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Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Crime, Prolonged Detention, and RFID Chips: Is That Really The Future Of Freedom In America

Pre-Crime? Don't fool yourselves, folks... it's really coming!

It is absolutely bizarre how far America has strayed from its historic roots, considering where we once started. Here we have President Barrack H. Obama speaking about: "Pre-Crime and Prolonged Detentions" - the locking up of innocent Americans: indefinitely, without access to an attorney, or any other "Constitutional Rights." The FAST Program, is [now] being rolled out at FEMA... experimental Military Checkpoints are beginning to go up all across our nation... electronic RFID chips are being implanted into citizens... and nobody seems to notice that anything is wrong? This is simply incredible!

Wake Up, America! Are we still: "The Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave?" Or, have we [already] become: "The Land Of The Chicken and Home Of The Slave?" I must say, the future of Freedom in America doesn't look too promising to me....


  1. Go live in another country for a few years. You'll come back with a new appreciation of the freedom you enjoy in this country.

    (P.S. Our President's first name has a c in it... Barack.)

  2. The misspelling is intentional, thank you very much. "Barak Obama" has a better Key Word Index Ratio than "Barack Obama" does. Apparently, Americans prefer the typo. lol

  3. Beginning with 9/11, we seem determined to give up as many freedoms as possible as quickly as possible. It is getting harder not to sink into pessimism each day.

  4. Perhaps, that explains the dramatic increase in the national suicide rate? Hmmm.... However, we need not be afraid. For we have been forewarned of these exact times, long ago. See the following link:


  5. You ask if prolonged detention and RFID chips are really the future of America. Where have you been? That is the present day reality of not just America but all consumerist societies. For instance, RFID chips have been around for decades now and are in almost everything we own from the clothes we wear to the vehicles we drive.
    Is the notion of your existence being just another set of fields in a database disturbing to you? Well, to society that is all an individual is. The only way people can truly be free is to have no freedoms. That is one of the 13 Great Paradoxes.

  6. Had you watched the video, you would have realized that the issue wasn't about RFID Chips being placed in consumer items - for whatever purpose - but rather, being implanted in the people. There is a definite difference between these two divergent concepts.


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