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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Truth About America Is Now Growing

"New" Real American Truth Blog Site.
If you've been wondering what has happened to me, lately? I have been designing, debugging, and optimizing a "New And Improved" American Truth Blog Site. It isn't, because I don't already like this one.... It is because this one seems to be hopelessly at a loss for getting noticed by the search engines! Meanwhile, this "New" site should do much better at acquiring that all important Page Rank - which you always hear about, but can never seem to accomplish for yourself....

For those of you who have grown accustomed to this particular blog site, I am intending to maintain them both for quite some time. By paralleling my efforts on these two different blogs, I am hoping to actually learn what works in "Real World" Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, everything they've told me to do so far hasn't helped at all... and I can't spend my entire life: clicking, commenting, and writing other people's reviews. That doesn't leave any time to do what I'm trying so desperately to do. Nor, does any of that intense activity pay my bills.... Am I wrong?

Real American Truth looks fairly similar to the original Truth About America site, however, it is a fairly ambitious project on my part, I assure you! Putting the Key Words in my site's URL was only the tip of the iceberg. Aside from making a great deal of changes under the hood, I am also slightly altering the primary focus of that site to offer a more practical and less philosophical fare concerning "Our Current American Truth." Consequently, you will notice that the articles on the new site are invariably geared towards surviving and thriving in our present American reality.

In the meantime, The Truth About America will retain its more philosophical flare as a dynamic informational site. Being unable to afford an actual SEO service, I'm really just shooting in the dark here... but I am hoping to be your preferred information provider for many long years to come. Be sure to check out the new site - when you get a chance. In the meantime, keep us in your prayers and click a few links. Everything else is solely up to Yahweh! Praise Him....


  1. Don't know if it's true or not, but a knowledgeable friend told me that duplicating posts is a death knell to page rank. Thought I'd share.

  2. Never fear, oh diligent one, I am not duplicating posts on these two sites. Alas, you misunderstood me. I am providing separate, but compatible information on both of these two sites. I appreciate your concerns, however.... Thank you!

  3. so what is diff on other site to up seo? it is still a blogger blog and looks very similar except nav bar at top.

  4. American, you need to ping your posts. Every time you post, ping on pingomatic.com and pingoat.net. Also ping google.


  5. I'm supposed to be pinging more than one?


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