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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Proposed North American Union

My fellow Americans - make no mistake about it - the purpose of the proposed "North American Union" is nothing less than making an end run around [The Already-Existent] United States Constitution! Nor, is the intentional destruction of: The U.S. Dollar, Our National Economy, and Our Traditional Societal Culture any more than the means to facilitate such an egregious political adoption - at a point in the very near future. For nothing less, than a period of total collapse and political desperation, will potentially sway our public into their ungodly political camp!

Bear in mind, we are already "The Largest Political Union on Earth...." Even the [currently] 22 States - of a thoroughly galvanized Europe - doesn't begin to approach our political scale of highly integrated operation! And yet, what have we honestly learned from all of that: readily accumulated, highly bureaucratic, and centralized political power? Unfortunately, we have learned that, even the most cleverly devised of human laws are worthless - when our own leaders have set their hearts and minds on a given course against us!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories

Recently, I was talking on the telephone - with someone whom I both know and love very deeply – and I described to him just a little of what I had learned through my ongoing research…. First, he told me that I was either [quite possibly] nuts or severely misguided in my overall thinking. He went on to explain, that - regardless of numerous coincidental facts otherwise - such an intense coordination of effort isn’t humanly possible without massive leaks occurring somewhere along the line! Finally, he called my theory, “The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories;” right, over the phone....

The irony, of that particular conversation, didn’t honestly strike me - until I woke up this morning. You see, my friend believes that: We Humans walk this Universe alone… and he firmly and resolutely believes it! Though, he may sometimes offhandedly speculate on the other [seemingly] slim and far-fetched possibilities potentially available, he gives no weight at all - to that, which cannot be calcul-ably measured through verifiable scientific fact!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Final Authority Of Prophets

Just like the scriptures clearly state: "A Message From God Cannot Be Stopped!"

Quote: "If 'The Fear Of God is the beginning of Wisdom,' then where does 'the fullness there-of' stem from?" - author unknown.

Contrary to majority opinion, All [truly] wise men, are most assuredly prophets! Otherwise, from where is their wisdom derived... if not, from "The Most Holy God?" A Truly Just and Holy People, know this statement for a fact! For, most assuredly it is written, "The Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom..." whereof else speaks, the requirement to possess a healthy respect for our fellow man? And yet, all truly wise men, exhibit more than a rudimentary grasp of human Wisdom!

A Masters Degree or Doctorate may rightly confer Earthly Status, but Wisdom is obtained through and from God, alone. Although man may designate, confer, or bestow Earthly Credentials, the prophet has obtained A Testimony - which is far in excess of any that man may [honestly] offer! For, he speaks with the authority and power of "The Truth" on his side... and the facts are his to command, likened unto a general marshaling his forces into the heat of the battle.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Freedom To Pursue Happiness

Only a great and wise people can recognize, A Person's Individual "Right To Make Very Bad Decisions!"

Throughout our American History, the vast majority of our God-given Rights and Freedoms have been protected only by social convention and common sense, rather than codified or common law. However, this was not because these Rights and Freedoms were considered unimportant, or of any lesser value than those - which were expressly documented into the Constitution. In fact, the complete opposite was true! Many of these, were considered of such universal importance, and so unanimously understood [by our common society and culture] - that no one-ever [honestly] conceived of any right minded individuals arguing against them.

Such was the case, with: "The Freedom To Pursue Happiness..." for, it is [and was] the most fundamental and foundational Right of all! In fact, it is the actual basis for all of our other Freedoms - in their various derivative forms. It is the one massive bulwark of tantamount importance enshrined in our original "Declaration Of Independence" - before any other legal American document was written! And yet, The Freedom To Pursue Happiness is the single least understood, most ignored, and most frequently disrespected freedom - today!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Causes Of The American Civil War

Contrary to popular myth and modern opinion, The American Civil War was never about Slavery! Perhaps, the most well informed, well documented, and well written document ever published upon this subject was penned by Patrick J. Buchanan on February 12th 2009. Although, the dividing issues were over matters of Trade, the underlying principles were that of: State Sovereignty, At Will Solidarity [In A Union], and States Rights!

Just as our laws make it illegal to smash someone's knees or to kill them for leaving, "A [voluntary] Worker's Union Membership..." Sovereign States, or Countries, have a Lawful Right to leave All Unions At Will - if they are inherently oppressive! In fact, that was the very basis for the original Declaration Of Independence in 1776... Was It Not? Where, then, is the "Right Of Ascension" - for, any created political body, to ignore "The Consensual Act Of Any Human Being [Or Entity] To Peaceably Walking Away From An Argument?"

