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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lessons From World History: Two Differing Perspectives

Sometimes it's interesting to just stop and examine our unique World History from the perspective of the lessons we have learned over those same periods of time. Often much can be brought to light, and hidden things may be revealed, which are invisible to the naked eye - while living within the natural ebb and flow of time itself. Lately, I've been spending an exorbitant amount of time doing just that, and the results have been [personally] very enlightening.

To those, who are open to such reflections and speculations, I value your own personal insights and would happily request your own comments upon this particular posting. After all, anything which results in the ultimate attainment of valuable collective knowledge is a worthwhile pursuit, in my estimation. I believe that most, truly, open-minded individuals will invariably agree with this sentiment. However, be advised that these events will be evaluated from both a "Judeo-Christian" and "Non-Believer" Perspective.

Lessons From The Dark Ages:

The aptly named, "Dark Ages" refers to a period of time in world history when the supposedly civilized world was held firmly within the death grip of State imposed Religion. In Europe, The Roman Catholic Church - having been politically enthroned by Emperor Justinian - reigned politically over the various feudal nations on the continent. More importantly, however, the church - having declared itself God's Final Arbitrator upon Earth - purportedly held the power to excommunicate any individual who didn't wholeheartedly submit to their express wishes regarding anything of their [own personally] deemed: religious, political, or even scientific interests.

This Church-State relationship resulted in such horrific political excesses and individual human tragedies that it has affected the human psyche even to this day! Between sixty and one hundred million practicing Christians and Jews were exterminated, by the self-proclaimed: "Universal Church Of Rome" - in the name of God. Such simple acts as: illegally possessing a copy of Sacred Scripture, reading it aloud, quoting from it, referencing it, or even in keeping Yahweh's true Sabbath Day - were considered grounds for: Excommunication, Arrest, Torture, Mutilation, or [even] Death.

As oddly as this may seem, to many of us, the massive organization who did this and openly acknowledges doing it - having [even] kept exacting records of each prosecution and death - claims to be, not only a Christian church, but "The Christian Church," and "The Mother To All Christian Churches!" The fact that she has never in any way conducted herself as Christian [or, Christ Like] doesn't seem to bother her at all. Nor, has she ever: repented of her deeds, altered her official policies, or even apologized for her ungodly and inhumane actions. Apparently, she deems her acknowledgment of them is good enough.

Lessons Learned By The More Spiritually Minded:
  • Do not ever allow Religion and Politics to intermingle!
  • Do not ever trust The Catholic Church, or any of those who associate with her!
  • The Catholic Church has daughters - who are just like her - be wary, and watchful, of them!
  • Many who proclaim themselves Christian are not. - "You shall know them by their fruits!"
Lessons Learned By Non-Believers:
  • Religion, Christians, and God are all "Evil."
  • Religion, Christians, and God have killed more people than anyone else in world history.
  • Religion, Christians, and God must be eliminated from human society.
  • Religion, Christians, and God are all the same.

Lessons From The Twentieth Century:

The "Twentieth Century" - of which most of us are familiar - was a time in which hundreds of millions have been traveling to and fro and knowledge has greatly increased in every conceivable human endeavor. As such, it has been crowned by awe inspiring human achievements... and it has also resulted, in the most intractable set of ever-present human problems that mankind has ever faced as a species! It was a time period, in which both: Good and Evil - rose up together, upon the world stage.

Two World Wars occurred during this time, each one more destructive than the one previous to it. An entire continent was systematically reduced to rubble, before the astonished eyes of an onlooking world. Two Japanese cities - Hiroshima and Nagasaki - were reduced to glowing and radioactive craters surrounded by wastelands. An entire planet was gripped in political terror over the vast amounts of unleashed destruction. Meanwhile, two remaining world powers watched each other warily and testily from across the world's great oceans.

Meanwhile, the remaining Jews from all across our world began their migration back to the land of their forefathers in Israel - which, of course, upset the many regional Muslims. This led to a series of three regional wars and a host of other lingering and ongoing military actions surrounding The Holy City of Jerusalem. Thus, the little nation of Israel slowly became the primary focus of worldwide attentions.

