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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fascism: A Product Of The Right, Or Of The Left

Were Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco Conservatives?
As far back as I can remember, over the course of my lifetime, I have heard it said all around me that: "Fascism is [by definition] a product of The Political Right," "Leftists have never embraced such socially damaging systems of Totalitarian and Authoritarian Control," and "It is the natural and militant outgrowth of: Fundamental Conservatism, Zealous Patriotism, Unrestrained Capitalism, and Purist Judeo-Christian Religion." Many, are quite adamant upon these particular points. But is this entirely [or even partially] true? Is Fascism really a product of The Political Right, or is it of The Left?

When studying the world's great fascists, from a distance, it becomes apparent that certain elements of: Conservatism, Patriotism, Capitalism, and Religion are essentially involved and largely employed by such a Totalitarian and Authoritarian Leadership. With respect to the "New Fascist Status Quo:" they will kill anyone who dares to question them, they demand total nationalistic loyalty, industry immensely benefits by the production of new military armaments, and religion becomes just another useful manipulative tool of the state.  

What [precisely] is Fascism, and how can we spot it?
However, let's examine these four factors with a much closer attention to the specific: philosophical, ideological, and theocratic details - than merely gazing upon its thinly veiled and highly propagandized surface. Let's explore The Truth buried, not so deeply, underneath the masquerading makeup of their own public relations and those who would assist in its political promotion - somewhere soon, down the inevitable road. Let's expose it once and for all, laying it bare - whatever is factually lurking underneath - for all time.

Is Fascist Conservatism [in any way] related to Traditional Conservatism, and if so how? On the surface, Conservatism is Conservatism. To be labeled a "Conservative," means that you are in favor of protecting [or conserving] some well-established Societal Institution - which, in many cases, refers to the system of government being currently employed. However, in the Traditional American sense, this has always referred to our Commonly Held and Uniting Foundational Documents - which are [of themselves] "The Most Liberal Set Of Documents Upon The Earth."

Interestingly enough, our own Founding Fathers frequently noticed and remarked upon this convergence between American Conservatism and Traditional Liberal Philosophy. Many of them spoke glowingly, of how: "It is the height of American Conservatism, to give one's life in the protection of such: 'A Grand and Liberal Document, as is The United States Constitution!'" Let's face it folks, there's nothing "New," about Traditional American Conservatism... and upon This Truth we are all within one fundamental agreement.

Meanwhile, Fascist Conservatism [or protecting, The New Fascist Political Reality] violates every solitary principle of our Traditional American Conservative Philosophy! Where is there any "Common Ground," upon which to come into any ideological agreement? Fascists are against everything we believe in... they wholly detest all that we invariably stand for... and they can't even stomach Free and Open Discussion over these tremendous philosophical differences. They'd rather kill you first, and let the barrels of their guns do the talking! All in all, they aren't incredibly Democratic.

Does this look like a Totalitarian Symbol to you?
Let's now, more closely, examine these claims that Fascists are extremely Zealous Patriots... is Fascist Nationalism truly a product of over zealous Patriotism? Although it is true that [upon the surface] The Nationalist resembles his more benevolent cousin The Patriot - the two of them couldn't be further removed from one another in any relevant political terms. Nationalists are inherently charismatic followers of a perceived glorious leadership and their carefully crafted vision of systematic and profound societal change. Whereas, Patriots are proud of their Traditional and Cultural Heritage and would die to keep things exactly the same - or [even] better yet, to return their own nation to its originally magnificent fundamentals!

Since "Progressivism and Abrupt Change" is a Fundamentally Leftist Philosophy, we see that once again The Truth comes down on the side of The Traditional Patriots and The Historic Conservatives. This is not to say, that all those claiming to be Conservatives are factually [even] the least conservative in their overall political nature. In Modern American Politics a large percentage of our overall Leftist Elite are elected under The Republican banner! Does this shock you? Well, it shouldn't... this has been going on for almost a full century. This is one of the main reasons that, I Am Not [in any way] A Republican.

Let us now move on to the concept of Laisez Faire [or Unrestrained] Capitalism. Has any Fascist Government [either: past, or present] ever even attempted to practice it? First of all, there are the issues being presented by Corporatism [or the rise of, The Modern Corporation]. Corporations are actually the economic engines of Socialism - sometimes referred to as "Collectivism" - and are not Capitalistic Entities by any standard of measure. They only exist due to the benefit of a formative governmental charter, which provides the very basis for their own ongoing factual existence!

Moreover, they operate under the principles of socially collective ownership and their stockholders enjoy the sovereign immunity of State Restricted Liabilities under the law. You cannot criminally prosecute a corporate stockholder [or owner], and even his financial liability stops at his initial capital investment. Formerly, only State Run Industries [or governmental monopolies] enjoyed such unwarranted and blatantly unconstitutional [as such] societal protections. Even more grievously, our incredibly criminal leadership has granted these Masonic Corporations our very same Individual Freedoms and Rights. Thus, diluting our actually remaining political power to more wisely reign them in.