The Return Of State Nullification

 Prior to 1860, State Nullification was both: practiced by The States and recognized by The United States Supreme Court - as a means of overriding undue and constitutionally illegal Federal Authority! At that time, with the majority of our Founding Fathers still living, few if any questioned its proper role or legal authority - since many of them had [in fact] written The Constitution and well understood its mechanisms. 

However, since the Supreme Court's Decision to legally establish "The Federal Tyranny" through Precedent - in wake of the Civil War - Nullification has been a legal concept often thought of as being long dead. However, after passage of their landmark legislation regarding, "Un-Constitutional National Health-Care," several States have once again asserted this Constitutionally Guaranteed Right Of The States!

A Federal Response May Be Coming Soon

While 21 States have re-asserted their "Proper and Constitutionally Guaranteed Sovereignty," The Federal Government is quietly preparing for the worst... and, judging by the information coming in everyday online, they have been preparing for this outcome - for much longer than many of us have [honestly] suspected! 3500 Marines have been practicing emergency maneuvers in The State of Indiana, to deal with an unknown future period of Urban Warfare and the potential securing of governmental facilities - due to, some form of "Domestic Terrorism...." Exactly the form that might take, is an interesting question, indeed?

Another interesting detail, are the military buildups of American soldiers and equipment occurring at certain key military installations across the country - over the last year. I particularly enjoyed one military commander's response, to the questions regarding this buildup. It was extremely telling in how he devised his particular answers! Unfortunately, however, I have been unable to relocate that particular piece of video footage this evening.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

21 States Have Declared Their Sovereignty

Since 2009, Twenty-One out of the Fifty Interdependent and Sovereign States have "Formally and Officially Re-Iterated" - their Individual Sovereignty under The United States Constitution. Not since, two months previous to, The American Civil War – have the various chattel properties of this [patently illegal] Federal Empire exercised such unused political muscle! As a South Carolinian/American, with a highly vested interest, I hope that, The States have truly mustered the determination and willpower needed at this particular juncture in time… for, readily-apparent, political backbone has never been their strong suit….

Meanwhile, although many local news stations - across our union - have been adequately and accurately reporting this relatively new and growing circumstance, the National or Mainstream Media has been ominously silent upon these quickly moving developments! When even the International Media is reporting and covering these ongoing events in primetime –around the world. Either the National Media must be deeply asleep, or it has already [honestly and openly] chosen sides on this rapidly growing issue. Personally, I am certain, that it is - in fact - the latter….

Monday, March 22, 2010

Constitutional Law

The Mark of a Truly Great Society is how well that they obey their own laws. 
  • "No man is above the law and no man is below it; Nor, do we ask any mans permission when we require him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; Not asked as a favor." - Theodore Roosevelt [1903]. 
Every society must have laws in order to properly function. These laws are written in various ways to set objective parameters - wherein each individual may function to the mutual benefit of all parties subjected to the common social contract. They assign Individual Freedoms and Rights, set Standards of Social Responsibility and provide a framework for reasonable and/or appropriate penalties in dealing with those who operate outside of acceptable and clearly defined social boundaries.

The foundational basis for all other legal applications is known as A Constitution. Thus, the "United States Constitution" is the legal framework [ or the social contract] upon which all other codified laws in the United States depend. As the foundation upon which everything else is built, this document must be treated with the utmost reverence and respect.... In effect, it stands alone as a sacred and covenanted object whose precepts and statutes may only be ignored or discarded at the risk of American Societal Destruction!

What Is Common Sense

In America, we operate under certain assumptions. "Common Sense" is one of those....

  • "The First Amendment makes confidence in the Common Sense of our people and in the maturity of their judgment the great postulate of our democracy." - William Orville Douglas.
Common Sense is a uniquely American concept which presumes the verifiable existence of certain fundamental, commonly held, and basic understandings shared by all members of our collective society. Although the American society offers no formal training or classroom instruction in areas of strictly Common Sense, people who lack in having it are often publicly humiliated and relegated to the status of a mere halfwit. These incidents are easily justified by the American population on the grounds that the classroom and study materials are equally available to all.

