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Saturday, May 15, 2010

American Armed Forces Day 2010

On this Armed Forces Day, May 15th 2010, we at The Truth About America would like to properly salute those brave men living and dead who have taken, The Oath to: "Protect Our Nation From Our Enemies - Both: Foreign And Domestic." For over two and one half centuries now, they have: stood in the gaps, fought in the breaches, and protected our societal walls.... No amount of gratitude or thanksgiving can ever truly, or properly, reward them for this True Gift Of: Love, Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice - which they have openly and honestly given us through their continual efforts! As Yahweh [God] Himself has exhibited in His word, "No greater Love hath any man than this: 'but that, he hath lain down his life for his friends.'"

In that spirit, we would ask that you please take the time and watch these three short featured videos. For the ones, who have voluntarily served in the forces of our nation, to protect all of our "God-given Rights and Liberties," have done [and continue to do] so without: political regard, hindrance, or reservation. They do so, To Protect: Our Nation, Its Cultural Traditions, and Deeply Philosophical Ideals - from those who do not equally share them! Without further ado, or any oratorical fanfare, the video is included below....


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