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Friday, July 9, 2010

American Truth Site Gets An SEO Oriented Facelift

The Truth About America - without Introduction.
In our never ending efforts to balance the needs for providing the best informational source possible, with actually showing up in the all important search engines, The Truth About America has undergone yet another noticeable site modification. We hope that you'll be somewhat patient with us in this transitional period. As many of you are by now aware, the articles are usually well worth your personal forbearance.

The fact that, currently, more than one fifth of all our visitors remain on this site over an hour at one time and that almost as many are frequently repeating visitors - equally offers us an incentive to get this American Truth Blog just right - for all of our wonderful readers. So far, you  have remained a very loyal readership... and we are honestly hoping to keep it that way. Please feel free to comment, upon the: general look, ease of use, and overall functionality of this site at any given time. These changes aren't set in concrete and [in many ways] it's your site too!

Perhaps, the biggest changes that you'll notice are that we have moved the Categories Tag Cloud to the top of the screen [just under the header] and added a Welcome Widget or Site Introduction to the very first page of the blog. The static Site Introduction was primarily for SEO purposes, we'll freely admit it. As you know, we value the importance of honesty around here at The Truth About America and are tired of all the BS from every societal direction. However, it is: Truthful, Heartfelt, and Highly Informative of what a new reader may honestly expect from our blog site!

It honestly grieved us to place an introduction ahead of our site postings. It forces our repeat viewers to scroll down to get to our most recent posts, it disrupts the entire viewing experience, and looks so horrifically plain with just text. Believe it or not, that last part bothers me the most. For some reason Blogger doesn't offer a widget that combines: Formatting, Photos, and Text... and we had to insert one of their widgets to our template do it. Consequently, in a momentary fit of creative inspiration, I added the "Red" and "Blue" highlights to visually break up all of that damn white text. Hopefully, it isn't too horribly garish? Please, let us know....

The Categories Tag Cloud was then moved to the top [directly under the header] as a way to quickly navigate around it - since it will display only upon this one Main Blog Entrance Page. All of the postings will continue to show up and function quite normally. We have also added a number of new categories to search our articles under - without making this highly useful cloud too overly large. We hope that you will truly enjoy them.

As always, the site controls for The Truth About America are located under the Google Adsense Ads to your left and the archives are under the Entrecard Widgets and Top Droppers to the right. Everything can be reasonably reached, without scrolling too far, and we are hoping that you'll enjoy the new look and clever functionality. Bear in mind, that the only static thing in the world of blogging is its ever ongoing need to change. Thanks, in advance, for your patience!

*** Note: Our next big project will be in actually adding a: well organize, readily usable, and intelligently designed Site Map. Since, I have never done anything along these lines before, any helpful advice [or comments] regarding your experiences would be highly valued! Seriously, folks, we sincerely do desire your much needed input.

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