The classroom is the Earth and everyone's birth is the price of their own admission. Common Sense is readily acquired through a personal and day to day observation of the natural world and the interplay, of our fellow human beings, who are involved in it. Being A: "Learn it, as you go, system," Common Sense even makes allowance for the fact that we all operate at some different levels of perception in this area.... As any Real American can tell you, "It is only Common Sense, that [even] Common Sense should be that way!"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daring Deeds

Life is risk.... Filled with tragedy and rewards!

  • "For all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these : ' It might have been!'" - John Greenleaf Whittier
From its inception, as a collection of European colonial assets, to its founding - as a Union of Interdependent American States - The United States of America had been blessed with a singularly remarkable people. A people who would dare to achieve greatness, no matter how significant the costs - which ultimately must born. Risk takers, from every corner of the globe, who set sail across stormy and perilous seas - for a land which was both harsh and unforgiving.

Letting go, of all that they knew, they embraced the unknown and chose the path less certain.... They were searching for something better, than, that offered by already existing: civilization, material-wealth, and its resultant societal life - of comfort and ease. They sought, "The Freedom to Pursue Happiness, however it might be found " - knowing full well, how elusive was that most coveted desire!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The First Rule Of Liberty

According to Our Enlightened Ancestors, was: "Let each man attend to his own best interest and needs."

Quote: "It is not the function of government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error." - Robert Jackson

In the last several decades a new type of law has arisen in our Nation. We have been reassured that its "Intentions" are only for our "Best Interests...." Indeed! These laws are being written for our health, safety, and welfare, and to ensure our continued happiness and success. We are told that such Best Interest Laws are - in fact - a proper function of good government. A function, which other nations currently enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Three Societal Threads

If "Our History" is a collective social repository - of Knowledge [Raw Data], Intelligence [Gathered By Countless Generations], and Understanding [Causes and Effects] – then it offers a definite advantage in the formation of Political Ideas, Concepts, and Ideologies! By equal measure, if "Our Religion" is a collective social repository – of Knowledge, Intelligence, and Understanding with regard to our commonly human Spiritual, Intuitive, or Philosophical functions – then, it too offers us certain advantages, as well! Whereas, "Our Politics" is just these, “Two Commonly Human Aspects,” operating in an open handed society!

Which of these three co-equal, co-relevant, and inherently human threads can we effectively leave out of Our Ideal Society? None of them! Nor, could our ancestors! To disregard either one is utter foolishness and equivalent to building our homes upon the sand! Most of us, know that parable… but, for the sake of those who don’t, I shall repeat it. Two men were living nearby to each other. One built his home on the rock, and the other chose a location upon sand… now, I can’t tell you why the difference in choices… perhaps, he just wanted a riverside view?

Why Do Humans Possess Two Brains

It is a commonly understood scientific and medical fact, that all human beings possess two separate, co-equal, and co-operative brains. To most of us [average Americans], we merely know that we possess a “Left” and “Right” brain which operate on entirely different levels and coordinate their agreed upon activities through the brain stem [or Cerebellum]. But, why two… why not: one, three, or even four?

From countless years of scientific study, our knowledgeable scientists have gained some startling insight into their specific, separate, and co-operative functions! For instance, the “Left” brain is highly analytical and raw data processing in function. It is where your logical, ordered, and structured reasoning functions occur. Its dominance not only makes you “Right Handed” - but also makes you far more analytical by nature! Most individuals, American or otherwise, are Left Brain Dominant and/or equally Right Handed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

By The Way Folks, Speaking Of Capitalism

As a modern day Capitalist, in my own right, I offer you this service [and the valuable political knowledge, that it imparts] entirely free! I, like those [now] highly-neglected digital airwaves, derive my income from carefully placed advertising located throughout my Political Editorial and Social Commentary site - rather than, charging a fee or monthly subscription... and, it is in my opinion, "Fitting and Proper" that I should do so!

If my writing offers you a good value, then more people will gratefully flock to my blog... and, if not, then only I shall suffer a socially just loss of reward for my [seemingly superhuman]: designing, researching, deep-thinking, and compositional efforts. Why should you be swindled out of your hard earned money, if I am [merely] just another quack or nut? This is the most moral, ethical, and fair position that a man can effectively place himself under! Although, from my perspective, it is honestly [at times] quite scary....

