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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Political Pyramid: Sacred Geometry And The New World Order

The oldest known, documented, and still existent man-made structures are all "Pyramids." Stretching back to the Ancient Babylonian Empire - and their Sun Worshiping Priesthood System - they have physically survived the vagaries of: Time, Weather, Natural Disasters, and Human Conflict. Meanwhile, their monolithic Sacred Geometries continue to protect them from any systemic forces of change. Moreover, there is much humanity can still learn from the inspection and study of these very ancient structures.

Interestingly enough, there are many who still study these mathematical, philosophical, and metaphysical  structures - in the hopes of gaining [yet more] insight into: Architecture, Design, Politics, Economics, and [yes] even Religion. You see, Pyramids are found in all of these areas and human endeavors... nor, is this by mere happenstance! Like many mathematical anomalies and scientific formulas, The Pyramidal Structure can fully function and operate under every other universal system of humanly comprehensible order.

Some Examples Include:
  • The Ponzi Scheme - an artificially created monetary control system, which imposes structure and order over vast economic investments.
  • The Corporation - an artificially created physical economic entity, which imposes structure and order over private and capitalistic industry.
  • The Multilevel Marketing Structure  - an artificially created and corporate economic structure, which imposes order over individual marketing activities.
  • The Two Party Political System -  an artificially created social and political paradigm, which focuses and channels seemingly dangerous or disruptive political forces into a highly leveraged political position extensively controlled from the top.
  • The Military Power Structure - an artificially created command and control structure, which imposes structure and order over a vast number of individual military units.
  • The Bureaucratic Governmental Structure - an artificially created and executive governmental structure, which is utilized to nationalize individual and corporate activity for the purpose of focusing or channeling: creative, productive, political, and economic activities; under the direction of a centralized governmental entity.
  • The Secret Society -  an artificially created organizational structure, which imposes structure and order over its membership to accomplish a hidden agenda without open and societal disclosure.
  • The Priesthood - an artificially created and religious control structure, which utilizes the human propensity toward individual religious belief to establish effective and man-made religious controls.
Meanwhile, these are just a few of their current, historic, and societal applications throughout man's ongoing and ever-evolving history. At this point in time, virtually every aspect of our common societal humanity is being manipulated, regulated, and controlled by this same form of: Physical, Philosophical, and Spiritual Control Structure. After all, it is inherently stable, reasonably efficient, and virtually impervious to any form of externally generated damage. It is, also, "The Foundation Of Fascism!"

The natural evolution of this artificial and man-made political structure - once given its final authority, to one social executive [or man at the top] - is the very definition of Fascism, being politically unleashed upon a: State, Nation, International Union, or even Planet. The only observable difference being one of physical scale! Bear that in mind, because we shall come back to that very interesting point in a moment.

Fascism Is [Currently] The Number One Political Structure On Earth:

The Fascist Bureaucratic Structure [currently] has many political proponents. After all, it offers societies: Stability, Efficiency, and Directed Focus with one God/Man [or Religious/Political Executive] controlling and directing things from the top. This can confer mankind, "The Promises Of: National Peace, Economic Safety, Political Tolerance, and Societal Order." Think about it.... "Peace and Safety," is the most fundamental and commonly held human desire of all! All of that is easily within Man's Grasp! Amazing, Isn't It?

Of course, The Historic Facts - regarding the ultimate adoption of Fascism - falls somewhat short of that highly coveted political goal! Our own common history has proven, time and again, that the adoption and embracing of Fascism accomplishes the very opposite social and political dynamics. Never have words held more Historical Truth, than these: "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!" Since, the higher one must climb in any Corporate Political Structure - the more cutthroat the political tactics, which must be utilized and employed to get there. Thus, eventual political success is always extensively rewarded to the most: Immoral, Unethical, and Aggressive political candidates... and, somehow, we always forget this naturally inherent principle of politics!

Consequently, of all the various Politico-Economic Systems - being utilized throughout the world today - the number one political and economic structure currently employed by the majority of all nations is actually Fascism, operating under a whole hosts differing political disguises. They are being mislabeled as: Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Bureaucratic Capitalist, Despotisms, Oligarchies, Monarchies, Democracies, and Republics - through the effective utilization of: Intentional Misinformation, Media Misdirection, Word Redefinition, Educational Control, and [blatant] Political Propaganda. By focusing upon the seemingly apparent structural differences in them, they can effectively conceal their even more obvious similarities.

