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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Isaiah Chapter 18: A Prophecy Regarding America

Is: "America Found In Prophecy?"
As many of you already know, I both: Think and Write - upon a wide Diversity Of Topics.... for, I am not just, "The Real American," but I am also, "A True Believer" in Yahweh [God]. I consider: History, Religion, and Politics to be The Three Co-equal Threads upon which all societies are firmly built - as did, My Ancestors, before me....

And having spent a great deal of time in both: Spiritual Study and Reflection, Yahweh has unlocked certain amazing things - which shall shortly come to pass. And yet, I wonder, if there are any who are [honestly] prepared to hear them? Alas, the message may fall entirely upon: "deaf ears..." and the scriptural references may be placed before completely: "blind eyes..." but such is the burden of Yahweh's True Watchmen, to witness: "The Darkness and Gnashing Of Teeth" all around him; even as he points out safety, from the rooftops! This, Truly, is Vanity... and yet, we must all [still] pass through it.

Is America Mentioned In The Scriptures?

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