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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pros And Cons Of The Two Party System

The pros and cons of a “Two Party System” are quite well known… at least, the pros are anyway! Those being the natural function [and result] of a polarized and widely-divided political electorate. Such as, the ongoing need for situational specific compromise - on the part of both major political parties – in their effort to effect relevant change. This essential requirement, offers any society [that has ultimately embraced it]: inherent stability, and a moderated flow of incremental change. Thus, preventing the harmful effect of radical elements from gaining true political power, or societal dominance; which occurs, most frequently, in a more highly fractured or splintered political electorate!

Alas, that is in a perfect world, where the dominant parties represent true extremes of opposing [and ideological] polarization. However, the same argument cannot possibly be made for the Democratic and Republican parties. Neither of which, represent true political opposites [ideologically] toward one another. The Democrat and Republican Parties have never fully divided or disentangled themselves ideologically, even after The Civil War. How can I say this? Easily….

Friday, February 26, 2010

Do Third Parties Steal Votes....

The very question: “Do third party candidates "steal" votes from the other two parties,” is an extremely arrogant one on the part of the [majority] political parties. The “stealing” of anything, absolutely requires the offended party to actually possess a valid claim to some sort of “ownership!” In a society of Freemen, such a claim cannot even be proven over other members of the same ideological party… and if it could, we wouldn’t have any necessity for political primaries, at all.

What the arrogant, pompous, and elitist, career politicians forget is that: “every valid claim to ownership requires an honest physical effort on the part of someone to honestly ‘earn’ it!” As much as I might want the house down the street, I cannot fault the Realtor for selling it to someone willing to pay the going the price, rather than [merely] handing it over to me; for free. Meanwhile, the same natural laws are honestly displayed in situational politics by the voting electorate. When a candidate’s character is judged deficient [by his peers], his political platform is way less than desired [by most], and/or his past political record has been derided [as an ongoing political failure], he hasn’t earned anything in the eyes of the electorate.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Is American Fascism

Is America a “Fascist” nation? This question [today] is on many Americans minds…. While some believe it is… many more, believe it isn’t… and still others think the whole idea is patently preposterous. Everyone knows that America is a “Capitalist Nation.” It is founded on “Political,” “Economic,” and “Societal” Freedoms… our very patriotic, and reasonably more nationalistic leadership, would never allow this to happen – on their political watch… and it has been guarded so and protected so, by one of the finest military-industrial complexes on Earth!

No matter - what we may think of The Republicans [personally] about their political alignments with “Big Business,” or The Democrats [specifically] regarding their “Socially Progressive” or “Socially Empowering” political agenda – neither of them, would allow Fascism to gain a political beachhead in “Our Freedom Loving Nation.” Nor, would our modern American population ever politically allow it to happen. We are far too patriotic, politically hardworking, and observant to the relevant political issues – for any such thing to occur!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Popular Democracy A Vehicle For Tyranny

One reader of yesterday’s editorials, brought up a very important issue, of which our more enlightened ancestors were fully aware, and our own more modern generation doesn’t seem to grasp. The concept of “Tyranny” – as literally defined, philosophically alluded to, or even spiritually grasped – has absolutely nothing to do with the physical number, or percentile quantity, of the participants to such unethical, immoral, illegal, anti-social, and politically dis-enfranchising behaviors! While a “Dictator,” “Despot,” or “King,” may only be one individual; it requires a numerous number of [objectively] other Tyrants in order to achieve and [extensively] maintain his undeserved political power.

As our ancestors were so oft to say, “Birds of a feather, oft stay together” and nowhere is this saying more true than while living under a Tyranny…. Could Hitler, Lenin, or Mao have accomplished their tasks without the readily apparent aid of millions, throughout their own nations? Could Franco, Mussolini, or Peron have maintained their political hegemonies without a large percentage of their own populations walking behind them? Of course, not! Just as criminals will [often] team up in order to accomplish their objectives [even though they, may, personally hate one another]… Despotisms require Tyrants to combine their forces for [their-own] mutually beneficial purposes!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Evolution Of Tyranny In America

In the very strictest sense, all of us [humans] understand the common definition of Tyranny. We learn this concept, at a very young age, through interacting with our peers: at school, in our neighborhoods, and every other common location - in which we extensively congregate. Only later... comes that descriptive word, in the studies of our common English vocabulary. Then, it finally dawns upon us - that "Tyrant" is just the adult word for a "Bully!" It often makes one wonder, "Why do adults have to make things so darn complicated?"

