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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bush Derangement Syndrome, Or BDS, Still Plagues Our Nation

The development of the recent social disorder known as B.D.S., or "Bush Derangement Syndrome," is significant in many historical ways. First, it is shared by the members of both: The Far Left and The Far Right. Second, the reason behind it seems to be coming from both opposite and oppose-able political directions. Third, the resultant level of anger and resentment became an epidemic quite rapidly nationwide. Finally, and perhaps strangest of all, it has very little to do with President George W. Bush directly.

The term itself, may be factually attributed to Dr. Charles Krauthammer - a former psychiatrist and conservative political columnist - who defined it as being: "The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush" - back in 2003. Moreover, he also noted this equally shared: Far Left and Far Right Antipathy - while the American Middle continued in staunchly and stoically propping him up - at the time.

Consider The Historical Facts:

When George W. Bush ran for Presidential Office, he ran as a Moderate and Social Conservative - like many Republicans before. This was perceived as wise move, running against then Vice-President Albert Gore Jr. - who was a Far Left Liberal and Extreme Environmentalist. Particularly so, following the eight years of domestic successes experienced under then President William Jefferson Clinton's more Moderate - though Left Of Center - rule. Although winning by a very slim margin of electoral votes didn't help, his real problems began when he ultimately took office. Neither: his more Conservative Political Base, nor his more Leftist Political Opponents [in their wildest imaginations], ever would have predicted what essentially happened next!

Whereas, many American Presidents have shifted their political leanings upon taking the oath of office... our common history being literally filled with them... in times past, such occurrences have been merely: a very practical, and ever so slight adjustment to the center, in order to maintain a centralized base of political support. However, President-Elect Bush had an agenda which no one - upon either: The Political Right, or The Left - had ever yet seen. He sought to smash the power base of the American Left and was willing to do almost anything to achieve this agenda! Being a newly elected president - of a party which already controlled Both Houses of Congress - George W. Bush set out to take away the strength of The Democratic Party through the systematic elimination of their own historical agenda.

In his first two years, he demanded funding for: Governmental Housing Assistance [for low income and minority families], Federal AIDS Drug Funding [for non-taxpaying and non-voting Africans], and Prescription Drug Card Benefits [for America's seniors] - among numerous other such things - all at public expense. This is strange enough behavior for a self-proclaimed "Socially Conservative" Republican... but these new expenses were huge, and they were being funded - in large part - by savings forcibly imposed upon the previous Democratic Administration; and utilizing the very same Republican Congress to do it! Not surprisingly, the "More Progressive" Democrats weren't in the least bit amused - by his self-aggrandizing political antics....

To make matters worse, his "New Package Of Tax Cuts" was designed in such a way, as to blackmail the American public - into reelecting the then Republican Majority for many years to come! In essence, George W. Bush had become - for all practical purposes - an openly Populist President with a: "Rubber Stamping," and "Left Of Center" Republican Congress. The American Left was infuriated beyond all imagination of rational [or even coherent] situational belief! On the one hand, they had to support his honestly Leftist Agenda - or else, risk losing their carefully crafted political following... On the other hand, this "End Run" - around them - threatened their political relevance and possible future survival. As their frustration and anger grew out of all boundaries and proportion, a complete and utter hatred was born!

The "Karl Rove Strategy":

You see, the further "Left" Bush moved his own party, the further "Left" the Democrats themselves would have to remain largely and openly positioned... and the average American voter isn't [honestly] a blatant Socialist, or a flaming Communist. And yet, there are certain forces within The Democratic Party - which largely fund it - that do hold such personal ideologies; and these forces must be continually cultivated and catered to - in order for them to survive politically. Thus, these more leftist Republican concessions, must be interpreted as: "A Go Sign," within their political circles and they are then essentially being forced into an untenable position - choosing between more political funding, or the more mainstream political votes necessary to win.

This was the nefarious "Karl Rove Strategy" in a nutshell... and it worked way too damn well - against The Democratic Party, as it was continually being forced to largely redefine itself further and further to the left. From Bush's personal perspective, Rove was a strategic genius - unparalleled in our entire American history! After all, any prospective Democratic Presidential Candidate would have to run to the left of him and the American political electorate was far too "Rightward Leaning" to support one - doing so - all things being considered relatively equal. He [honestly] figured that the very next election would be decided by a landslide. And yet, little did he know, that just as much trouble was brewing within his own Republican Party.

In the eyes of many Political Conservatives, Bush was equally raising their blood pressure significantly. They couldn't believe what was happening; and they initially attempted to handle it all with denial. The excuses that were made for his ongoing decisions were: "He is just doing it because it is inevitable," or "Imagine if we had elected Al Gore!" The Conservative Base was becoming very angry.... But, what could they factually do about it?

Whether consciously aware of doing it, or not, is largely: personal, subjective, and unknown... but, in either case, they decided to send President Bush and his rubber stamping friends in Congress a very stern political warning message. The Republican "Contract With America" had been broken and largely forgotten, by this new Republican Congress. But the voters remembered it quite well; and millions refused to go to the polls at the very next midterm election.

For all the insulting threats of: "You had better vote for us, or else," - being made by Members Of Congress and Republican Party Hacks, scattered all across our land - the republican majority was doomed by its own political success and excesses. Had the American people truly wanted the more leftist Democrats running things, then they would have placed them there... and in the clearest statement possible to President George W. Bush and his Congress, they ultimately did! The "Balance Of Power" had once again shifted. Moreover, Bush's expected landslide re-election was ultimately decided by even fewer total votes than it was before. The "Karl Rove Strategy" had backfired, but the continually strategizing Republicans still couldn't believe it.

Enter The New "American Tea Party:"

The amazing part is that a majority in the Republican Leadership still simply don't get it! America doesn't need two "Leftist Political Parties." To many sincere Americans, [even] one is already far too many. The Truth About America is that, even before such insane and idiotic tactics, were rammed down the throats of the voters, The Republican Party was already perceived as being no different from its competition - in very fundamental and significant ways. Both mainstream parties are now living embodiments to a Fascist and Tyrannical State run amok... one is [merely] more "Socialist" than the other. Neither party values: Individual Rights, or Constitutional Freedoms... and their collectively shared motto, has factually become: "Do whatever you want, as long as we both politically approve it!" And yet, to millions of Real Americans nationwide, that is not the America that we either: remember, accept, or [even] believe in.

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