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Monday, August 2, 2010

Truth Behind American Taxation: Mass Economic Enslavement

Economic Servitude is just plain Slavery to most.
The Truth Behind American Taxation is Mass Economic Enslavement - being perpetrated upon a scale, far greater than any other of the previous attempts at imposing such a servile system in American history. Neither: the southern Plantation System, nor The Company/Stores of the north - could have so thoroughly enslaved the individual American; or been historically maintained in a time of rapid educational and technological advancement. Thus, a three track system had to be extensively devised.

This Three Track Political And Economic System, consists of the: Freemason Corporate Conglomeration, Public Social Empowerment, and Expansive Governmental Hegemony. Meanwhile, each of these three collectivist political and economic structures - of Masonic and Trinitarian design - is charged with focusing and channeling specific and naturally occurring political forces, which are fundamental to every human society in general. Its inherent advantages - with respect toward Totalitarian and Authoritarian Control - were not lost on those privileged individuals who had honestly envisioned it.

Although Franco, Mussolini, and Hitler were early leaders - into this field of Political and Economic experimentation - other, more cautious, Keynesian Adherents chose a slower and more all inclusive political approach. They fully understood, that by making more careful, highly calculated, and subtle alterations they could effectively lead the public into their own factual societal slavery - without the necessity of resorting to force in the earlier and more dangerous political stages of transition.

Moreover, the importance of doing so - in nations with a long and strong history of: Lawful Equality, Individual Rights, and Cultural Freedom - was of supreme magnitude... and such was the case, with: England, The United States, and numerous other Commonwealth Nations. This was, particularly, true of us surly Americans... for the mistake of moving too quickly - in our nation - would have set them back from their "One World Government" goals considerably! As everyone knows, Americans are amazingly tenacious once riled to considerable anger. Our military prowess, in several massive convulsions, has not gone largely unnoticed.

The first of these three foundational pillars - of Political and Economic Fascism - is the Modern Corporation. Moreover, it was devised and promulgated by their Masonic, Elitist, and Keynesian benefactors for precisely this one reason. Its advantages, in comparison to its Capitalist and privately owned economic predecessors: The Sole Proprietorship and Joint Company Partnership, were numerous - for the accomplishment of their ultimate political agenda. For instance, consider the following aspects built into the Modern Corporate Structure.

These Advantages Are:
  • Since Corporations are chartered as living entities by the States, their lawful existence and ties of proprietorial ownership are viewed as entirely separate legal jurisdictions. Their collectivized stockholders [or ownership classes] are exempt from all legal liability toward its day to day corporate actions.
  • The Corporate Board Of Directors is largely insulated and shielded from both: The Executive Actions Of Its Managerial Underlings, and Any Short-Term Obligations Toward Its Collectivized Owners.
  • And The Executive Management is free to operate without extensive interference into its daily actions - while accomplishing its two charter mandated goals: that of accomplishing the boards clearly directed dirty work, and attempting to justify itself through achieving a year end profit. The last goal is not always easy to accomplish, but is [also] decidedly secondary to this process.

Of course, these are just the most basic of their Modern Corporate Advantages. There have been far more built into this system politically, since its early inception. Moreover, they are of an increasingly beneficial nature to their Masonic and Corporate Engineers - as their well paid elected representatives add more legislation for their benefit progressively.

For Instance:
  • Since Corporations cannot die, they are exempt from all forms of Individual Inheritance, or Death Taxation. Thus, they obtain a remarkably helpful growth advantage over their non-incorporated competitors.
  • Corporations - being a net aggregator of economic and productive resources - can [normally] pass on all forms of taxation onto their end customers the consumer, merely by adjusting their prices. This is why corporate profit margins have remained an economic constant after almost a century of ever increasing taxation.
  • Corporations - being considered living entities, rather than [merely] proprietorial enterprises - are entitled to all the Rights of other Individual Citizens. Consequently, their much deeper pockets can be utilized to purchase massive political support for their own personal actions - even [from time to time] over the open protests of their own collectivized ownerships.