Have We Forgotten The Virtues Of Capitalism

In only four generations, since America embraced The Fascist Economic Model, we have gone from being the most powerful industrial economy on Earth - to being a financially bankrupt and economic basket case… from a nation, whose currency was backed totally in Gold and/or Silver, to one printing Trillions of Dollars in additional sheets of worthless paper – just to balance our fiscal budgets… and from a nation, “Of The People, By The People, and For The People,” to a nation “Run By The Elitist Executives, Appointed By The Elitist Executives, and Run For The Elitist Executives!”

Whether they actually represent: Corporate, Financial, or Legal hierarchical hegemonies are functionally irrelevant to the very real system of Economic Servitude, which they have unlawfully established. The Banks, Corporations, and Law Firms are merely the three functioning societal legs of the very same political beast! Nor, is it merely coincidental, that the entire western world has been so singularly arranged over that same historical time. In Europe, The Americas, Australia, and Asia something has been clearly, systematically, and quietly going on….

Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Do I Always Refer To The Tea Party As "A Movement"

In the strictest terms [or sense] of being designated a political party, the “Tea Party Movement” doesn’t currently fit the bill! Political Parties are highly organized, with a standardized organizational structure, and fully possessive of a commonly agreed to political ideal or agenda. The Tea Party Movement   is a disorganized, grouping of equally disillusioned Americans - that has become aware of our impending societal destruction – but has yet to agree on how to properly address the underlying issues involved!

They are significantly lacking in certain relevant historical knowledge, specific political detail, and the fundamental spiritual [or philosophical] social bearing to determine that necessarily common direction… to specifically organize their forces for battle… or to advance a true political leadership of their own at this time! However, that being said, they possess something that neither: the Republicans or Democrats have. That is a desire to effect: True, Lasting, and Highly-Beneficial Change for all Americans [rather than merely for those at the top].

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is The Issue Of “State Sovereignty” Relevant Today

Since this issue goes hand in hand with that of “True or Effective State Representation,” I shall properly address both questions together. The answer, of course, is Yes… it is needed now, far more than ever - in our entire American Political History! The four simultaneous crises in our: Financial, Economic, Industrial, and Societal sectors – are the direct result of our losing the States Sovereignties and their highly essential Republican Style Representation.

Although, many modern Americans may not be aware of this, Our Enlightened Ancestors were people of very few, well thought out and carefully calculated words. On a single hand written page, they devised an entire system of government; that not only worked, but also, produced an average of 20 percent economic growth annually for numerous generations of Americans! In fact, it was that spectacular Economic Growth that provided an excess of jobs, despite a population growth from the lawful immigration of millions of impoverished foreigners that dwarfed anything [currently] coming from Mexico.

The Politically Incorrect Nature Of Truth

Many people ask me, “Do you have to be so politically incorrect - in the way that you so brashly present the facts – of our modern day American society?” My answer, of course, is “Yes!” Why? Because, the more we attempt to color over these “Black and White Issues” with “Varying Shades Of [Moral, Ethical, and Political] Gray,” the longer lasting and more damage that is done to Our American Societal Cloth!

At this point in Our Collective American History, our society is now upon the utter brink of collapse in all of our major socio-political areas. Our Social, Religious, and Ethical Threads are very rapidly unraveling all around us… Our Political, Economic, and Financial Threads are thoroughly being entangled in a runaway governmental loom… And Our Once Cohesive Societal Fabric is now being shredded to a point near beyond political repair!

Who Are The Anonymous Legion:

In the course of the Tea Party Awakening , I have observed at least ten distinctive American groups, factions, or dynamics either: developing, or growing stronger [so far]. Many of these, such as: The John Birch Society, The Lyndon LaRouche Organization, The Constitutional Party, and The Libertarian Party have been around for a very long time. While others, such as: The Ron Paulists, The American Freedom Party, Tax Tea Rebellion, The New American Tea Party, and numerous others have not.

Among the latter of these, is a group known as either: Anonymous, Legion, or The Anonymous Legion. This particular one stands out, as being quite different than the rest, in several important key respects. And, I [honestly] believe it is very important that we quite honestly note them….

Who Are The Players In The Tea Party Movement

As the current historical field of third party, or independent groups, is still: developing, unfolding, and shifting; I might actually miss a few key political players. If I do, then I’m sorry… it is very difficult to document political history in action! Obviously, if the right side wins, you’ll be able to one day read exactly who these Key Players were at some point into the future. However, it is sad to note, that when the wrong side wins – we receive agenda driven propaganda  rather than something resembling true, accurate, and highly useful history!

