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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Words We Use Really Do Matter

Apr 16, 7:04 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Bill Clinton warned of a slippery slope from angry anti-government rhetoric to violence like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, saying "the words we use really do matter." Read Full Article>>>

Having recently read [Ex-President] William Clinton's article, I was left simply aghast by his [seemingly] Conservative Political Sentiments.... Particularly, with those surrounding the value and meaning of mere word's! Isn't this the same guy, who questioned the very meaning of, "What 'Is' is?" To put it more succinctly, He questioned how narrow-minded America had [factually] become - when "Oral Sex" might be defined as a form [or type] of "Sex," or an "Oral Sex Act" could be honestly considered a "Sexual Act!" And now, he has the unmitigated gall to proclaim himself an arbiter of acceptable language and/or meaning?

Yes, Mr. Clinton, Words do matter! They mattered long before you were ever elected to office, and they will continue to matter long after you are dead and gone! The shame is that You never thought of this concept prior to: "Swearing An Oath to your Presidential Office," while making all of those campaign promises, or when you were sitting at that lovely oaken presidential desk.... Even now, you are merely utilizing words to silence your political opponents... rather than, speaking in: "The Spirit Of Truth!"

There are many of us, who have already pierced, "The Veil Of Darkness" surrounding your two Fascist Political Parties... and have even spotted your ongoing attempts at fashioning a third from within our own political ranks. We [quite honestly] salute you in your mastery over The Political Chessboard - while competing against those who [at first] didn't even recognize the game! But, you should always substantially remember, that the game isn't over until one side has either been checked, or has more apathetically conceded... and your - "True Side" - isn't quite there, yet!

Even now, "The New Dawn Breaks" over our once mighty nation and The Blackness Of Your Evil-Hearted Intentions has become visible under The Light Of Day! Soon many other American eyes shall be more readily adjusted to that sudden political daylight... and the average citizen will be shocked and dismayed by where he or she had actually stood, and with whom. For many of them are far more reasonable and kind-hearted individuals, than others might more fully surmise! More importantly, when that [appointed] time comes - it will be those, who turn and rend you to pieces - not, "The Forces Of Light!"


  1. I have to ask - what is the purpose of your blog? Is it to share information and ideas with others? Is your readership supposed to have "inside" info that sheds light on what you write? Or is it just a way for you to write out your frustrations with no regard to your readers? I am asking this because this "article" seems more like a personal rant that is gibberish to someone who was not already in on the conversation.

    I mean, do you (or any of your other readers) honestly think the last 2 paragraphs relate specifically to the topic or make any sense to anyone besides you? I agree with you that yes, the words we use really do matter and while I agree with many of your views this "article" seems more like the ravings of a lunatic to me.

    I invite anyone to comment on this because maybe I am just not seeing something? Should I already have read something else prior to this?

  2. Many Americans view our out of control government as a Republican Created Problem... still others view it as a Democratic Issue... however, a third group of Americans have noted the common thread among both.

    For instance: Reagan [Rep.], Bush [Rep.], Clinton [Dem.], Bush [Rep.], and Obama [Dem.] - also looks like this: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama [Freemason, Bohemian Club, and Bilderberg Group].

    Or this: Bush, Clinton, Bush [Skull And Cross Bones Society].

    Nor, is this just the case with our Presidential Candidates - but with both houses of Congress as well!

    While many focus on irrelevant factors such as: Liberal Democrat, Conservative Republican, professed Christian, and un-professed Muslim, etc... still others understand that: The Democrats are not truly Liberal, The Republicans are not truly Conservative, The [self-proclaimed] Christians aren't truly Christians, and the [self-closeted] Muslims aren't truly Muslims - but that these are merely astute political ploys at further dividing and confusing our electorate.

  3. A great deal of information is skipped over, when individuals do not utilize those embedded links! My articles are necessarily short, and yet, I spend hours everyday embedding those links for a reason - thus only a few articles are published at any given time.

  4. Daniel Shay's Rebellion was the first in a series of Three Rebellions or Common Uprisings - that ultimately lessened or diminished the heavy-handed actions of our New Confederated Government. Yes, that new government responded and put all three down using political and military force... but they also eventually backed off, for the eventual good of our nation.
    These three uprisings stood as a historical reminder that: "All Governments Are Consensual and fully born of We The People!"

    As one of our leaders put it succinctly: "All governments are Consensual, either the people revolt or they don't!"

