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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bureaucracy: Agent Of Fascism

Of all the supposed building blocks of modern governmental Political and Economic construction, "The Bureaucratic Structure" is the one which people around the globe marvel at most - for numerous obvious reasons. For one thing, they have absolutely nothing else to do, while waiting extensively in all of those damn lines. For, another, they marvel at how remarkably inefficiently the simplest of tasks can invariably be accomplished. But, mostly, they wonder about [precisely] how, and why, did these monstrous constructions come about....

Of course, these are all excellent questions! However, many of us will think even a few levels deeper.... Why are they so prevalent everywhere you can go on our planet? How come the various different forms of government are all imposing the very same Political and Economic Structures? How can one basic structure operate - albeit, equally screwed up - under all of those divergent political systems? And, precisely, what overall function does it ultimately serve?

Bureaucracy is the very Foundational Structure of Fascism! Its purpose is to directly: manipulate, regulate, and control every human aspect of a given society. Thus: Totalitarian, Despotic, and Tyrannical Governments are drawn to its implementation - like "Ants To A Picnic." Think about it.... What do: Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Fascists, and Social Fascists all have in common? A need to thoroughly: Regiment, Regulate, and Manipulate their political electorates - while directing the inevitable political backlash away from themselves! It's just the system, after all... you must have, simply, fallen through the cracks - my friend/comrade/amigo.

Just like "The Corporate Structure [itself]," it separates our actual representatives from any: Direct Control, Authority, or Responsibility - over the actual strings of Political and Economic power. Under such a cleverly devised system, governments can operate themselves - without considerations of: human feelings, or moral and ethical conscience. Consequently, it is the very best agency of Tyranny - ever, yet, devised by all of mankind!

In essence it is a Political and Economic Pyramid, with unelected and appointed executives sitting quite comfortably at the top of its wonderfully multi-layered and corporate structure. Thus, it is the height of nationalized political arrogance... and the ultimate goal of "Nationalism" itself! Not surprisingly, the NAZI's were masters at the creation and implementation of governmental bureaucracies. It is what assisted in channeling away the most dangerous political and societal forces... and, what ultimately gave them such humanly destructive political power, even as Germany crumbled under its enemies thoroughly massive onslaught at its end!

The people had been "Divided and Conquered" so thoroughly, that even death at the hands of Hitler's [fully justified] enemies no longer scared them as much as [honestly] disappointing either: their leaders, or him. Pyramids are historically difficult or impossible to politically, or economically, topple... and after years of living under "A Police State," most Germans would rather take their chances fighting an obviously losing war. Nor, can we humanly blame them. Death - at the hands of our own government - is a powerful motivator for most of us!

Of course, The Bureaucracies Of Germany didn't start out with such obviously "Evil" intentions - at least, in the hearts and minds of the masses. They were created to accomplish "Good Things" - such as: streamlining and mandating national efforts, and other highly beneficial efficiencies.... And yet, the ones in charge - who so cleverly designed them - knew exactly for what purposes and intentions that they were invariably being devised. That is why they converted so readily and efficiently to entirely different functions, during the course of the war.

They provided The Corporations slave labor, assisted in disposing of public enemies, and provided a reliable source of: laborers, informants, and soldiers. They prevented any possibility of an uprising, directed the allocation of resources and capital, and ensured numerous luxuries for those at the top - even when Berlin [itself] was now crumbling. Such are the advantages of those ever-accumulating governmental bureaucracies. Of course, "We The People" will inevitably suffer a certain amount of personal inconvenience - under such a structure - but, then again, Tyrannies are never terribly popular in the first place....

Today, in our Modern American Society, virtually everything is: regulated, mandated, and regimented - by some bureaucratic agency, or another. For, we have incorporated every valuable political and economic structure - we found throughout Germany - at the end of the war. We even brought many of their efficiency experts and scientists back here quite secretly. As did, of course, every single one of our military allies! England and Russia - also - benefited greatly, from this Supply of "Evil and Ill-Gotten Talent."

Even as Americans cannot quite grasp the true subtleties of our ever-changing nationalistic and politically driven bureaucratic governmental nature, seemingly altruistic agencies - such as FEMA - are morphing into characteristically different agencies altogether! But, of course, they are doing it remarkably smoothly - since they are merely transitioning into their fully intended functions, when created, so very long ago. This is what is referred to as, "The Shadow Government." Because they operate within the shadows, until their appropriate and/or appointed necessary time.

Meanwhile, almost all of the nations on Earth have moved to "The Bureaucratic Type System" in political expectation of the "New World Order" - which they cannot possibly mention often enough! Everyone everywhere is saying it, hell, even "The Terrorist's" own leaders.... You can watch it on Television, Hear it on the Radio, and read reference to it in every National Newspaper! "New World Order..." "Peace and Safety..." "New World Order..." "Peace and Prosperity..." "New World Order..." "Peace and Security!" Okay already, we get it... You are bent upon fulfilling "The Biblical Prophecy!"

How about this, being put in the Papers, or on Radio and TV: "Peace and Safety..." "Sudden Destruction..." "Peace and Safety..." "And Then The End Will Come..." "Peace and Safety..." "Alas, Babylon The Great Is Fallen..." "And All Of The Kings, Merchants, And Bankers, And All Of The Powerful And Great Men Wept... For Her Destruction Was So Great!" Nah, I guess not... it might sour, the whole ungodly agenda.


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