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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Truth About America Is Consolidating With "Real American Truth" Site

In Our Great Society, any job is "A Good One."
Having recently returned to the "Working World," out of absolute necessity, I have had to make some very important decisions lately. As much as it pains me to do this, one of them has been to reduce my current personal workload - by eliminating two of my current blogs online. Thus, I have been forced to choose among: "The Truth About America" and my "Real American Truth" site, due to their frequent informational overlap - with regard to individual political topics.

Although this site was my first one, and is considerably larger with regards to actual topical content, Real American Truth [honestly] does much better with respect to Search Engine Optimization. Ultimately, SEO Issues were my overriding concern - given these substantial structural changes. Consequently, I have decided to consolidate and move all of my articles over to the much newer blog site. I had hoped to keep them both online, however, my new job duties are presenting too big an obstacle - to maintain them both - over the long term.

Although this blog will remain up for the next couple of months, as I transition my articles between these two blogs, all future postings will be uploaded upon the "Real American Truth" site from now on.... Please feel free to check it out, and bookmark the new editorial page! In the meantime, I will be moving my current "Truth About America" blog archives as quickly as time permits me to do so... so that I may get back to my regularly posting of our rapidly developing and largely historical political events.

For more information, about these changes, please see the following article:


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