Everyone knows what a "Bully" is.... He is merely someone who refuses to accept "No" as the answer for anything... and he'll do whatever it takes to get it! He'll throw tantrums, jump up and down, shout at you, hit you, and even "beat the tar out of you" to get what he wants. We've all had dealings with them! They are loud, obnoxious, and rude. They are abusive, manipulative, and divisive. And, they are a clearly psychopathic menace to our overall society... no matter how large the scope of that society may be! So why, in the world, do we always seem to tolerate them? The answers to this question are numerous....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Importance Of Religious Perspective

The Traditional American Worldview has [always] been comprised of the three co-existent and co-equal philosophical threads of: History, Religion, and Politics! That is because; each of these highly relevant societal threads offers a unique depth of insight into, and perspective upon, the moral and ethical choices we face as an active, vibrant, and dynamic society - at large.

Most of us [modern Americans], understand the blatant relevance of Politics in a world where: numerous competing interests, vigorous debates, and highly essential compromises are a societal-given. Many of us [well-educated Americans], can perceive the importance of History where our own personal experiences have given us an important insight into its readily apparent value - in general. However, very few of us [thoroughly-jaded Americans] may even speculate upon their seemingly unwise attachment to Religion as a relevant societal underpinning! Why would they incorporate such [seemingly-backward] concepts into their ongoing and forward looking societal equations? Why, indeed?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Is America A Religious Theocracy

Is the United States of America a Religious Theocracy ? Of course, it is… Any nation, state, or political union in which all final and objective legal authority is fully invested in the hands of its Creator/God is a Religious Theocracy! Moreover, any political entity, which openly expresses its desire for, actively seeks out, and publicly lays claim to the Covenant Blessings and Curses of God is A Spiritually Covenanted Nation Of People. The fact that America was devised, and conceived, as a non-denominationally specific one does not in any way mitigate, modify, or abrogate: its theocratic underpinnings, its ongoing societal obligations, or its politically covenanted status.

Instead, America’s inceptive non-denominational Judeo-Christian status is a factual testament to the very real validity of America’s true politically covenanted status. Were America [merely] a nation of imposters, laying claim to an inheritance not rightfully our own, then such spiritual discerned enlightenment would never have been so properly valued, so rightly obtained, or so thoroughly protected over and above the statutes of our own humanly devised law. Meanwhile, our Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and U.S. Constitution all stand as testimonials to: “The Supremacy of Our Common Creator Over and Above All American Law!”

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lesser Of Two Evils

Framing an argument, as "The Lesser Of Two Evils" is the greatest trick, which has ever been perpetrated upon mankind! Its highly valued rhetorical construction should be held in equal esteem with the invention of the two-headed coin, as an objective means of settling disputes among friends. While it offers the appearance of an unbiased choice [on the part of all active participants] it offers no relevant choices at all… since the direction is already largely predetermined and the only relevant point of contention is the relative pace of its eventual adoption as the de facto societal structure.

In the case of choosing amongst [Social-Fascist] Democrats and [Fascist] Republicans, we may effectively choose between a Social-Fascist State with the attachment of further Progressive-Socialism, or without it... but, in either case, neither: the current level of American Fascism, nor the debilitating and progressively socialistic bureaucracy already established are called into serious question. That is because the two major political parties are both Fascist [or Leftist] constructions. This brings us back to that proverbial two-headed coin....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Market Governance

"Those who fail to learn from the experiences of history are destined to repeat the mistakes of it!"

A little over 200 years ago, our enlightened ancestors - The Founding Fathers - devised a system of governance, which was fundamentally different from any other devised by man; either before, or since. "The Great Experiment," as Lincoln later referred to it, was a beneficial Union of Interdependent and Sovereign American States. It was designed in such a way as to: "Protect the general welfare [i.e.. protect individual freedoms]," "Ensure the domestic tranquility [i.e.. ensure political and societal stability]," and promote the concept of Free Market Government!

Free Market Government is not only a uniquely American concept, it is [also] the greatest single concept ever devised by man! Its practical application: ensured the maximization of Personal Freedom to its individual citizens [while providing a much-needed common political and societal framework to operate under] , spurred valuable innovation in the area of governmental services [while inspiring necessary economy and efficiency in government], and elevated respect for the due process of law [while providing a peaceable and beneficial mechanism of escape from oppressive regulations and/or restrictions on the part of individual governments]. All the individual citizen need merely do is to take up his things and simply walk away! In an ever evolving diversity of Individually Sovereign States, there would always be others more to his liking somewhere... and if not, then he [along with the numerous others, so politically inclined] could start his own - more to his own liking.
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