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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Corporatism Isn't Capitalism, Nor Are Those Differences Even Close.

Corporatism isn't "Capitalism," it's Fascism.
The differences between Traditional Capitalism and Modern Corporatism may seem slight to the average ignorant American, but they are profoundly significant in every meaningful way! Capitalism is the process of Individual Freedom, acting within the lawful constraints of The Free Market, and dealing out punishment and/or reward based upon Personal Initiative. Whereas Corporatism is the process of Collectivized And Governmentally Chartered Business, acting without lawful consequence [or subjective liability] to Socially Manipulated Markets, and dealing out punishment and/or reward based upon purely Political Criteria.

Businesses cannot grow "Too Big To Fail" under Capitalism - where the size of every private company is quite naturally regulated by a man's [or certain group's] ability to raise his/her/their own necessary capitalization... where the Finite Lives of a company's private owners, are largely disruptive toward policies of negative social monopolization... and where the very real measures of legally quantifiable Criminal And Civil Liability, reinforce one's moral and ethical obligations toward overall society in general! This is the greatest verifiable strength of Traditional American Capitalism.

Meanwhile, Modern Corporations aren't in any way bothered by such burdensome and expressly Capitalist Peculiarities. They may gather all their necessary capital from largely Absentee And Collectivist Owners... their Infinite Lifespans virtually assure an increasingly monopolist position... and their lack of any Social Liability stiffens their natural resolve toward inherently psychotic and psychopathic behavior - with respect to any other humanitarian concern! This is the greatest verifiable weakness of Modern American Corporatism.

Moreover, Corporatism is the "Economic Engine Of Fascism." It cannot [factually] exist without Direct Governmental Interference - in officiating at its birth and thereby granting its newly obtained political charter... its inherently psychotic and monopolistic nature absolutely requires Direct Governmental Involvement - in what were once Laissez Faire Free Markets... and the centralization of such great wealth and/or economical power, inevitably exerts a further corrupting influence over every other aspect of a given society in general.

When "Real Americans" are discussing the relative values inherent in Traditional American Capitalism, they are not talking of lifting the necessary and useful constraints governing The Modern American Corporation. In fact, our nation would benefit greatly by immediately breaking them up, once and for all, and ending the unwarranted practice of ever allowing such charters to operate within the boundaries of our currently massive Federalized Union. Rather, we are talking about returning to the Political Sanity and Inerrant Principles - which generated more Industrialized Wealth, than the rest of our planet combined!

In only 100 years, America did what they rest of our planet took thousands of years to accomplish... and we started essentially from nothing. How were we able to do this? We did it with: Hard Work, Ingenuity, Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality - under the law. We were first and foremost a nation of impoverished immigrants, holding on to nothing more than a dream. We set our eyes upon a glorious future... our hands to the tasks largely before us... our hearts upon the promises of a loving creator... and we never wasted our time in foolishly looking backward!

And yet, if America is going to have a sort of future at all, the time for looking backward is most certainly now here. For having turned Substantially Leftward over the last several generations, we have progressively painted ourselves into a very real corner. Our only hope as a: society, nation, and people is to return to the Underlying Principles, which preordained our factual greatness! It will undoubtedly work again, if we will put forward the necessary effort to do so. But, if we continue on upon our current political course, America will reap the consequential rewards more properly due us... and that, my friends, is a payment for which very few Americans are [quite honestly] prepared to cash it!

*** Note: For more on the interconnectedness of "Capitalism and Freedom:"


  1. Thank You--

    This is where we have allowed ourselves to be driven. Time to change Cars, and the driver(s).


  2. I agree with your premise that corporatism [is bad] isn't capitalism but disagree with some of your argument.

    About corporations you state, "their Infinite Lifespans virtually assure an increasingly monopolist position..." and also state, "the size of every private company is quite naturally regulated by a man's [or certain group's] ability to raise his/her/their own necessary capitalization... where the Finite Lives of a company's private owners, are largely disruptive toward policies of negative social monopolization..."

