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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lessons In Blogging Part Two: Advertising And Promotion

Since even: the best written, most well thought out, heavily researched, and time invested blog sites cannot prosper [or even survive] without traffic - I have been experimenting with certain seemingly beneficial methods of promoting my blog lately. Among these internet introductory services are: Blog Catalog, Linkreferral, and Entrecard. You will notice that their advertisement buttons and logos have been recently incorporated into all of my blog pages. Please don't be alarmed.... lol

Being primarily an informational site - with a few "Pay For Click Ads" to defray my expenses - I am merely attempting to generate more traffic without a significant increase in my own expense. I am currently unemployed, after all.... In a nation suffering under 20 percent unemployment, I feel quite certain that you can understand my own personal predicament. If not, then, I'll just have to beg your forgiveness.

For my new Entrecard visitors, I am also offering two additional services - which they would benefit greatly by utilizing - to expedite their own industrious blogging activities. These aggregator services are called: Drop 2 Top and E Buckets... both are designed to expedite their: visitation, commentary, and promotional processes. Since using Entrecard, my traffic has definitely increased dramatically! Let's hope that my articles will [ultimately] keep them here... it does, require a very large investment of time.


  1. Interesting article and since I found you from Link Referral, it must work!

  2. Hopefully, there will be many more like you.... :0)


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