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Monday, July 19, 2010

Upside-Down America Is Our Inverted American Reality

A New American Symbol for A New American Generation.
Welcome, my friends, to "Upside-Down America..." where, in all reality, the unreality of inverse reality has become our official reality! It is a land of infinitely expected surprises and totally unbounded surprised expectations; a nation, which has been: Enslaved by its own exercised freedom, Overtaxed by its own personal choices, Subjected to its own public servants, and Terrorized by its own lawful protectors. Nor, can it honestly and openly confront The Truth behind its own effective societal creation... that, "We The People" have been fully complicit, in its overall political development.

Upside-Down America represents the single greatest: Magic Trick, Sleight Of Hand, and/or Deceptive Illusion ever perpetrated upon any particular audience in history. In a nation of 300 Million Fools, virtually every Traditional American Institution currently possesses its own identical and yet mocking parody of blatant illusion. For instance, in our currently Upside-Down America, or our Inverted American Reality:

  •  We still have two mainstream and opposing political parties: The "Anarchist" Republicans [who proclaim themselves to be Inherently Conservative] and The "Socially Enslaving" Democrats [who call themselves Traditionally Liberal].
  • We still practice organized religion - albeit, The Gospel Of Greed has long ago supplanted The True Gospel of Christ, as honestly related in the scriptures.
  • We retain "The Freedom Of Individual Choice," from among any number of socially predefined and governmentally approved choices - in every single aspect of our well-regulated apolitical lives.
  • And we are still "A Nation Of Laws." Even though, the laws themselves are [by now] completely unconstitutional and/or highly unlawful as adjudged by: their letter, their spirit, and/or original intention.

Let's face it, folks, Our Traditional America is now very much dead... and her real enemies - The Freemason Democratic Republicans - have accomplished this through placating our own: selfish, greedy, and self-destructive lusts - for that, which never was ours in the very first place. We have found out - like foolishly hungered Esau - that the soup, being so deceptively provided, wasn't even [really] that good! Meanwhile, the question on everyone's minds is now what to do about it... and again - like foolish Esau - we are finding that our options are [in fact] quite few. Ah, the bitterness of wandering along, lost, in our complete and utter ignorance....

And yet, what did we honestly expect - when we first started down the path toward cultural and societal wickedness? Our Enlightened Ancestors continually reminded us, that: "There is no such thing as a Truly Free Lunch." They continually exhorted us to be: Disenchanted by popular democracy, Disdainful of social divisiveness, and Distrustful of governmental solutions... and they largely expounded upon the Beneficient Principles Of: Capitalism, Freedom, Individuality, Equality, Brotherhood, and Love. And yet, in our lewdness, we have ignored every solitary principle upon which this nation was so firmly founded!

To what eventual purpose, have we so effectively done so? Are we now so much better off, politically and socially, for having so fully embraced: Corporatism over Capitalism, Social Empowerment over Freedom, Political Correctness over Individuality, Activism over Equality, Multiculturalism over Brotherhood, and Governmental Appeasement over Love? Let us openly consider and thoughtfully evaluate these "Cause and Effect" societal factors quite honestly. When we factually do so, the glaringly obvious results boil down to these readily observed and easily understood Truths.... Do they not?

  • Our Corporations have abused, manipulated, extorted, robbed, and/or simply abandoned us to our own personal economic injury. 
  • Our desire for Social Empowerment has forged the chains of situational bondage, which now so exasperatingly bind us. 
  • Political Correctness is now thoroughly codified into our laws and defining us as "Domestic Terrorists" - for openly speaking our own minds.
  • Our Activism empowers the most glaringly wicked among us, while persecuting those who would defend America's True Founding Principles.
  • Unchecked Multiculturalism has brought about the angered cohabitation of total strangers - in a land once dedicated, to the very principled promotion of social and world peace.
  • And the policy of Governmental Appeasement has led us to the brink of utter societal collapse and substantial economic ruin. 

"The Great Social Experiment" is now fully over, brothers and sisters, and we have clearly documented the results. What more do we [honestly] need to learn? The only continuing lessons, that we may now ultimately obtain, are in respect to: "The Total Depth Of Human Depravity, such a great nation may be effectively brought to before its total and inevitable destruction." Do we really need to go there, before taking systemically corrective action? Must we wait until every last vestige of our Traditional American Society crumbles, before standing upon our rooftops and shouting: "We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore...?"

Upside-Down America represents everything that Our Founding Fathers factually stood against! It is a mockery of: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality... it is an objectionable parody of the Idealistic Principles which firmly established it... it is an egregious affront to the ongoing sensibilities of all humankind... and it is an utter abomination before Yahweh [God]. Contrary to Reverend Jeremiah Wright's seemingly recent prophetic announcement, God need not [even] bother: "Damning America..." for we have already [quite effectively] done it to our own selves. We have scattered our seeds to The Wind, and we shall soon reap The Whirlwind of our own tragic creation.

Perhaps, we should take pride in such an amazingly remarkable accomplishment? For is the very height of our own arrogant cleverness, which has brought this abomination so fully about. It was not the sole actions of the Freemason Democratic Republicans alone, which invariably wrought these substantial societal changes. No sir, a multitude of our brothers and sisters openly: aided, abetted, and assisted them - while condemning those of us who so boldly attempted to speak up. Therefore, in honor of all you currently "Upside-Down Americans," I  propose that we, your "Real American" cousins, consider paying you the respect and cultural homage due you! After all, it is the very least that we can do as your fellow Socially Enslaved Americans....

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