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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The True Dangers Of American Bureaucracy

The Bureaucratic System is patently un-American.
Although many Americans have grown increasingly frustrated with our American Bureaucratic System over the last couple of decades, most are simply resigned to the fact that this is merely the cost of existing in a modern and democratic society. But, is it? Is "Bureaucracy" a functionally necessary part of the modern democratic process? And if so, what real function does it honestly and truthfully serve? More importantly, is it even a constitutionally recognized form of governmental authority and power? Let's explore these questions and more... while turning our attention to, "The True Dangers Of Our American Bureaucracy."

The purpose of Bureaucracy is to create a top down pyramidal structure - wherein orders may given to those beneath - in which all commands may be issued upon a need to know basis and each succeeding level downward may be compartmentalized with respect to the amount [or level] of knowledge being given. To put it simply:

Bureaucracy Is "The Methodology Of Secret Societies"

For Instance:
  • The Executive at the top wants a Nuclear Weapon to be built to destroy another country.
  • The DOD is told to build one - for unstated reasons of executive necessity.
  • One Contractor is ordered to build a rocket motor Propulsion system - for whatever potential payload.
  • Another Contractor is ordered to build a guidance system for a missile - of some unknown type.
  • Yet another Contractor is told to build a nuclear device of a set size and megaton payload.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of scattered employees build individual components - for dozens of unnamed and unexplained devices - as ignorantly uninformed participants.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Real American Is Now Moving Up To Videos

"The Real American"
For those of you, who have been following The Real American's internet presence over the last 8 months, you have probably noted that my: organizational skills, writing style, and online capabilities have been largely and rapidly improving. Let's face it, folks, my blogs have improved considerably, my postings are becoming more functionally informational, and I am finally beginning to get noticed online! And either it's a complete and total fluke, or my overall ranking in the search engines has [even] begun to increase substantially, as well. We are now on the very first page, for a number of search-able terms, and in the very first position for some.

As one, of over 30 million Unemployed Americans, I started out with nothing but a computer and a dream - to largely assist my fellow hurting Americans. That vision was to provide an open and unrestricted outlet for The Truth, as our ancestors understood it to be and as many of us continue to understand it. Whether it is "Politically Correct," or not, is entirely irrelevant - while honestly considering our current dilemma! Of course, The Truth has seldom [if ever] been politically correct in any nation and particularly in ours....

  • If Equality Under The Law is politically incorrect, then so be it. It is still "The Law" - even when we continually fail to acknowledge it!
  • If Our Freedom Of Speech is now being viewed as "Domestic Terrorism" - by those at the top - then they better start reading those documents that they've sworn to willingly uphold and protect!
  • And if Our Newspapers and Media Outlets are refusing to do their own assigned jobs, then others will inevitably step up and do it for them. Freedom Of The Press doesn't belong to our corporate conglomerates alone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Two Party System Is A Practical Reality

Career Politicians learn the rules fast, or go bust
Contrary to what we so often hear, there is no officially sanctioned "Two Party System" in the United States of America. Nor, has there ever been one as such. What there really is, is a political reality. In every properly functioning democracy there are always numerous voices seeking to be heard... and so it is in ours. Throughout our illustrious history, we have had no fewer than five political parties at any given time. And at other times, we have had even more than that! So why do we always hear about the so-called Two Party System... and to [honestly] what does it refer?

Our nation, unlike many other political democracies, was not designed for rule by a coalition or even parliamentarian government. The Electoral System - which was set into place at the time of our founding - requires our executive leadership to have more than fifty percent of our votes, to govern at the time of election. In fact, our use of electors - rather than Total Popular Votes - was primarily to assure this singular outcome. Otherwise, multiple candidates would lead to a potential "Total Deadlock" - under just such a political system. It is important to note, that Electors do not ever have to vote the same as their home State constituencies.

Bush Derangement Syndrome, Or BDS, Still Plagues Our Nation

The development of the recent social disorder known as B.D.S., or "Bush Derangement Syndrome," is significant in many historical ways. First, it is shared by the members of both: The Far Left and The Far Right. Second, the reason behind it seems to be coming from both opposite and oppose-able political directions. Third, the resultant level of anger and resentment became an epidemic quite rapidly nationwide. Finally, and perhaps strangest of all, it has very little to do with President George W. Bush directly.