  5. Well, I feel that you might make a good politician in that you have an ability to respond to a comment with voluminous verbiage without actually answering much of anything and sometimes not even being on the same page.

    1st response to my comment: While I agree with what you say I don't see its relevance here as far as being directly related to this article.

    2nd response to my comment: other than the "read full article" link, which I did follow and read by the way, I see no embedded links in this article and therefore no explanation of the last 2 paragraphs (I believe that is what this response was in reference to). Maybe you should've provided links for "The Veil Of Darkness", The Political Chessboard, "True Side", "The New Dawn Breaks", Blackness Of Your Evil-Hearted Intentions and "The Forces Of Light!" so I could've utilized them. Amusingly enough, yours seems a typical bureaucratic response as I am told to make use of the things you've provided that aren't even there.

    3rd response: like a typical politician, you aren't on the right page even when its your own pages. I say that because this response was intended for a comment I left - on a different article! No history lesson by you on the wrong rebellion required. I know what Shay's Rebellion was and the outcome. In this case you missed the point I was making about George Washington's verbal response to the Whiskey Rebellion. And though the government may have eventually backed off in their prosecution of the "rebels", the U. S. government did solidify its position through the use of force to enforce tax laws. Simply stated, that pretty much let everyone know it was futile to resist taxation imposed by the federal government either through refusal to pay or armed rebellion. If one feels taxes are unjust then they must resolve it via their representation within the federal government. I believe my original point was that this issue goes all the way back to George Washington. Discontent with taxes and the federal government is nothing new and didn't start with the current Tea Party movement.

    IMO As far as the Tea Party goes, people concerned about the size of the federal govt and federal taxes would be better served to follow Ron Paul and get some reps in office who share some of the same values rather than to have their message bastardized by other interests. They should also realize that the one's ready to jump in and stir the pot are only looking to capitalize on people's honest concerns to further their own interests.

  6. Vulcan420,

    You cannot ask 30 questions, make a hundred more statements, and combine them into an essay in their own right... and honestly expect me to even attempt addressing them in equal fashion! First of all, the primitive commentary functions on blogger do not even allow the inclusion of links to provide reference material.... Consequently, I have even contemplated moving to a different platform - such as Word Press.

    Moreover, the response being attached to the wrong article was a failure on the part of the blogger dashboard - and not my own. Believe it or not, I even tried to remove it and respond again on the right article... however, it merely did it again.

    Personally, I would love to see our nation restored to its proper political moorings by utilizing the Constitutional elective process! I [like others] have been calling for it to happen for quite some time. However, The Tea Party's continuing loyalty to The Republican Party, rather than creating their-own new political platform will prevent this from effectively occurring before the 2012 Election.

    Moreover, considering the political reach of: the laws already in place, the ones being currently debated, and the ones scheduled over the next two years - 2012 itself will likely be far too late to stop the next Actual Political Dictatorship! There are political tipping points throughout documented political history - in the accumulation of True Tyrannical Power.
    Remember, once The Communists or NAZI's were elected, the very next "Free" elections never actually occurred! Does, "The point of no return" ring a bell [in anyone's mind]?

  7. The steady accumulation of Absolute and/or Dictatorial Power accomplished, since President Ronald Wilson Reagan's first term, is scary from a historical standpoint! The fact that both parties have worked to strengthen it - rather than lessen it - is even scarier for numerous reasons! Moreover, the revelation that both of these parties are comprised of an exclusive membership to certain "Secret Societies" - such as: The Freemasons, Bohemian Club, Skull and Cross Bones, and Bilderberg Group is startling.

    Since these combined groups comprise less than one percent of the political electorate, such a statistical anomaly is quite telling indeed! In a: Free, Open, and Honest Electorate - such statistical anomalies are clearly politically impossible, to such an egregious extent....

    Meanwhile, we are focused on Democrat or Republican while all of them are Freemasons! We are focused upon their stated religious beliefs, while all of them belong to Satanic organizations! These facts, will ultimately come to haunt us very soon.....

  8. If you need further enlightenment, then start looking at my links - rather than just reading the articles. I honestly shouldn't have said as much as I already did!

  9. I do admit that I am just an average, common guy who sometimes doesn't fully comprehend some things until they have been better explained and sometimes that does mean asking a few questions. Like you, I also believe that the words we use really do matter if we want to communicate effectively with others but I am thinking maybe we differ in opinion on just what those words are. And, go figure, as luck would have it, your latest responses leave me with more questions (and statements) but I will bite my lip...


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