Nor, can we truly fault those historians per se…. For, they were taught what their leaders wanted them to know… in schools where the books were chosen by the State, rather than more properly by their own private communities… and when they wrote, they did so under full knowledge that The Truth wouldn’t be met with any more reasonable societal support! The fact, that some few actually endeavored to do so, is commendable under those particular circumstances.

The Fundamental Flaw In All Leftist Ideologies

The fundamental flaw in all “Leftist Ideologies ” is in their failure to understand what Capitalism  is, what it quite honestly represents, and ultimately how it operationally functions! Without a proper understanding of Capitalism, any efforts by man to systemically or systematically alter it are doomed to inevitable political failure. Nor, even with that knowledge, will these universal and governing laws of economics honestly allow man’s foolhardy and foolish interventions to long stand in a dynamic, fluid, and ongoing human history!

Human Politico-Economic Systems represent humanly engineered dams withholding, channeling, and diverting these naturally occurring overall economic forces. They may be built from dirt, aggregate, timber, or even stone. But, they cannot hold up over time; and the larger we extensively build them, the greater the forces that they must factually contain!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Claim That Greed Is The Problem With Capitalism

Capitalism: The Unknown IdealModern Americans, like many others around the world, think that, “Greed is the problem with Capitalism…” Some, few, are even wise enough to understand that Greed is only a problem when taken to extremes or excess… but, very few indeed, possess any true insight into the true and very real nature of the problem. Greed has never been a problem for Capitalism, at all…. It is a problem for Humanity, alone!

Capitalism has never been greedy! It is the [mere] mechanical process, or factual underlying instrument, of our common and altogether human existence. It neither: wishes to factually bless us, nor to inflict any intentional harm. Capitalism is inherently “Neutral” with respect to our personal human relations, and treats us all: equally, fairly, and impartially - under its utterly principled and God-given laws! Nor, could it conceivably do [through any means] otherwise.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Social Progressivism Is A Disease.

A healthy political electorate, such as possessed at our nation’s founding, is both able embrace or adapt to necessary paradigm shifts without disenfranchisement, dissention, and internal war! With two divergent and ideologically differing political parties, the electorate can move extensively backward or forward in its political direction – based upon the overall society observing political “Cause and Effect .” Thus, the eventual negative consequences or more beneficial results form a political impetus for necessary change! That is the result within a healthy political system.

However, it is within the nature of “Social Progressivism ” to inherently corrupt the historical genetic code of the society, which inevitably ingests it! This societal carcinogen, although seemingly quite harmless at first, sticks like tar in the respiratory system of our necessary economic engine… and diminishes its natural functions to both produce wealth and maintain its higher rate of economic efficiency. The fact that we cannot feel its effects at first doesn’t in any way lessen its true systemic damage. In fact, it only encourages us to its continued use and complacency!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Political Candor On The Issue Of Abortion

There is little doubt that, for many Americans [myself included], Abortion is a negative consequence of our ongoing human society, murder of the unborn, and a crime – which is perpetrated daily, on a truly massive scale. It is, however, not the biggest problem currently confronting our society, the ones still living, or even our long-term future on this planet! In the hopes of gathering support for the more far reaching and pivotal issues  - which we must [obviously] confront and face – I would honestly direct your attentions elsewhere in the political interim!

Nothing we can ever say will: bring even one taken-life back, ameliorate the grief on both sides of this issue, or solve our current societal crisis on that matter. As much as, we might hope otherwise, we are deadlocked over this matter! Thus, in the spirit of our ancestors who deadlocked over issues of Free Trade, Institutionalized Slavery, and Societal Discrimination [for a time]; we must first address the reparable issues of our day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Precisely Is Capitalism:

Capitalism  is real “Individual and Personal Freedom” being expressed through the open and sincere desires of all human beings to evaluate and to fittingly, or properly, assign a dynamic value with respect to necessary goods and services, as they are [in-effect] logically required. It is also the natural, fundamental, and underlying economic system of every society on Earth !

Although we may foolishly tamper with our Natural, God-given, or Universal Laws governing our common human existence; we may never truly or fully ignore them! For instance: Fascism, Socialism, and Marxism may alter the terms upon which Capitalism must essentially operate - with respect to a given individual or society – but, in the end, they are still subject to all of its long term effects for both better or worse… and, since the proper amount of societal freedom generates rapid economic growth, truly capitalistic societies will inordinately receive the greatest societal effect!