Two Rumored Wars [or, Cold Conflicts] resulted - during this time period - as well. The Cold War which was actually a massive arms race, punctuated by periods of indirect conflict... and The War On Terror which was actually a war against an: unknown, nefarious, and ever changing list of political enemies - with the elimination of all: Individual Freedoms, Rights, and Sovereignties mandated to maintain our own domestic Peace and Safety

Lessons Learned By The More Spiritually Minded:
  • World War  I - "And there shall be war(s) [#1]" The First Seal has been opened.
  • World War II - "And there shall be war(s) [#2]" The Second Seal has been opened.
  • Israel Restored - "And I shall gather my people whom I have scattered over the Earth."
  • The Cold War - "and rumor(s) of wars [#1]
  • War On Terror - "and rumor(s) of wars [#2]
  • The clock started ticking in 1914 - One generation will pass from beginning until the end.

Lessons Learned By Non-Believers:
  • War is now too destructive to even contemplate! It must be prevented at all cost!
  • We must devise a system of securing our "Peace and Safety" at any expense!
  • Separate Nations are the cause of conflict, we must eliminate them!
  • Everyone is [now] a threat to our Peace and Safety!
  • "Domestic Terrorism" can happen internally, we must prevent it no matter what!

The Cumulative Lessons We've Learned So Far:

Consequently, to the spiritually minded Judeo-Christian Believer - we have added a tremendous amount of additional verifying proof that:
  • Yahweh is precisely who He claims to be.
  • His Prophecies are absolutely sure and true.
  • Everything is occurring in the right sequences and times.
  • His is obviously still in control.
  • We may still safely trust in Him.
  • Time is growing considerably short before His Son's return!

However, to the naturally minded Atheistic Non-Believer - the following observations may be also equally inferred:
  • All Religions, Christians, and Gods are "Evil." 
  • They should be wiped from the face of the Earth.
  • Let's complete the New World Order quickly.
  • So we can finally get on about exterminating them!

Amazingly, to the more cynically minded,  history is shaping up - just about - the way we've always expected.... Consequently, the current attitude of many Non-Believers [today] - toward people of faith - largely reflect this true attitude. Does, it not? Nor, as history has shown time and time again, will the majority of them - who merely desire to be [themselves] left alone - stand up against their despotic leaders in that time.

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  1. In your "Lessons Learned by Non-Christians" you state that anyone who is not a christian is an atheist and believes in a one world order.

    While many religious faiths believe they are the one and only true religion of the one and only true God, and obviously yours is one of those, what you have stated is absolutely false.

    In fact, not every non-Christian is an atheist and not every non-christian believes in one world order or the other beliefs you attribute to them.

    The way you have characterized all non-Christians here is more than just a load of BS - its disgusting.

  2. Actually, you brought an excellent point to my attention! I had errantly failed to change my commentary placeholders from the original outline, before I uploaded it. The original intent was and is to highlight the differences of perspective between "People Of Faith" and those who don't consider any validity being attributed to it.

    Moreover, that one minor difference in personal perspectives between Believers and those who are not, will only drive a much larger wedge between them as further history unfolds. The reasons for this are quite obvious and apparent.

    The co-opting of established Christianity by the "Ancient Babylonian Sun Worship System" has dealt True Christianity a serious blow indeed over time. Albeit, the Scriptures - long ago - predicted this ongoing and inevitable occurrence. Why do you think, Yahweh said: "Babylon The Great Is Fallen... Come Out Of Her My People!"

  3. Make up any lame excuses you want, it seems most likely your post prior to your undocumented edits shows your views as they really are - patently fictitious.

    Even with the edits, you still assume the authority to declare that all "non believers" all hold the same beliefs as you list them. Where are the facts to back up your statements about what every non believer believes?

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Very rightly stated by you , its being done for "A One World Governmental System."

  5. Reading the articles and the comments, each has their own rightful reasons. I wouldn't comment on anything with regards to the issue because for me it's a sensitive issue. However, I know it's impossible but I just want that one day we all live peacefull side by side with each other regardless of who we are, either by race, religion, culture and beliefs. After all we only come from one...Adam & Eve. This is for those who only believe. Generally, this blog has lots of information and that's what really matters.


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