Meanwhile, The Issue Of Scale Is The Fundamental Threat To Our Humanity: 

The larger that Pyramidal Structures become, the greater their abilities toward accomplishing both: much political Good, or more socially devastating Evil. That is the overriding characteristic, and ultimate political threat, facing those who readily embrace such a system. While: nations, cultures, and societies remain functionally Sovereign and Separate - the overall community of nations can effectively balance each other through international threats or the binding resolutions of war. Moreover, individual humans can always find a new place of international safety and refuge.

Whereas, a One World Governing Entity, or "New World Order," doesn't offer these obvious benefits of international protection - from the very next lunatic coming into Political Power! Under such a Worldwide Political System, there is no longer any sanctuary or refuge available to anyone. Such a potentially destructive Tyranny is: Absolute, All Pervasive, and Indestructible - without any remaining External Forces, or Socio-Political Dynamics. In short, we will have effectively created: "An Inescapable Hell Upon The Entire Earth!"

Although many of us will blithely condemn: The Germans, Spanish, Japanese, and Italians - for not standing up against their own Totalitarian and Fascist Regimes - upon what basis may we honestly do so? Is dissent a real option under such, Tyrannical and Despotic Political Controls? To what results can they [honestly] do so? Without any external assistance, they are "effectively and royally screwed!" You cannot overthrow such a system, and every leader upon Earth understands that... that is precisely why they are so driven to effectively build one!

These are: "Drug Addicted Personalities, craving their next drug induced fix of heightened and strengthened Political Power." They will: do anything, say anything, and offer any political bribe [or inducement] - to accomplish their political goals and further their - seemingly - illusory agenda. And yet, it isn't illusory at all... in fact, it is happening right before our very eyes, across the vastness of an entirely corrupted and politically co-opted  planet!

The "New World Order" is a swiftly arising reality:

Although no one wants to: Admit It, Speak About It, or Actually Acknowledge It - in public - one third of The World's Citizenry are fully aware of its existence in International Political Reality. The fact that those who are effectively behind it aren't speaking is to be [more fully] expected, considering the nearness of their highly sought after political agenda. After all, these are "The Secret Societies ," which, we collectively refer to as being "The International Illuminati Elite."

They include: The United Nations, Bilderberg, The Council On Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Freemasons, The Shriners, The Elks, The Moose, The Knights Of Columbus, The Chambers Of Commerce, The Corporations, and even many of Our Established Denominational Churches. All, of whom, are quietly working - toward the very same goals and international political agendas. Each with its own specific: hierarchies, specific tasks, and specified political interests. And yet, "None Of Them" sits at the top of the overall organizational structure!

Even many of the Illuminati [themselves] are unaware of who specifically is behind this vast political effort. Most of them really don't care! What's Important is achieving this monumental goal - for the [perceptual] betterment of All Mankind. Their message is one of "Peace and Safety," after all! What could be more socially altruistic, than that? Who cares who is at top....

Well, for one, "I Do!" I care more about That Particular Issue than any other issue confronting us today! It is The Key and Pivotal Issue Of Our Time... and it was predicted in your Bibles - more than 3000 years ago today! It was written about by The prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, Daniel, Malachi, and John - among others. Even Jesus [Himself] mentioned it, in His explanations, parables, and sermons. They called it: "Babylon The Great," "The Mother Of All Harlots," "The Whore Sitting Upon Many Waters," "The Great Dragon," "The Great Beast," "The Seducer Of Merchants," "The One Who Commits Fornication With The Kings Of The Earth," and "The Anti-Christ Authority Or Power" - among numerous other, more horrible descriptions.

They described - in considerable detail - the results of her eventual political adoption. None of it beneficial, to humanity, by any relevant standards of measure. And yet, here we are crying out for her entirely deceptive offerings of: "International Peace and Worldwide Safety" - just as The Bible predicted, so very long ago. Incredible! And yet, more incredible than that, the vast majority of humanity neither know - nor even care - who is ultimately in charge of that ever-stricter political machinery....

*** Note: The Amazing True Answer Will Be Revealed - In Future Postings!

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