two concepts - which even uneducated children factually understand....
    Moreover, if someone cannot understand such blatantly simple concepts [by supposedly mature adulthood], then there isn't really much hope re-educating them over the long term.

    I believe that most people would agree that the appropriate time to learn such basic concepts is long past by adulthood. Common Sense dictates that: "You don't even attempt to teach addition and subtraction to a calculus student - when there are dozens of other prepared students already in the class. By doing so, you may or may not assist that one - but you are necessarily and definitely failing the majority of the other students."

  15. More importantly, many individuals - such as Jayne Martin - already factually understand such concepts quite well, but make such glaringly incorrect statements simply to: frustrate, divert successful energies elsewhere, and hinder well placed efforts to educate others. This has been a favored tactic of both The Left and The Right for generations. Their political purposes are to: "Divide And Conquer," "Bring Order Through Chaos," and "Rule By Proxy."

  16. I watched the video that you provided the web address for. (an actual link would've been nicer but that's ok)

    The video was informative as I had not seen the material before. I also watched the video showing his "Muslim" slip, amongst others. I am very cautious about basing any belief on YouTube videos though since I know many are carefully crafted propaganda pieces. I do believe, at the time of the video, that then Senator Obama was, at the very least, unsure of his religious faith.

    It is obvious President Obama had questions about certain passages in the Bible. It seems obvious also, that he has Muslim "leanings" as well. Maybe he is a Muslim. Then again, maybe his reservations about the Bible were lain to rest by a knowledgeable man of the scriptures. I don't know. My guess is he is not a totally devout follower of either religion. Probably unfamiliar with, and questioning aspects of, both.

    I do not see that as proof of him being anti-Christian so I withhold judgement. I will be sure to check out your past postings for more Truth About America (and President Barrack Hussein Obama's anti-Christian activities). Thank you for the info.


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