Meanwhile, Fascism itself is the bastion of Bureaucratic Executivism - as perpetrated on a massive Political, Economic, and Industrial Scale - and these hierarchical executives flow interchangeably from one position to the next. When opportunities aren't available politically, then the politicians merely transfer over to an equivalent corporate sector... and when corporate positions are scarce, then the businessmen call in a political favor to achieve an appropriate cabinet appointment. In short, Fascism is the height of Elitist Socialist Arrogance wrapped up in the false appearance of a Free Economic Market!

Some of Hitler's adoring fans being shot on camera....
Here we are, three quarters of the way through our examination and we are already three misconceptions down and only one more to go. At this point, it's not looking so good for the Leftists, but maybe they have the last one of their assertions actually right... it's possible, after all. There has been a factual connection - as noted by historians - between Fascism and State Controlled Religion... and one [self-proclaimed] Christian organization has continually propped it up and physically [or, theologically and financially] stood behind it. This, of course, being the Catholic [or Universal] Church!

Catholicism and Fascism are peas and carrots....
As documented by verifiable historical record: Francisco Franco, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler were all very good and devout Catholics. They were all raised within her church, studied their Catechisms regularly, actively participated in their youth, and continued to partake of her Spiritual Communion - "The Eucharist" - even after murdering millions all around them. They all had cordial relationships with Rome, and even [now] The Current Pope is a past member in good standing of The Hitler Youth. You just can't go making this stuff up... the facts are far too incredible!

But is Catholicism truly a Judeo-Christian Religion? Does it have any fellowship with Christ in its largely paganized doctrines? For instance, would Christ murder millions of stated believers for owning a Bible; or even reading it, in their own private homes? Would He demand unwarranted Spiritual Obedience from the point of a soldiers bayonet [or, As In The Catholic Crusades, a sword? Did Christ ever worship any other man, or woman? And why does the scripture refer to Him as "A Priest [on the order of Malchizedek]," if we must still confess our sins to yet another? These are all excellent questions, for someone possessing of a human brain.

Purist Judeo-Christian Religion has never been and will never be associated with the adoption of Fascism... in America, or any other country upon the Earth! Let's face it folks, Fascism is a full, complete, and utter fabrication of The Left in every society which inevitably adopts it. The reason that Leftists will always deny this is obvious to anyone even having one-half of a brain... if you're constantly watching over them, then they won't get the opportunity to screw you over again... and again... and again! Now, isn't that "Truth" worth taking the time and reading about?


  1. Well, I followed you until you taught that fascism is a primarily leftist establishment. I don't believe that. I think that fascists can claim to be dems or repubs, but fascism is primarily a far right concept. Fascism is corporate socialism. It is power of the corporation and big oil, big pharma and crony capitalism rule. The government is bought and paid for by these rulers.

    Big oil wanted the middle east. That is why I argue at the links on my blog that 911 is really a neocon crime. Big pharma wants health care and more bodies paying. Big capitalism wants the destruction of the smaller companies and more money floating to the top 10 percent, who already control 93 percent of the assets.

    I personally believe Frances that there can be a connection between neocon fascims and the bolsheviks. Even Israel was founded by atheistic bolsheviks.

    As far as real conservatism, it means careful about spending and slow to war. It means more isolationism than interventionism. It opposes the Iraq War (Pat Buchanan) but is sometimes a bit elitist, which makes it weak in dealing with the neocons. The neocons are the danger to all of us and they are the War Party as Pat Buchanan has said.

    Crony capitalism established the ponzi housing scam, and raped the middle class.

  2. First of all Gary, if you're going to call me by my first name, it's Francis - with an "i" - denoting the masculine and not feminine gender. ;0)

    Second, you are again thinking under the false assumption that Republicans are a Rightward [or Conservative] leaning political party and that I somehow support their actually "Anti-Conservative" Policies. Both The Republicans and Democrats are currently Leftist Political Abominations within the United States. True Political Conservatives are those that would primarily uphold the Constitution as written, such as: Constitutionalists, Libertarians, and certain [well-educated] Tea Partiers.

    As I have stated before, the current Republicans are Fascists and the Democrats are Social-Fascists. The first caters to heavy industry and the second caters to the Retail and Service Industry Sectors. I do not personally support either political party to Fascism! Nor do "Real Americans" of any stripe.

  3. You stated: "Well, I followed you until you taught that fascism is a primarily leftist establishment."

    Which, of course, displays the true problem - on your part. As soon as my posting violated your preconceived notions of, "Left And Right," your mind tuned out and you didn't truly read the rest of the article - thanks to certain assumptions that weren't justifiably founded. Had it read it all, in its entirety, then you would have fully understood that the term "Leftists" actually referred to both: the Republicans and Democrats.


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