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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Census 2010 - "Papers Please...."

I must say, that I definitely agree with Jerry Day's take on this year's 2010 Census. Having recently taken it myself, while interacting with a Real Human [nonetheless], I felt honestly quite intimidated by the number and detail of all those highly personal questions. Of course, I fully understand what they want them for - but, as a Judeo-Christian Believer, I felt morally and ethically compelled to obey them. Had I only listened to Jerry Day's Video first, I might have been more resolute in my own resistance to such unwarranted political tyrannies. We should all know our Fifth Amendment Rights....

Still, I will place my trust in Yahweh alone - in this, as in so many other real matters. He is my "Refuge and Salvation" - after all!  However, to be on the safest possible ground, I would advise watching this video before calling back that Federal Census Taking Bureaucrat. And please, be nice to them... they aren't the enemy. It is Our "New World Order" Leadership that is the problem, not them! Do not give them a reason to move against us. America is far from educated, just yet....

Senator Harry Reid Doesn't Understand The Concept Of Voluntary

I don't know about you folks, but anyone this obtuse doesn't belong in Our [We The People's] Congress. In an interview with Jan Helfeld, Senator Harry Reid stated that we have "A Voluntary Tax System" and actually defended that stance with the most convoluted and complex sophistry that I have ever heard. Apparently, Senator Reid never heard of the "IRS." For your benefit, the Reid Interview Video is included here.... See it, for yourself.

Goldman Sachs Gets Sweetheart Deal From Indymac Failure

Having Stumbled across this particular video, recently, I was appalled and incensed by it. In it, you will see precisely how Goldman Sachs is profiting off of their sweetheart deal - concerning "The Indymac Bank Failure" - set up by the FDIC and our government. Although, such things are [now] commonplace these days, it still both: amazes and frightens our inherent sensibilities of governmental ethics and social morality to learn the extent of these criminal ongoings. Without any further ado, please watch the following video.

"Too Big To Fail" - Governmental and Corporate Conspiracy

What is truly behind the ever-increasing rise of our Modern Corporations? How did they get so big and tremendously complex? Are any of them, "Too Big To Fail," and if so, why are our leaders consolidating them even further? What does it all mean for our ongoing political future? And will National Sovereign-ties survive the inevitable monopolization of an entire planet's natural resources? These are all excellent questions, to consider....

For thousands of years, man has sought out numerous ways to unite the Earth under one political banner! He has tried: Imperial Conquest [through wars], Dynastic Control [through intermarriages], Religious Conquest [through dogmatic edicts], Financial Control [through leveraging great wealth], and Colonial Accumulation [through relocating domestic populations]... and every effort has failed - for various reasons - to accomplish this one true goal. As most political leaders are so fond of saying, "The End Justifies The Means..." and they all have one highly focused desire in each of their minds! Nor, do most of them, even care, who ultimately accomplishes it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Plantation System, Company-Store, Or Modern Corporation: The Un-Ending Adaptation Of Economic Slavery Systems

Whether we examine: The Plantation, Company-Store, or Modern Corporations - we will find that all three of these systems are fundamental economic structures designed to mitigate the moral and ethical requirements, in the area of paying humans, for their true costs of labor. Whereas, The Plantation System was a blatantly egregious, and obvious, incarnation of unwarranted economic servitude - The Company-Store System offered a certain quaint measure of respectability when looked at [merely] upon the surface, by outsiders. One did not readily see the mechanisms whereby the workers were truly and thoroughly enslaved. Thus, it flourished much longer!

However, the movement by Americans to unionize and collectively bargain - which began in the late 1800's - foreshadowed the end of a very abusive political era. Companies could no longer directly enslave their workers through monopolizing the communities and social institutions around them - for long. The people had finally figured out their playbook of strategies and something far more clever was sorely needed. That solution was provided in [the form of] "The Modern Corporation...."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

America Plays A Key Role In Biblical Prophecy

For those of you interested in how Biblical Prophecy relates to current events, I recommend that you take a moment to consider my other blog: The Truth About God. I added a recent post there that offers significant insight into precisely where we stand regarding the scriptural prophecies in The Bible. Although this may not be your "cup of tea" - at the moment - such things are equally important to consider. In fact, to many of us, they're even more important than politics!

Although many Americans don't realize it, America plays a key role in Biblical Prophecy. It is the Beast which arises from the Earth - wearing two crowns [signifying our "Separation Of Church and State"] and possessing the nature of a lamb. Later, it gains: "the strength of a dragon..." and "makes fire come down from Heaven...." And yet, America isn't the Antichrist's seat - as so many of you might surmise. It is, "The False Prophet," which leads the world into a very damaging fellowship with her!

