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Saturday, August 21, 2010

American Education: Merely One Piece, In A Much Larger Tragedy.

"Left Behind" from education, or political indoctrination?
Apparently, our American educators are either incapable, or unwilling to do their jobs - when it comes to the subjects of: English, History, and Social Studies - because there seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the various definitions of certain words in our English language today. As is the case with blatantly opposable concepts such as: Socialism and Charity, Corporatism and Capitalism, Social Empowerment and Individual Freedom, and a whole veritable host of numerous others.

While some of us might chalk these developments up to random institutional failures occurring throughout our educational spectrum, I cannot and will not so easily do so. Why not? Because a careful analysis of the terms and terminology being currently: misunderstood, misused, and misapplied are indicative of a specific "Anti-American" Political Worldview, Perspective, and Agenda. In point of fact, these ongoing political results are anything but statistically random... they have been personally tailored to fit a highly specific program of national changes in our Traditional American Culture and Inherent Societal Fabric!

Moreover, having read a number of my children's textbooks, after having also studied over my own during a decade of public schooling, I have noted certain significant and specific alterations, which undoubtedly support these ongoing social, cultural, and linguistic aberrations. In short, our educational system is intentionally being politically subverted from within! I can [honestly] perceive no other obvious possibility. The fact that our ancestors warned us about this ultimate eventuality - prior to our adoption of systemic federal involvement - is well documented and firmly established... and the fact that our educational system has produced an increasingly defective product - every single year since it has [factually] come to pass - is also very revealing.

Even though such sources of physical evidence are of a purely circumstantial nature, of themselves, the tremendous and increasingly ongoing amount of it is astounding. During this very same time period, numerous individual citizens have actually received "The Death Penalty" upon far less accumulated circumstantial evidence. And yet, most older Americans seem quite content to continually allow this form of political subterfuge to continue in America's now heavily propagandized classrooms. Moreover, the mainstream media [strangely] has no apparent interest whatsoever in openly reporting upon it.

Why, this apparent Generational Political Disconnect? Because our massive and elderly population would prefer to escape the rapidly approaching political maelstrom, rather than speak up and potentially set it off in their own lifetime. In other words, the ones who created all of these intractable: and ongoing: social, economic, and political problems wants to avoid the extremely turbulent consequences of their very own ill-advised actions. Although it is true, that the majority of them didn't actively work to bring it about, it is equally true that they: shirked their political responsibilities, largely ignored their own leadership, and didn't make any efforts of protest towards stopping it! Thus, they are factually complicit in these ongoing systemic failures and continue to remain so - to this very day.

By this point, many of you will quite frankly say: "What can we do now? We are [now] old and tired... it would take an entire generation to turn it around... and most of us won't even be here - by that point - off into the far distant future." This is [quite honestly] an extremely valid point, for those of you - in your now doting generation - to state. Although you have already expended the majority of your vast reserves of physical energy: partying hardy, living large, and necessarily ignoring every ongoing societal, economic, and political obligation - you do still have some energy left; and I would like to point out some other fine points for you also to [factually] consider.

For instance, consider just these three:
  • Your "Baby Boom" Generation is the only generation with enough political votes to effect the necessary polar shift in America's currently self-destructive direction.
  • Your parents taught you The Simple Truths, that: "If you break it, then you are obligated to fix it," "You must return stuff in the same condition that you got it," "When you break it, you've bought it," and "Our Perpetual Constitutional Union is an ongoing covenant for all of our posterity."
  • If America must await another generation to alter its ongoing political course, your own children and grandchildren will be those to suffer imminent societal destruction. Have you no consideration for them, at all? If, "Even evil men display great love toward their own children," how then shall God in heaven adjudge your own particular cases?

Surely it was written, and addressed directly to you, when the prophet Malachi was inspired to write:
  • "For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, and all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly shall be stubble, And the day which is coming shall burn them up, Says the Lord of hosts, That will leave them neither root, nor branch. But to you who fear My name, The sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go out and grow fat like stall fed calves. You shall trample the wicked, For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this, says the Lord of hosts. Remember the Law of Moses, My servant, which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel [both Christians and Jews], with the statutes and judgments. Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the Earth with a curse." - Malachi chapter 4.

The proper bond between Father and Child.
What I find so particularly interesting, about this specific "End Time" prophecy, is the blatantly obvious implication within its scriptural context, that those who have wrought this enmity - between themselves and their own biological children - will honestly live to experience "The Curse," which they have brought down solely upon their own selves! Could our expansive worldwide increase in physical longevity have an external and metaphysical origin... to ensure that, the most guilty of all, do not go largely unpunished? Could be.... Or, could it even mean that the imminent societal destruction - which they have so ignorantly aided and abetted - is far closer to its final fruition, than so many of them [very honestly] expect? This is another very real possibility....

In either case, it might be wise for us to heed the advise of God's prophets and address the ongoing societal, economic, and political dilemmas - which now substantially divide our cross generational fabric. Perhaps, some good old fashioned "Common Sense" will help to sway you?

Consider the following well-recognized facts:
  • Those stone and brick walls surrounding America's affluent retiring communities, seem rather small and insignificant - from the standpoint of providing any true physical barriers.
  • Their millions of square miles are wholly undefended and easily scalable.
  • The roving patrols, and guards at those gatehouses, are still working for a little over minimum wage; and certainly far too little to die for.
  • They are vastly outnumbered, by your own increasingly angry American children.
  • And our now bankrupted nation will soon be incapable of lending you such expensive political assistance.

