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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Census 2010 - "Papers Please...."

I must say, that I definitely agree with Jerry Day's take on this year's 2010 Census. Having recently taken it myself, while interacting with a Real Human [nonetheless], I felt honestly quite intimidated by the number and detail of all those highly personal questions. Of course, I fully understand what they want them for - but, as a Judeo-Christian Believer, I felt morally and ethically compelled to obey them. Had I only listened to Jerry Day's Video first, I might have been more resolute in my own resistance to such unwarranted political tyrannies. We should all know our Fifth Amendment Rights....

Still, I will place my trust in Yahweh alone - in this, as in so many other real matters. He is my "Refuge and Salvation" - after all!  However, to be on the safest possible ground, I would advise watching this video before calling back that Federal Census Taking Bureaucrat. And please, be nice to them... they aren't the enemy. It is Our "New World Order" Leadership that is the problem, not them! Do not give them a reason to move against us. America is far from educated, just yet....

1 comment:

  1. This seems like census paranoia. The census I got in the mail only had a very few questions on it. It did not ask for any vital, security sensitive information. In fact, all the info in the census is publicly available for almost everyone anyway. Also if you sent in the questionnaire then there would be no census worker showing up at your door to bother you and you would've saved the taxpayers the expense of sending someone out to your house.


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