Tell me what you think....     >>> Here's The Link  <<<

Saturday, May 15, 2010

American Armed Forces Day 2010

On this Armed Forces Day, May 15th 2010, we at The Truth About America would like to properly salute those brave men living and dead who have taken, The Oath to: "Protect Our Nation From Our Enemies - Both: Foreign And Domestic." For over two and one half centuries now, they have: stood in the gaps, fought in the breaches, and protected our societal walls.... No amount of gratitude or thanksgiving can ever truly, or properly, reward them for this True Gift Of: Love, Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice - which they have openly and honestly given us through their continual efforts! As Yahweh [God] Himself has exhibited in His word, "No greater Love hath any man than this: 'but that, he hath lain down his life for his friends.'"

In that spirit, we would ask that you please take the time and watch these three short featured videos. For the ones, who have voluntarily served in the forces of our nation, to protect all of our "God-given Rights and Liberties," have done [and continue to do] so without: political regard, hindrance, or reservation. They do so, To Protect: Our Nation, Its Cultural Traditions, and Deeply Philosophical Ideals - from those who do not equally share them! Without further ado, or any oratorical fanfare, the video is included below....


Friday, May 14, 2010

Bureaucracy: Agent Of Fascism

Of all the supposed building blocks of modern governmental Political and Economic construction, "The Bureaucratic Structure" is the one which people around the globe marvel at most - for numerous obvious reasons. For one thing, they have absolutely nothing else to do, while waiting extensively in all of those damn lines. For, another, they marvel at how remarkably inefficiently the simplest of tasks can invariably be accomplished. But, mostly, they wonder about [precisely] how, and why, did these monstrous constructions come about....

Of course, these are all excellent questions! However, many of us will think even a few levels deeper.... Why are they so prevalent everywhere you can go on our planet? How come the various different forms of government are all imposing the very same Political and Economic Structures? How can one basic structure operate - albeit, equally screwed up - under all of those divergent political systems? And, precisely, what overall function does it ultimately serve?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Are The Domestic Terrorists - In America Today

Considering all of the talk about Domestic Terrorism and the numerous allusions to American Terrorists - by our governmental leaders and the mainstream media - it seems quite relevant to properly nail down the subject of: "To whom are they commonly referring...." Since FEMA has quietly budgeted numerous covert infrastructural projects over the last ten years - while our roads and bridges were openly deprived of equally important and necessary funding - the national threat must be significant! Meanwhile, as Patriotic Americans, we must be ever vigilant in upholding our Freedoms from those who would [honestly] endanger them. Consequently, "We The People " must remain ever vigilant to such threats.

I [for one] will not stand for the scourge of Terrorism being inflicted upon: myself, my family, or my community - in the name of Allah, or anyone else! This is The Land of: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality - lest, we forget it... and I, like all of you, have certain expectations of maintaining that Enlightened American Ideal. Therefore, let us consider their most recent political references - in an effort to gain some much-needed insight into this very important question!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Obama Deception: One Piece In The Puzzle

Although "The New World Order Conspiracy" is far larger than many Americans can currently imagine, our own United States' History is inextricably bound together with these rapidly approaching and deeply troubling world events. As such, the Prison Planet video, entitled: "The Obama Deception" offers significant insight into these ever accumulating historical events. Consequently, we gladly offer this video for your own personal analysis. This is one of the many videos that The Illuminati Freemasons don't want you to see....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Immigration Is Not The Problem

Earlier, in the Twentieth Century, the new immigrants coming to America's shores were often just as poor as the Mexicans arriving here now. Most of them spoke little, or no, English. Nor, did they all have families or friends to help and assist them - during their own transition - to our strange American ways of cultural life. In all of these ways, they very much resembled those currently trampling across our southern borders today.

At that time, of course, we were a different nation as well. No one was given public assistance through the agencies of government. There was no: Food Stamps, Public Housing, Welfare, or Safety Net - to speak of. Although Godliness, Human Kindness, and Charity were then socially encouraged - massive and systemic governmental undertakings were considered by most Americans as a very real threat to Individual Liberty and Freedom! Americans either offered assistance to others, or not - based purely upon their own personal situations and moral discretion. Consequently, newly arrived immigrants couldn't lay any claims upon Publicly Funded Benefits, which the rest of us didn't [factually] possess either. Of course, the resultant individual Tax Rates were substantially lower, as well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Truth About America Rules: Join The Discussion

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We reserve the right to delete any post, for any reason, at any time. The Truth About America is an online forum, that will read your comments before posting them. As much as we may hate it, in today's day and age, we have to do so - in order to, maintain these editorial standards. If an individual poster significantly violates these rules, then that poster may be removed from the registry and have his or her posting privileges revoked.