Friday, March 5, 2010

What Exactly Is Individual And Personal Freedom:

Personal Freedom  is the God-given right  of the individual to make: bad, wrong, and/or foolish choices, with respect to their-own person’s: self, property, and/or other inherently personal assets… and, like all rights [God-given or not], Personal Freedoms may only properly extend in the jurisdictions of that sole individual. Any action - which results in tangible harm - being wrought upon other individuals, or society in general, is actually a jurisdictional infraction and punishable by effective societal law.

Although, this may seem a strangely “negative way” of conceptually phrasing such a “socially positive” philosophical concept, there are very good reasons for my having done so! Since every society in existence is composed of numerous and divergently thinking individuals, there will always be more than one given opinion [or perceptual understanding] on any given individual subject. Therefore, every conceivable thought, decision, or personal action humanly possible is either perceptually: bad, wrong, and/or foolish in the eyes of many more all-knowing others.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Land Of The Free And Home To The Brave

The certain societal occurrences in South Carolina , over the past few days, have brought up a very important political question; for everyone to properly consider. That being: “precisely what is the appropriate action, when our laws [or our lawmakers] are denying us the very Freedoms and Rights , which we have been entrusted to protect for ourselves and our eventual offspring?” Nor, is this merely an idle question… for the time may soon come, when all of us are invariably confronting this decision!

Personally, I - as a spiritually minded Christian - have chosen non-violence , loud vocal-compliance, and electoral petition as my primary means to accomplish much-needed change; rather than civil disobedience, or even physical insurrection. However, dependent upon the degree, severity, or situationally necessitated practicality: I still reserve those proper rights, as well – for [appropriate] steps two and three. A matter, as simple, as mere State registration, however, doesn’t rise to those heightened political levels!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who And/Or What Is “The Truth About America”

It has recently come to my attention, as a Political Editorialist and Social Commentarian, that South Carolina has an [honest-to-God] law requiring a registration of anyone who - participates in, speaks up for, or intends to promote the overthrow of either: The State of South Carolina, or The Federal Governmental Entity… since my writings, may be wrongly perceived [or incorrectly viewed] as possessing a certain inflammatory nature, I have decided that two things must occur, before I continue my honestly good-natured and well-intended activities.

First, I wish to make a very important statement regarding the overall purpose of this website or blog…. We are, an informational site [ONLY], dedicated to supplying “Real Americans” everywhere - with “The Truth about our current societal condition as a nation and political-economic society!” Nothing here: “either promotes, encourages, or intends the overthrow of any physical human government… whether: South Carolina’s, that of The United States’, or any other!”

What Precisely Is Social-Fascism:

If Fascism is a product of The Right [as claimed by Premier Lenin, Commissar Stalin, and Chairman Mao] and Socialism is a product of The Left [as claimed by virtually everyone else], then what exactly is Social-Fascism… and how, in fact, does it exist? These are two very good questions, for “Real Americans,” to be [openly] asking!

First, let’s acquaint ourselves with the only three [and decidedly] primary economic systems in real world application or existence. These are: Capitalism, Fascism, and Socialism! Although, Communism could have been a fourth, it has never been [nor could ever be] applied, as an overall societal structure.

Are Our Businesses Really "Too Big To Fail"

Recently, we have witnessed a first in our two hundred year American History… Our Republican and Democratic leadership has expended considerable sums of our own money [either borrowed, taxed, or soon to be hyper-inflated], to bail out our U. S. Industry and/or Financial Investment Institutions from almost certain economic collapse. Nor, should such Politico-Economic Solutions come as a historical shock or ideological surprise, since we are living under a modern Centralized Bureaucratic and Social-Fascist State system… since, Fascism is firmly entrenched in our land [with no longer, any protesting questions]; both politically dominant parties fully embrace it; and its staggering centralized bureaucracies are highly dependent on the finite revenues being thusly generated!

The question was not whether these businesses were actually “Too Big To Fail,” but rather precisely how they got that way in a nation built on the proper foundations of law. Have our politicians been “in bed with big business?” All Fascists are…. Have they thoroughly ignored “the laws of our land?” They have ignored The Sherman Anti-Trust Act, most definitely… and a whole lot of others, as well! But, it goes far beyond that, my fellow citizens….
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