The term itself, may be factually attributed to Dr. Charles Krauthammer - a former psychiatrist and conservative political columnist - who defined it as being: "The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush" - back in 2003. Moreover, he also noted this equally shared: Far Left and Far Right Antipathy - while the American Middle continued in staunchly and stoically propping him up - at the time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Do States Have The Right Of Secession

"Civil War" battle scene, circa 1860-1865.
With American Politics heating up, for the first time in a century and a half, many Americans are now revisiting the same political questions as our earlier ancestors. Among these very troubling issues are: Hard-Lined State Sovereignty, Jurisdictional Nullification, and [even] Lawful Secession. The fact, that our Federalized Republican Union is increasingly forcing these issues - by its overbearing and all encompassing political nature - is now well established... for such drastic political measures aren't easily, or lightly, being considered by anyone.

After all, our last attempt at peaceably walking away from an ongoing political argument, resulted in America's most destructive war upon historical record! Like an: abusive, compulsive, and obsessive spouse - our Federal Government doesn't believe in divorce and the Supreme Court is largely afraid of her, for very good reasons. In such instances, they do not have any real enforcement mechanism at their own political disposal! Without an ability to back up their decisions, they are forced to concede whatever points are dictated upon America's inevitable battlefields. Case in point, the Supreme Court Decisions upon Tribal and State Sovereignty [respective to the actions of 1838 and 1860], which simply read:
  • "Had the Office of The Presidency, or Congress, not had such political authorities and powers - then it couldn't have factually done so."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Controversy Over President Obama’s Birth Status Heats Up

Col. Terrence Lakin - US Army.
The "Birth-er Controversy" - surrounding President Barrack H. Obama's eligibility for holding Presidential Office - is continuing to heat up, thanks to the ongoing court martial case of Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin. When Army Col. Denise R. Lind denied Col. Lakin's defense attorney the right to obtain potentially exculpatory evidence - upon the grounds, that Obama's birth records could "Prove Embarrasing" - she not only denied a Fundamental Right under the Unified Code of Military Justice, but provided even more growing fuel for this ongoing political controversy.

The real question upon everyone's mind is: "For whom would they prove to be most politically embarrassing..." The White House - who refuses to disclose Obama's birth records; and thus to, end the controversy once and for all... The United States Military - for arguably questioning the status of their Commander In Chief... our current President Barrack Obama - who could theorhetically be forced to step down from his current political office... or, The Democratic Party - for knowingly fielding an illegal candidate, to this highly-important and constitutionally protected position? In a "Worse Case Scenario," any and/or all of them could substantially suffer from the much-needed public humiliation!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bethere2day Blog Site Hits One Out Of The Park

Political Humor helps us keep our sanity.
While doing my "daily clicks" for Entrecard, I stopped in at the bethere2day blog site, which is one of the funniest around online. All that guy does is write and post jokes... and his frequently bust my sides with their very good nature humor. His newest joke today was about Doctors and Politicians , and I really loved it! I don't usually recommend other people's blogs, but there are always an exceptional few. This one, however, is exceptional and should be bookmarked and checked regularly for its frequent updates.

Bear in mind, that bethere2day isn't in the least bit politically oriented as far as humor blogs go. But, its sharp and biting wit is always worth a regular daily reading! I try not to miss it most days, and I absolutely love searching through its extensive archives of jokes. It is also an equal party offender in all areas of political correctness. A truly monumental plus, for those of us who are sick of all the propagandistic drivel being largely passed off as supposedly non-biased humor. If you are looking for something funny to mellow out with, then I [honestly] think you'll enjoy it. As far as Entrecard Sites go, this one is top notch!

Leave your comments and tell me what you think....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Constitutional Issues: A Right To Privacy

Right To Privacy is protection from Covetousness.
Among the most important Constitutional Issues - which we are now facing today - is the rapidly growing loss of our Individual Right To Privacy. Although many Americans no longer understand the relative importance of such sacrosanct personal freedoms and rights, our much wiser ancestors fully realized their ongoing necessity - towards establishing: a peaceful, stable, and productive society. As a predominantly Judeo-Christian people, they understood the readily-apparent social dynamics surrounding The Tenth Commandment given by Yahweh to All Israel [both: Christians, and Jews]. Greed isn't a problem of Capitalism, but rather a spiritual one.

The religious principle of: "Thou Shalt Not Covet," is one of properly aligned personal and societal focus. Rather than looking lustfully towards our neighbors on the left, or the right - for unrighteous and illegitimate gains - societies are far more successful, when each individual focuses upon his or her own personal efforts toward long term happiness and financial success. Nothing good ever comes from spending too much time watching your neighbors! It always ends with, either: Gossip, Envy, Jealousy, Adultery, Crime, Unjust Governmental Legislation, and even Murder. None of which, is [in anywise] beneficial to our overall society at large. This is why we have always needed a Constitutional Right To Privacy.

"Eyes Forward" is often good advice.
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