The Truth About America is a privately run blog site and your postings [quite honestly] reflect back upon us. Thus, publishing a comment on The Truth About America is "A Privilege and Not, Therefore, A Right!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Political Pyramid: Sacred Geometry And The New World Order

The oldest known, documented, and still existent man-made structures are all "Pyramids." Stretching back to the Ancient Babylonian Empire - and their Sun Worshiping Priesthood System - they have physically survived the vagaries of: Time, Weather, Natural Disasters, and Human Conflict. Meanwhile, their monolithic Sacred Geometries continue to protect them from any systemic forces of change. Moreover, there is much humanity can still learn from the inspection and study of these very ancient structures.

Interestingly enough, there are many who still study these mathematical, philosophical, and metaphysical  structures - in the hopes of gaining [yet more] insight into: Architecture, Design, Politics, Economics, and [yes] even Religion. You see, Pyramids are found in all of these areas and human endeavors... nor, is this by mere happenstance! Like many mathematical anomalies and scientific formulas, The Pyramidal Structure can fully function and operate under every other universal system of humanly comprehensible order.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arizona Illegal Immigration Law SB1070 - One Senators Explanation

Since it seems to be such a contentious issue among so many other unaffected political parties, I thought it might be important to allow someone who wrote the law an opportunity to speak upon this issue. It has been included here unedited, for our readers benefit. Personally, I found the letter from Senator Sylvia Allen to be quite: open, honest, and sincere.

Moreover, from the sound of it, if The Federal Authority in Washington finally decides to [actually] begin doing its lawfully required job - then it sounds like Senator Allen and the others in The Arizona State Senate would honestly prefer to let them....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

President Barrack H. Obama And "Change Americans Can Believe In"

A little over a year into Barrack H. Obama's presidency, many Americans are now feeling very disappointed with their "Rock-Star Presidential Candidate...." They have been left wondering, whatever happened to that, "Change America Can Believe In" - being espoused by their hope-filled and charismatic leader. Amazingly, even Obama's popularity in Europe has suffered, as well! What on Earth is now going on?

In order to more fully understand what's happening politically - in the United States and [for, that matter] around the world - we must realize that every individual human being operates on a different level of mental perception. While many people are: deep minded, highly thoughtful, and investigative thinkers - numerous others are equally: less observant, easily misled, and emotionally manipulated by others. Meanwhile, both types of individuals always exist - coincidentally - throughout history... and they will naturally fluctuate and/or shift over time - dependent upon their shared and collective social experiences.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael Brown: Obama Wanted Oil Spill - Video

Past FEMA Director Michael Brown.
Bush FEMA Director, Michael Brown, accused President Barrack H. Obama Monday of intentionally delaying governmental assistance to The United States Coast Guard in handling the recent Gulf Coast Oil spill. Thus, worsening the disaster for reasons of turning the public tide against offshore drilling efforts.  

Ex-FEMA Director Brown [remembered for his poor showing during Hurricane Katrina] explained to Neil Cavuto that President Obama was never truly in favor of offshore drilling in the first place and was thrilled by the current environmental dilemma. According to Brown, "This is exactly what they want, because now he can pander to the environmentalists and say, 'I'm gonna shut it down because it's too dangerous.'" He then went on to say, "This president has never supported big oil, he's never supported offshore drilling, and now he has an excuse to shut it back down.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Political Correctness And One Readers Letter - Upon Illegal Immigration

Recently, one reader of the Orange County Register wrote "A Letter To The Editor" - expressing her opinion upon the topic of illegal immigration. Since it was honestly indicative of the American majority's sentiments, it was deemed "Politically Incorrect" and unfit to publish by them! However, as you are all now aware, our blog site values American Truth above all else - and political correctness be damned. In that spirit, we offer our readership the following letter un-edited....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evil Corporations And The Freemasons Who Build Them

The History Of Corporations in America is a story of ever more individual authorities and powers being held, while [simultaneously] being subjected to decreasing levels of social and societal responsibility. While being lawfully chartered as artificial corporate entities [or imaginary persons] - under the law - they have errantly been given the full status and stature of real persons; without any of the true liabilities, or baggage, attendant to the relevant political term. Thus, they have increasingly become a true menace to the nation that so lavishly cultivated, planted, and nurtured them - in its infancy!

After 250 years of American History, many Americans [on "The Right" and "The Left"] are waking up to the new realities completely surrounding them... and a growing population of them are astounded at the socially destructive lunacy now taking place! Moreover, a vastly overwhelming pile of evidence is accumulating against: Those Evil Corporations, and The Freemasons who build them.... Nor, can this evidence be decried as just another round of Lunatic Conspiracy Theories.
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