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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Corporatism Isn't Capitalism, Nor Are Those Differences Even Close.

Corporatism isn't "Capitalism," it's Fascism.
The differences between Traditional Capitalism and Modern Corporatism may seem slight to the average ignorant American, but they are profoundly significant in every meaningful way! Capitalism is the process of Individual Freedom, acting within the lawful constraints of The Free Market, and dealing out punishment and/or reward based upon Personal Initiative. Whereas Corporatism is the process of Collectivized And Governmentally Chartered Business, acting without lawful consequence [or subjective liability] to Socially Manipulated Markets, and dealing out punishment and/or reward based upon purely Political Criteria.

Businesses cannot grow "Too Big To Fail" under Capitalism - where the size of every private company is quite naturally regulated by a man's [or certain group's] ability to raise his/her/their own necessary capitalization... where the Finite Lives of a company's private owners, are largely disruptive toward policies of negative social monopolization... and where the very real measures of legally quantifiable Criminal And Civil Liability, reinforce one's moral and ethical obligations toward overall society in general! This is the greatest verifiable strength of Traditional American Capitalism.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Upside-Down America Is Our Inverted American Reality

A New American Symbol for A New American Generation.
Welcome, my friends, to "Upside-Down America..." where, in all reality, the unreality of inverse reality has become our official reality! It is a land of infinitely expected surprises and totally unbounded surprised expectations; a nation, which has been: Enslaved by its own exercised freedom, Overtaxed by its own personal choices, Subjected to its own public servants, and Terrorized by its own lawful protectors. Nor, can it honestly and openly confront The Truth behind its own effective societal creation... that, "We The People" have been fully complicit, in its overall political development.

Upside-Down America represents the single greatest: Magic Trick, Sleight Of Hand, and/or Deceptive Illusion ever perpetrated upon any particular audience in history. In a nation of 300 Million Fools, virtually every Traditional American Institution currently possesses its own identical and yet mocking parody of blatant illusion. For instance, in our currently Upside-Down America, or our Inverted American Reality:

  •  We still have two mainstream and opposing political parties: The "Anarchist" Republicans [who proclaim themselves to be Inherently Conservative] and The "Socially Enslaving" Democrats [who call themselves Traditionally Liberal].
  • We still practice organized religion - albeit, The Gospel Of Greed has long ago supplanted The True Gospel of Christ, as honestly related in the scriptures.
  • We retain "The Freedom Of Individual Choice," from among any number of socially predefined and governmentally approved choices - in every single aspect of our well-regulated apolitical lives.
  • And we are still "A Nation Of Laws." Even though, the laws themselves are [by now] completely unconstitutional and/or highly unlawful as adjudged by: their letter, their spirit, and/or original intention.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fascism: A Product Of The Right, Or Of The Left

Were Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco Conservatives?
As far back as I can remember, over the course of my lifetime, I have heard it said all around me that: "Fascism is [by definition] a product of The Political Right," "Leftists have never embraced such socially damaging systems of Totalitarian and Authoritarian Control," and "It is the natural and militant outgrowth of: Fundamental Conservatism, Zealous Patriotism, Unrestrained Capitalism, and Purist Judeo-Christian Religion." Many, are quite adamant upon these particular points. But is this entirely [or even partially] true? Is Fascism really a product of The Political Right, or is it of The Left?

When studying the world's great fascists, from a distance, it becomes apparent that certain elements of: Conservatism, Patriotism, Capitalism, and Religion are essentially involved and largely employed by such a Totalitarian and Authoritarian Leadership. With respect to the "New Fascist Status Quo:" they will kill anyone who dares to question them, they demand total nationalistic loyalty, industry immensely benefits by the production of new military armaments, and religion becomes just another useful manipulative tool of the state.  

Friday, July 9, 2010

American Truth Site Gets An SEO Oriented Facelift

The Truth About America - without Introduction.
In our never ending efforts to balance the needs for providing the best informational source possible, with actually showing up in the all important search engines, The Truth About America has undergone yet another noticeable site modification. We hope that you'll be somewhat patient with us in this transitional period. As many of you are by now aware, the articles are usually well worth your personal forbearance.

The fact that, currently, more than one fifth of all our visitors remain on this site over an hour at one time and that almost as many are frequently repeating visitors - equally offers us an incentive to get this American Truth Blog just right - for all of our wonderful readers. So far, you  have remained a very loyal readership... and we are honestly hoping to keep it that way. Please feel free to comment, upon the: general look, ease of use, and overall functionality of this site at any given time. These changes aren't set in concrete and [in many ways] it's your site too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Just Doesn't Feel The Same Anymore

Remembering America, the way it used to be....
No matter how hard I try, Independence Day just doesn't have the same meaning to me anymore.... A lot has happened to this awe inspiring nation, in those intervening 234 years; much of it good, and a whole lot of it bad. Of course, in the 1960's and 1970's - when I was growing up - there was still just a hint of her previous glory. Religion was yet to be criminalized, and Politics was something most Americans could still discuss peaceably among themselves - on most occasions.

Sure, America wasn't perfect back then, but the terms: Common Sense, Individual Freedom, and Human Decency still held some cultural and traditional meaning. For the most part, our political leadership still made a halfhearted attempt to listen to the voters and [even occasionally] cast votes that reflected it. Consequently, when July 4th invariably came around, it was still a time of historic celebration. After all, America might not have been perfect, but it was still a far greater nation than any other on the face of the Earth! We could [certainly] settle for that: "Bring Out The Fireworks."

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