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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The False Left / Right Paradigm In Action

"The Phariseaical Liberal Mindset."
Recently, while surfing the web, I dropped in at Harrison Price's blog site: "Just Politics..?." As he has a very unique style and wit, I frequently do so - to my own personal benefit. The article that caught my undivided attention, this time, entitled: "Examining My Country, Right or Wrong" is both logically presented and extremely well written. In it, he shares the popular misconceptions of many [currently] disenfranchised Americans. He firmly envisions the debate as revolving around the two issues of: "Liberalism" verses "Conservatism...."

Whereas, many of my more loyal readers already know, The Two Dominant Political Parties are neither: "Liberal," nor "Conservative" - by any qualitative, or quantitative, unit of political and statistical measure. Liberalism holds no higher: Ideal, Goal, Aim, or Purpose than protecting the Freedoms and Rights of the Individual Citizen, or Solitary Human. Its root, which is Liberty, literally means "Individual and Personal Freedom." Since "Social Empowerment" must necessarily occur at the expense of The Individual's Own Freedoms and Rights, such Democrat Policies are [factually] "Anti-Liberal!"

Of course, the [self-proclaimed] Conservatives realistically don't fare any better. The basis for American Conservatism is Our Grand Constitutional Document... ironically, the most Liberal of its kind, on Earth! It was written to protect our Individual Freedoms and Rights - from the very abuses we now see.... In that way, True Conservatives and True Liberals are actually the same Freedom Loving and Law Abiding types of Individuals! To be a "Conservative American" is a very Liberal Action... and to be a "Liberal American" is the highest Conservative Ideal.

The Democrats and Republicans are [simultaneously]: Anti-Liberal, Anti-Conservative, Anti-American, and Agenda Driven Extremists. They are taking away Our Freedoms and Rights... they are seizing Our Wealth and Property... they are violating Every Principle Our Enlightened Ancestors Held Sacred... and they are Destroying Our Nation from within! More importantly, however, "We The People " - in our ignorance - have failed to hold them largely accountable. May God have mercy on us all....


  1. It seems to me much gets lost in the act of arguing over meanings of words. While people feel the need to categorize and label everything according to very strict, unyielding terms, inevitably, others often choose not to abide by those categories and labels. Sometimes this is accomplished merely by changing the meaning of the labels rather than the characteristics of what has been labeled. That is called marketing and politics. Words only represent ideas though and people can see when a vocal sound or visual icon doesn't represent what their idea is.

    So to spend much time eliciting on how the terms liberal and conservative and democrat and republican don't adhere to a definition of the term taken at some point in time of your choosing is irrelevant to the concepts and ideas they represent. It only denigrates the argument from one of ideas and principles to one of terms and definitions. This is how politics has become what it is.

    So now you have explained to us how the Republicans and Democrats are not really conservatives and they are not really liberals according to your terms. I do not disagree with your notion. But that does not change what they are and what they represent. That does not change the beliefs of those who support them. And so much of the argument is deflected to just tit for tat over labels rather than the ideas those labels represent.

  2. Hey now! Coming back to check on you! I see that you are still keeping them honest! Thank you for the wonderful comments! I am flattered! It was like you were responding to my poetic questioning!


  3. Vulcan 420,

    The reason that having stable and relevant meanings for accepted terminology is that numerous generations of Americans are co-existing in society simultaneously... many of whom, are operating under those older and factual political concepts.

    Moreover, the politicians themselves frequently refer to these original meanings as if they are somehow referring to them - when in reality, they are diametrically opposed to them in all conceptual reality. When someone says that they are standing up for Individual Liberty and then deprives the electorate of it in any meaningful way - once elected - we as a society have a very significant problem!

  4. At some point there may be a revolution here to win back our liberties. We fought for them before and we will do it again. One of the myths the government tries to perpetuate in our present day is that revolution is a thing of the past. We are too civilized for things of that nature. Well, turn all our savings into loaves of bread and SEE what the Army, Navy and local police decide to do. I know a few of them and am willing to bet they won't bow down to World Govt or any other kind of progressive fantasy.

  5. I got what you had said, unfortunately, you missed the gist of my comment. That is ok since I had not disagreed with what you said.


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