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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 15th Is Tax Tea Time Again

As April 15th rushes upon us, many Americans are preparing to flood our streets in protest over a government grown considerably beyond any acceptable standards of political constraint! Once again, they will be castigated by our governmental agencies as: Ignorant, Racist, and Anarchist Terrorists... when they merely want our own government to: pay attention, listen to their serious concerns, and show some semblance of interest in addressing their [honest] concerns.... It was for those very reasons that: Freedom Of Speech, A Right To Assembly, and The Petition Of Grievances was thoroughly enthroned in Our Constitutional Laws - as being God-Given and not subject to any State or Federal Jurisdiction at all!

Meanwhile, we again may expect our National Media to either: largely ignore these growing protests, or continue to slant them politically [as something which they are not]! Who can forget the CNN Reporter last year, that expended far more effort in hurling unfounded insults at the crowd, than actually inquiring into the actual motivation of the immensely large crowds? Of course, why ask such questions, when you already know the politically correct answers - you are intending to report upon before you even begin taping? Such a travesty in America, where "Freedom Of The Press" was once so hotly contested, by all!

Luckily, however, the average reasonably informed political voter isn't as completely ignorant - as they are so frequently accused of being! Of course, if The President and Congress gets their way, The Internet will be long gone in reasonably short order... and we can all go back to being thoroughly misinformed as usual. If I come across as being somewhat sarcastic, then that is because I am! Sarcasm is just another one of our rapidly eroding Freedoms - being loosely protected under The Freedom Of Speech.

Although many Americans will openly admit our nation has become: "somewhat Fascist-Like in nature..." I will openly go out on the limb and honestly proclaim it to be what it is... American Fascism is quite alive and well! Although the politically repressive techniques now being systematically employed are quite obvious to many Americans, the true signs of Fascism have been there [quite honestly] for decades!

Fascism is defined as the blending of Corporatism with Government and Government with Corporatism to create a Politico-Economic State under the preferred guise of a false sense of nationalism! Today our politicians leave government only to slip back into key or important positions of industry - just [as readily] as those very same executives leave business to take over their appointments in our government... and virtually none of them are actually trained in any relevant areas of skill. They Are Amazingly, All Lawyers! Lawyers running those corporations... and lawyers running our government... and though they wield tremendous political power... few of them are now even elected under our laws!

Everything seems to be run by executive decree under The Office Of The President, rather than being voted up or down through Congress as all Bonafide Laws! Why? The Legislative Branch was devised by our ancestors to Legislate, was it not? Governmental Regulations and Executive Political Policies are not the same as laws - under The Constitution... in fact, under The Constitution, there aren't any such devices ever even mentioned! Nor, has that particular Constitutional Concept ever been lawfully amended! Of course, that's an entirely different subject.

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  1. Do you actually believe that the government wants the internet gone in short order? I'd say you are totally off base with that conjecture. Fact is they love the internet and want everyone connected to it. What better way to track every aspect about them? What better way to keep people under control?

    And speaking of that most venerable treasure trove of digital details, most of what is posted on the internet is politically slanted, self motivated, undated, obsolete, incomplete, plagiarized or outright fictitious pseudo-info anyway. This aint your grand pappy's library after all. That being the case, I am quite certain that even with the vast reserves of information available on the internet there are plenty of misinformed individuals out there.

    While I hear what you're sayin about politicians bein in bed with big business and using each sector as a shell game for their own financial and egotistical gain - ain't nothin changed on that front since the inception of our government. Still favorable to big business and special interests while serving themselves. Yup, been goin on hundreds of years.


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