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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Too Big To Fail" - Governmental and Corporate Conspiracy

What is truly behind the ever-increasing rise of our Modern Corporations? How did they get so big and tremendously complex? Are any of them, "Too Big To Fail," and if so, why are our leaders consolidating them even further? What does it all mean for our ongoing political future? And will National Sovereign-ties survive the inevitable monopolization of an entire planet's natural resources? These are all excellent questions, to consider....

For thousands of years, man has sought out numerous ways to unite the Earth under one political banner! He has tried: Imperial Conquest [through wars], Dynastic Control [through intermarriages], Religious Conquest [through dogmatic edicts], Financial Control [through leveraging great wealth], and Colonial Accumulation [through relocating domestic populations]... and every effort has failed - for various reasons - to accomplish this one true goal. As most political leaders are so fond of saying, "The End Justifies The Means..." and they all have one highly focused desire in each of their minds! Nor, do most of them, even care, who ultimately accomplishes it.

The resurrection of "Babylon The Great" is their one and only Religious and Political Agenda. To harness the synergistic energies of All Humanity under one centralized and highly focused leadership is: "An End, Which Justifies Any Means [Necessary To Obtain It]...." Imagine the Authorities and Powers at such an organization's disposal. In time, anything at all - even the dimmest and most fanciful of dreams - could be honestly accomplished, by a truly united and organized human collective! This is the real vision, behind all of these continual political efforts.

Just look at the types of things, which we have accomplished already - while dealing with myriads of humanly devised, but altogether necessary geo-political inefficiences. However, with a solitary executive at the top - providing one authoritarian and totalitarian leadership - every human effort and energy can be channeled precisely where it is needed. No effort at all, need be wasted on personal or individually trivial matters. The eventual conquests of: Time, Space, and The Multiverse [itself] are all within man's grasp - if this vision can be fully realized upon the Earth.

Of course, the reason that, every past effort to achieve this agenda has failed is due to man's own inner desires toward Individual and Personal Freedom. No one wants to willingly cede his own: Authority, Power, and Control over the environment, surrounding himself personally. The very concept is troubling to many all across our world... and with inherently very good reasons. Nothing [honestly] good has ever come from Individual Political Enslavement! That which is considered beneficial to one, has been historically quite heinous and/or egregious to another.

For everyone who benefits greatly, thousands will necessarily suffer most horribly - at the hands of their Tyrannical and All Powerful Superiors. Although the majority might be questioned, or consulted - the one director at the top will set the overall agenda and even the acceptable planetary standards. This is the True Cost of accepting The Authority and Power of just such a system... and, to most of us, that price is far too steep!

The failure of Imperial Conquest - through wars - resulted from the utter brutality being displayed in its own humanly destructive actions. The problems with Dynastic Control - through intermarriage - revolved around the individual personalities and objectives of these continually interbred leaders. The difficulties with Religious Conquest - through dogmatic edicts - were of deeply ingrained conscience. The inherent flaw of Financial Control - through the leveraging of great wealth - was founded upon the lack of physical control. And the weakness of Colonial Accumulation - through relocating domestic populations - was the one of maintaining a continuous homogeneity.

Consequently, none of these past systems of control were politically workable - over the longer terms necessary to obtain total control! What was needed was a system which could operate independently and externally of all of these other political control systems. The rise of The Modern Corporation was the next evolutionary result into this "Ongoing War Over Man's Individual Freedom." By controlling all of the Earth's necessary physical resources, everyone will be forced to individually submit... even the nations must capitulate peaceably, or face political and economic ruin - at some future point.

It was the perfect measure of Political and Economic Control and a worldwide, or planetary, government could finally and peaceably be achieved. The "New World Order" system is that plan - as it is currently unfolding - upon a planetary scale! Moreover, it has taken a tremendous amount of: Energy, Effort, and Wealth to finally begin to achieve it. Meanwhile, as the various groups working so energetically to accomplish it near the completion of their fully intended task, they are growing quite reckless in their overall eagerness to see it finally being accomplished.

Thus, many of us are now noticing their increasingly erratic behaviors at fulfilling this very obsessive task. And yet, this is a calculated risk that they'll gladly now take - since they are now so close that, they can see it fully breaking forth on humanity's historic horizon. All that they now need, is a little more time to accomplish their openly humanistic tasks... and labeling you all: "Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists," "Domestic Terrorists," and "Trouble Makers" is largely buying them this very necessary time!

How did our Modern Corporations get so big? It was a Governmental and Corporate Conspiracy - from the very beginning! The laws were changed precisely to ensure this eventual physical outcome. They want them, "Too Big To Fail," because it is their ticket to achieving Worldwide Authority and Power. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt plainly stated, "In the areas of government and politics, nothing happens by chance." Moreover, almost every American President offered up clues to this ongoing political dilemma. Although virtually all of them were Freemasons and had taken strict personal oaths of silence [under penalty of death], they could offer us clues and pray for us finally understanding them more fully.

Even many among them in Hollywood, have directed expensive and blockbuster parables - to open up our eyes - to what is fully going on around us. Movies, such as: Star Wars, Avatar, The Matrix, V Is For Vendetta and hundreds of other blockbuster films, display these ever recurring themes over and over again. They dare not speak out directly [upon these things], since everyone who does is permanently and effectively being silenced. Even President John F. Kennedy wasn't safe, after having spoken out against them.

And yet, it is important to note - that among all of these highly intertwined and interlinked Secret Societies - very few of them are actually aware of just who is paying for and pulling the actual strings. Who is the actual power, behind: "All Of The Earth's Thrones?" Who is it that, controls the: Bankers, Corporations, Political Parties, Governments, and the various Secret Society Organizations? For, at the top of every Pyramid is a man... and this one is particularly "Evil!" Open your Bibles and read them....

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