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Monday, May 24, 2010

Plantation System, Company-Store, Or Modern Corporation: The Un-Ending Adaptation Of Economic Slavery Systems

Whether we examine: The Plantation, Company-Store, or Modern Corporations - we will find that all three of these systems are fundamental economic structures designed to mitigate the moral and ethical requirements, in the area of paying humans, for their true costs of labor. Whereas, The Plantation System was a blatantly egregious, and obvious, incarnation of unwarranted economic servitude - The Company-Store System offered a certain quaint measure of respectability when looked at [merely] upon the surface, by outsiders. One did not readily see the mechanisms whereby the workers were truly and thoroughly enslaved. Thus, it flourished much longer!

However, the movement by Americans to unionize and collectively bargain - which began in the late 1800's - foreshadowed the end of a very abusive political era. Companies could no longer directly enslave their workers through monopolizing the communities and social institutions around them - for long. The people had finally figured out their playbook of strategies and something far more clever was sorely needed. That solution was provided in [the form of] "The Modern Corporation...."

The Modern Corporation was designed to maintain: The Executive and Pyramidal Control Functions of the "Old Style Plantation System," The Minimalization Of True Labor Expenses obtained through the "Company-Store Paradigm," and accomplish it through The Political Mechanisms of a Social-Fascist Government. Moreover, the actual model for doing so was honestly quite simple. Only nine [easily obtainable] political steps were necessary to devise this New System... and the decreasingly Economically Free Citizens of America would assist them in unknowingly implementing it.

Stage 1: Operate At The National Level
  1. Consolidate all of the private companies into several massive and nation-wide Corporate Entities.
  2. Adopt a Federal Reserve System of corporate bankers.
  3. Pass laws to impose a national taxation [the 16th Amendment].
  4. Eliminate State Representation in Congress [the 17th Amendment].
  5. Convince the people to adopt a Social-Fascist System. 
  6. Utilize these new governmental authorities and powers to stifle new competition.
  7. Create Federal programs of direct payment to the situationally impoverished [the New Deal / Great Society].
  8. Devise an inherently confusing and detailed tax code.
  9. Slowly reduce wages and benefits over time through monetary inflation.
Over time, a larger and larger share of Labor Costs would be spread out over the entire population of workers through their income taxation - while, the well-established corporations [at the top] could dodge these very same taxes, through ongoing political shell games. Meanwhile, as the slice of the worker's overall pie grew smaller, any new taxes [being imposed] could be passed right back through - to those very same workers - in the form of ever higher prices, for the commodities being sold.

Eventually, "The Middle Class" would be too economically diminished to fight back... "The Poor" would happily support those at the top... and the system would then be politically un-shakeable! After all, the career politicians - in charge - need both: Money and Votes... and The Corporations would then be the only ones, in any sort of position, to provide them. Catch-22....

As we can now see, this "New Deal / Great Society System" works quite well - for some of us... but, not nearly so good for still others. In fact, the natural evolution to just such a system is for these corporations to out grow all real societal boundaries and true political barriers! Meanwhile, the adoption of "Free Trade" is the Key Transitional Component to total Worldwide Economic Domination. As such, the Political and Economic Momentum is currently and strongly on their side.

Stage 2: Scale It To An International Level
  1. Pass "Free Trade Legislation" to eliminate all boundaries and barriers.
  2. Move outward into the International and Global Markets.
  3. Establish a Worldwide Economic System.
  4. Set up a worldwide banking system with One Common International Currency.
  5. Devise a worldwide or "New World Order" political system.
  6. Eliminate National Representation in its political body.
  7. Circumvent all local or regional political powers and authorities.
  8. Use monetary inflation to devaluate all costs of labor.

If we were to utilize "A Chess Game" as an analogy, then it is fairly safe to describe "The Board" - being currently positioned in this manner.... We currently have a King surrounded by some pawns. The Tea Party is our only other valuable piece - which is a "Knight." While our competitors control: "Their Queen," "Both Bishops," "Both Rooks," "Both Knights," and several of "Their Own Pawns...." The game is now looking quite grim... and "Checkmate" is just a few moves away!

At this point, I don't even know if America can win. The odds are stacked heavily against us! Although there are yet many "Pawns" to assist him, everything hinges upon the movement of that sole "Knight." He better, wake up fully, and start playing the game to win. In the meantime, we may reasonably expect to lose many more pawns in this last big battle. Although the adaptations may grow largely more complex - over time - Worldwide Economic Slavery continues to remain their objective Endgame Strategy!


  1. what is the point of all the lined out text?

  2. A very good question! Since my blog editor doesn't allow for notating checkmarks beside a necessarily completed step, I utilized the strike through text feature to point out each step having been already completed.

    You will notice that we are now awaiting the establishment of a worldwide standard currency as a prelude to the adoption of a One World Governmental System. Currently, they are working out the details for doing so through regional and continental trading blocks.

    However, we may expect this standardization to continue until all areas of the globe operate under one standardized currency.


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