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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Are The Domestic Terrorists - In America Today

Considering all of the talk about Domestic Terrorism and the numerous allusions to American Terrorists - by our governmental leaders and the mainstream media - it seems quite relevant to properly nail down the subject of: "To whom are they commonly referring...." Since FEMA has quietly budgeted numerous covert infrastructural projects over the last ten years - while our roads and bridges were openly deprived of equally important and necessary funding - the national threat must be significant! Meanwhile, as Patriotic Americans, we must be ever vigilant in upholding our Freedoms from those who would [honestly] endanger them. Consequently, "We The People " must remain ever vigilant to such threats.

I [for one] will not stand for the scourge of Terrorism being inflicted upon: myself, my family, or my community - in the name of Allah, or anyone else! This is The Land of: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality - lest, we forget it... and I, like all of you, have certain expectations of maintaining that Enlightened American Ideal. Therefore, let us consider their most recent political references - in an effort to gain some much-needed insight into this very important question!
 According to these political and media elites, these dangerous Domestic Terrorists possess certain verifiable and definable character traits - which we can all very easily spot!  

These are:
  • A compelling or overriding desire to effect: true, substantial, and/or valuable political change in our society at large.
  • Vocally outspoken in expressing their growing political desires. 
  • Possessing of an audacity to speak with other like minded individuals across our nation. 
  • Exercising their Rights - under The Second Amendment - to own weapons
  • Encouraging others to more closely scrutinize our own political leadership.
  • Utilizing The Internet to disseminate their Terror Inflicting Ideas.
  • Upsetting the general societal peace Through Protests.
  • Demanding their State governmental protections.
  • Reading Federally banned Terrorist Materials.
  • Quoting from such materials.
  • Unresponsive to Lawful Public Orders by the Police.
  • Illegally Filming and Video Taping private governmental activities.
Do these individuals sound, the least bit, familiar? Of course, they do.... They're talking about us! "We The People" - who would preserve the Traditional American form of Lawful and Constitutional Government - are those aforementioned Domestic Terrorists... while those - who would establish an Un-Constitutional and International Fascist Dictatorship - are the real good guys!  Now, how's that, for being backwards? Wake Up, America!

    1 comment:

    1. A terrorist is anyone who induces terror in another. That means the definition is subjective and it is dependent upon the perception of the terrorized and not the perception of the terrorist. The result, a situational, one size fits all, perpetually sliding scale of political convenience.

      Just remember: I am terrorized therefore you are, not you terrorize therefore I am. -Vulcan420


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