What greater "Curse" could any nation witness, than an elderly generation of Americans gunning down its own hungry, or starving, children to protect their ill-gotten societal gains; or an impoverished nation of unemployed and hungry youths systematically exterminating their own parents - because they were taught only: Selfishness, Hatred, and Contempt by them? I can imagine no other scenario, of greater horrendous effect! Can you? America had better wake up to its own self-inflicted realities soon, or its potential future will be deeply disturbing to many of us.

Bear in mind, that this isn't a threat - on my part. Personally, It doesn't matter to me, which path you'll effectually choose... for I have a God - who continues to provide all of my: physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Nor, have I so blatantly alienated myself from Him - or even my own children. This is just a thought, from The Real American - for those, who have an ear to honestly and wisely listen. It is time for us to make amends! I've done, all that an honest messenger can do. The rest is largely up to you... do whatever you think best. Just remember, that: "You'll eventually reap, whatever you sow today."


  1. I enjoy reading your sentiments on and interpretations of politics and religion. I find you have a very good knowledge of such matters though I believe your causes and conclusions are sometimes debatable.

    They say you are doomed to repeat history if you do not know it. That statement is misleading. History is like any data set. It is one thing to know it. It is another to learn from it. And still another to apply what you have learned in order to affect a change. Most people stop with the first, thinking that is all there is to it.

    So you believe the "old people" who caused the increasingly liberally biased public schools to teach children that socialism is good and charity and capitalism are bad need to actively change that now. Of course, that is providing that their views have now changed and they no longer support the teaching of such. Otherwise, you say, we will wind up with: "an elderly generation of Americans gunning down its own hungry, or starving, children to protect their ill-gotten societal gains; or an impoverished nation of unemployed and hungry youths systematically exterminating their own parents - because they were taught only: Selfishness, Hatred, and Contempt by them" I am not sure exactly what to make of this but don't you think that grouping people the way you do here is the same as politicians lumping people into groups unfairly? Something you often speak disapprovingly of in your posts. But then I forget, you are a professional politician...

    Many would say that if you live within the "corridor of shame" you should actively seek to correct it before moving on to criticize the school systems of other states. Many would say that if you have issues with your child's textbooks you should actively seek to resolve those issues. Many would say that if one has knowledge, then they are responsible for putting it to use rather than using it to castigate others for their lack of action. For those who are knowledgeable are held accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Of course that is just opinion and, well, if I am not mistaken, the will of God as well.

    Sounds to me like some Real Americans need to get active in their public school systems. Sounds like they need to invest some "self" in the time and effort to start at the bottom within their own school systems and work their way up to the national level. If one looks to and learns from the history of America, they can then apply their knowledge of how others have sacrificed and brought about sweeping change in many aspects of our great society. Maybe we will be hearing on this blog in the future about how some Real Americans have risen to the challenge and affected a great change in the public schools.

  2. For your knowledge, I am not grouping anyone together - under the assumption that everyone [in a particular class] is complicit in this increasingly Un-American direction. I fully realize that there were many who fought against it - even then. However, the ones who didn't fight it then and continue to factually ignore it now - after it has become so glaringly obvious - know precisely who they are... for their consciences convict them.

    Moreover, since the adoption of Statewide and/or Federalized Standards, it isn't as easy as merely talking to the local school board anymore - as you very well know. Consequently, I am doing my part - by educating the public to various important political issues. Being a fairly well skilled writer - and yet, financially destitute - I haven chosen to use the talents which I have to effect change. Rather than utilizing money which I don't have to run for office myself or to support someone that I honestly can't.

    Before any issues can be addressed, people must be made aware of them and the importance that surrounds them. Once this factually occurs, a dialog must be established in order to organize such efforts. I am utilizing my God-given talents to accomplish these two tasks!

  3. The term "Action" also includes: Responsibly Thinking, Formulating Conceptual Ideas, Organizing Them, Writing Them Down, and Placing Them Where They May Be Seen.... Everyone who makes an honest effort does what they themselves personally can.

    I don't expect Steven King to: Direct Movies, Produce Them, Star In Them, or [even] Punch My Ticket! It is enough that: he writes them, the director directs them, the producer produces them, and the camera crew films it. Nor, am I intending to be a "One Man Roadshow" myself.

    Get real.... Do you attack all bloggers equally with such arrogant and condescending stupidity, or just me? Because, I'm wondering....

  4. Do not fret, I have an ample amount of arrogant, condescending stupidity to go around the blogosphere. It is my contribution to not just you, but bloggers of all affiliations who are in need.

    Like anyone else, I sometimes bark up the wrong tree, find fault where others think it irrelevant, and push the limits of one's patience. (remember the one who asked all the stupid questions in class?) But I stand by, at least at the time, what I say and the questions I ask. Maybe a rebuttal will shed new light that lets me see the error of my thoughts. Maybe it will only reinforce them. Maybe it will do the same for you.

    In any case, if you choose to post a comment of mine and respond to it then I have contributed to your blog. I think that your readers may find some discussion, rather than just a static post, if not beneficial to the topic, at least a bit entertaining then.

    It is highly unlikely that I will "get real..." any time soon but I will try to make an effort at some agreeable praise in the future. I do appreciate your time and effort in providing such knowledgeable insight and such a professional looking blog. Thank you.


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