    Private companies do have a "life" well beyond that of their founders. Some are many, many generations old, spanning hundreds of years and have revenues beyond a hundred billion dollars and employ well over a hundred thousand people. Where, then, is the distinction between corporatism and capitalism based upon those measurements of an organization?

    You also bring up the point about investors in a company, implying, it seems, that private companies can not obtain capital at the levels that a corporation can. Does this mean you are against the stock market or venture capitalism or do you mean you are just against the government investing in and/or their regulation of monopolies such as the power grid and communications, transportation, etc? To be honest, to this "average, ignorant American" your point was not clear to me.

    No organization should be granted all the legal rights as if a person (or employees be exempt from the legal consequences of their actions). But that does not mean that evil does not exist within private companies conducting business in a pure, free market. The morality of any organization is dependent upon its members. If they choose to check their morals at the door at the start of each workday in the name of "I'm just doing my job" or "its accepted behavior" or "someone else will work to change things if they are wrong", then they are the guilty ones committing the immoral acts - not the corporate entity itself. Whether they are members of a corporation, private business, a social group or whatever, does not change that.

    The ultimate check to immoral employees and the organizations they are part of, is the consumer. If they can not be bothered to alter their behavior then they should not expect such from those they are rewarding with their business. Hmmmm... yes... personal responsibility is such a nuisance isn't it?

    Regardless of its legal designation and the politics and level of government involvement, no business can exist without its employees and its consumers. In the end, both get out of it what they put into it.

  3. Although many private companies - such as, Sole Proprietorships and Jointly Owned Enterprises - do frequently extend over multitple generations, many others do not. What you fail to realize is that "The Death Tax" - which hits the heirs to these enterprises is a very severe and often quite damaging penalty. Even the companies which [factually] survive these governmental blood lettings are significantly diminished each time they occur.

    Meanwhile, governmentally chartered corporations are totally exempt from these punitive taxations - which do [in fact] restrict overall business growth. Take for example just the industry of agriculture. How many large family owned farms still exist - which are not factually incorporated? There is a reason why the majority of these families have either: gone to the corporate model, or ceased to exist as significant entities!

    Or, look at the retail industry... how many private companies have more than just a few dozen stores? While the corporate chains number their outlets in the hundreds or even thousands, these vastly smaller enterprises are fast becoming extinct. To say that Incorporation doesn't offer undue competitive advantages in this area is balderdash!

    And again, Corporations offer immunity from prosecution - due to the apparent negligence of their owners - while private companies are wholly liable for all damages which may invariably result. Meanwhile, such lawsuits and criminal prosecutions also act as a restraint against both irresponsible management and unhindered monopolistic growth!

    Although I agree with your statement that: "The consumer is the ultimate check and balance" - in monopolistic situations [such as corporations ultimately effect], the consumer is powerless to act in any significant way. What are their options? Eat, or Don't eat, isn't an option for most of us. Without competition, boycotts are honestly impossible for all practical purposes!

  4. Although the: desires, motivations, and opportunities to accomplish many evils exist under all economic systems - some systems are inherently better than others. That is the point!

  5. Speaking of corporatism, and the real root of it, stop by my blog if you have a chance.

    While I do not like the neocons who have taken over the Republican party, I respect Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, except for their tendencies to look at the world through racial lenses mostly in their past. Certainly Rand Paul made a fool out of himself in a racial slip up. Too bad because these guys do understand the evils of the Federal Reserve Bank. But fighting the banks based on race is going to weaken our position.

    Anyway, as I was saying, stop by if you haven't seen the court case regarding the Fed in showing their private nature.

    One more point. I read your comments on my blog and I don't discount the possibility of historical religious connections to the NWO that you alluded to. However, it is my view that if we focus on the abuse of the money changers from the start of our nation til today, we will win more followers, as it is easier to prove their misdeeds in more recent history.


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