When considering all of these obvious advantages, it is easy to see why so many privately held companies can no longer seem to successfully compete in our International Economic Marketplace. This is [factually] a preplanned obsolescence, by largely collusive political design. Both of our Democratic and Republican Leaderships are fully aware of these facts, and have benefited greatly from its fully intentional systematic implementation. After all, they were the Political Parties that extensively engineered it - over this carefully manipulated and cultured political period.

The second of these three foundational pillars - of Political and Economic Fascism - is Social Empowerment. By appealing to the public's natural sense of greed and by building their foundational structures upon our inherent desires for: peace, stability, and prosperity - they were able to: divide us politically, create ever-increasing levels of societal stratification, and manipulate us into adopting increasing complex levels of indirect societal enslavement - as individual property owners and taxpayers.

The Advantages Of These Political Successes Are:
  • Resources may be covertly channeled away from The Middle Class: workers, taxpayers, and voters - through a plethora of societal programs - under the auspices of exstensively "Soaking The Rich."
  • Decreasing Wages, Benefits, and Pay Scales - due to Corporate greed - may be subsidized at public expense through socialized programs and passed on to The Middle Class Taxpayer.
  • Taxation upon individual and personal property can force far more Americans to retain their positions in the workplace and thus generate more taxes overall - in the course of their productive lifetimes.
  • Meanwhile, each generation of The Middle Class will grow weaker and weaker through Inheritance Taxation... and thus, become decreasingly of a threat toward the elitist and established Upper Class in America.

The third of these three foundational pillars - of Political and Economic Fascism - is Expansive Governmental Hegemony... which, contrary to numerously social deceptive political policies, isn't the enemy of our Modern Corporations - that so many of us [falsely] perceive. Although it is highly detrimental to those rising Independent Entrepeneurs - among America's upwardly mobile Middle Class - it is honestly designed to benefit the Masonic Corporations and provide them a Systemic Wall Of Protection, from their up and coming new competitors. These massive Corporations are not "Too Big To Fail" by mere political accident.

Consider The Following Political Facts:
  • The Sherman Anti-Trust Act has existed since shortly after The American Civil War... and yet, it has seldom been ever utilized - unless to punish certain parties who have stepped politically out of line with respect to either: The Masonic Political Agenda, or when the American Public was thoroughly aroused against them personally.
  • Throughout our entire political history, The Masonic Corporations have been largely ignored by their supposedly vicious federal regulators - until a major disaster ultimately occurs. These are just a few recent of the very examples: Enron, Worldcom, Arthur Anderson, Bernie Madoff, Freddie Mac, Fannie May, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, Indymac, AIG, and British Petroleum.
  • And, in an age when Modern Corporations are supposedly "Too Big To Fail," our government continually authorizes their further acquisitions and mergers. This should honestly explain it all!

Meanwhile, the interconnectedness and immensely symbiotic dynamics of these three foundational structures is the formative genesis of the much ballyhooed "New World Order" - spoken of so glowingly by our increasingly happy and overly excited political leadership. For they know precisely what it is that they are doing! As FDR stated: "Absolutely nothing in government or politics happens by accident." The entire treatise of John Maynard Keynes, and the scads of political and financial formulations behind Keynesian Economics, was to artificially construct this One World Order - through the overall destruction of our historic and far more economically efficient systems of True Capitalism and Individual Freedom.

The Truth Behind American Taxation is Economic Enslavement For The Masses - while increasingly strengthening Elitist: Economic, Societal, and Political Control - in the prelude to A Worldwide Totalitarian Dictatorship, called [euphemistically]: "The New World Order." The Truth About America is merely this - when properly examined - by following all of that constantly moving money. Anyone who begs to differ upon these political particulars, is either: lying to protect their own particular interests, terrified of the public finding out too soon, or far too uninformed to comprehend what is factually going on around us. So thinks, The Real American.

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