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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Two Party System Is A Practical Reality

Career Politicians learn the rules fast, or go bust
Contrary to what we so often hear, there is no officially sanctioned "Two Party System" in the United States of America. Nor, has there ever been one as such. What there really is, is a political reality. In every properly functioning democracy there are always numerous voices seeking to be heard... and so it is in ours. Throughout our illustrious history, we have had no fewer than five political parties at any given time. And at other times, we have had even more than that! So why do we always hear about the so-called Two Party System... and to [honestly] what does it refer?

Our nation, unlike many other political democracies, was not designed for rule by a coalition or even parliamentarian government. The Electoral System - which was set into place at the time of our founding - requires our executive leadership to have more than fifty percent of our votes, to govern at the time of election. In fact, our use of electors - rather than Total Popular Votes - was primarily to assure this singular outcome. Otherwise, multiple candidates would lead to a potential "Total Deadlock" - under just such a political system. It is important to note, that Electors do not ever have to vote the same as their home State constituencies.

Of course, there are secondary purposes for the adoption of an Electoral College System - such as our own. For one thing, it was thought that: intelligent, well-educated, and conscientious Electors could override the will of the people in electing a despot or tyrant - through largely charismatic and popular political means. For another, if the resultant determining votes were frequently being cast by Congress, then the public would rightly perceive it as a tremendous conflict of interest... since the majority party in Congress would inescapably control both: branches of Executive and Legislative Authority. As it is, Congress is the sole determinant of an electoral tie - which fortunately has never yet occurred in our 234 years of history.

Why is all of this so important? Traditional Americans have always held a deep seated fear for letting Congress exercise that much political authority over their lives. Thus Americans, historically, would rather hold their noses and vote for the "Lesser Of Two Evils," than to lose the power over choosing their executive leader. It is this ongoing fear - of such congressional decisions - that drives the coalescence of political power around the two major parties, in each historical era. Nothing more, nothing less.

But, What About Congress itself:

If this is all about The Presidency, then why is Congress so polarized as well? The party holding the presidency - at any given time - has several political advantages which the others do not. First, there is the national publicity which necessarily comes with the job. Due to the nature of his position, The President has the authority and power to set the agenda in numerous political arenas. This places him and/or his party constantly in the news - for better, or worse. Meanwhile, political and financial connections - generated through the pursuit of office and perpetuated through a need to stay there - easily translate to the ongoing support of other party members; and thus, to the party as a whole.

And yet, for very similar reasons, The Major Party "Out Of Office" receives a mutual and virtually equivalent benefit! The necessity of defeating a firmly entrenched Incumbent President - for whatever stated reasons - creates very strange bedfellows indeed. People who absolutely hate one another frequently band together, when they hate someone else far more. Thus, whatever outed party that appears most likely to win will garner the most money and votes - in preparation for the very next election cycle. Since money and votes are what is necessary, in order to win political elections, we have an effective Two Party System based solely upon the Free Market Of Ideals. It is merely human nature, that this is a verifiable fact.

Meanwhile, Minority Parties cannot obtain the necessary funding and/or political support to field a sufficient number of candidates and effect change - since the two major political parties have already [largely] depleted these finite political resources. Thus, they frequently must put far more time and effort into getting their party platform and official policies just right... they [generally] have very idealistic followers with beliefs, which are both: sincere and strongly held... and they stay in constant contact with the people down at the bottom. These are their greatest political strengths! And yet, they lack the transitory, or shifting votes, that seek the closest political alternative, with the greatest potential chance to win.

Consequently, The Two Party System is merely a practical reality in a properly functioning democracy. However, the two dominant political parties are [in fact] changeable! History shows that the coalescence of power leads ultimately to ignorance of and disdain for: "The Common Man," "The Middle Class," and "The Average Voter..." egregious miscarriages of justice inevitably occur... the people become incensed by their blatantly arrogant contempt... and too many people with hirsute finality and sudden conviction state: "Enough Is Enough!" This ultimately brings about a correction within the system.

Who Are These Minority Political Parties Today:

As America embarks upon the Twenty-First Century, it has several viable alternatives to the Democratic and Republican political parties. However, the strongest of these political parties isn't even [truly] organized as such! I am speaking, of course, regarding "The Tea Party Movement" - which has yet to coalesce into something: structured, organized, and fully cohesive. While the majority of them are still [honestly] dazed, or confused, by Republican political rhetoric - many of them have finally gotten it.... The Republicans aren't really Conservatives; and they don't care about The Constitution, at all! Nor, are the Democrats in anywise Liberals - but would rather see all of our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights once and for all totally abolished!

Social Empowerment and Individual Freedom cannot mutually coexist. It is this growing knowledge, that is rapidly fueling this new movement. Consequently, The Progressive Left is also suffering their own political losses, as well. Why do you think, they continue to slander a movement - which is continually stated to be harming only the mainstream Republicans? Shouldn't that, be a good thing? It's all so confusing.... Really? Wake up, America! This is the Truth About Our Nation, and we need to look at it: clearly, honestly, and with both eyes open....

Meanwhile, the "True Conservatives" in America have their own real political options! The Constitution Party  stands for exactly what the Republicans did over one century ago... they desire a nation which respects its own fundamental laws precisely as they are written and were originally intended to be fully understood... and they have the necessary organizational structure and/or political platform to be on the ballots in every State. More Importantly, they are far more Freedom Loving and Factually Liberal, than either mainstream political party.

For the more "Liberally Minded" American voter, The Libertarian Party  is just as viable a political platform - with already existent organization and structure. They are [by far] "More Liberal" than the Democrats, while retaining their more important Lawfully Constitutional and Ideological Bearings. In fact, their Constitutional Moorings are the formative basis upon which they have fully formed their very own idealistic beliefs! Consequently, both: the dejected Conservatives and the disenfranchised Liberals - within American - are not without their own preferential alternatives! To claim otherwise is simply a crock.... This is The Truth About America and "The Real American" has honestly spoken.

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