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The Truth About America blog site is dedicated to providing our visitors with honest, forthright, timely, and accurate information about our: Unique American History, Idealistic Societal Founding Principles, Traditional American Philosophy, and Common Sense American Ideology. Since no one party has had a consistent grasp upon "The Truth," over the 234 years of our national history, this American Truth blog and its recent sister site "Real American Truth" is neither: Republican nor Democrat, Conservative nor Liberal, nor Leftward nor Rightward Leaning - respecting the current, accepted, and modern day meanings of these terms.

The plainly stated: Political, Editorial, and Social Commentary position of this blog is to strictly adhere to the Uncommon Principles of our nations Founding Fathers and report the facts as Our Enlightened Ancestors [themselves] would most likely perceive and ultimately view them. This conceptual perspective will be achieved, and henceforth maintained, by adhering strictly to the Traditional American Worldview - which combined the three common threads of society into one fundamentally American Mindset. These three co-equal, co-existent, and highly valued cultural threads were: History, Religion, and Politics.

Why all three? Because, as our nation's original founders understood it: History teaches us what will and will not work [over the long term], Religion teaches us the importance of morality and ethics [in all that we do], and Politics is the art of institutional compromise [in a real world and dynamic environment]. Neither of these philosophies are capable of guiding us properly alone, and none of them exists in a relative political vacuum. Just as each individual American must balance these three aspects against one another in their own personal lives, America [as a: society, culture, and nation] must do the same - for the overall benefit of its millions of citizens.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

United States Debt Default is very likely, at this time... my advice, Buy Silver and Gold.

While I cannot guarantee that The United States of America will [ in fact ] default upon its Debt Obligations within the next five days, I can absolutely assure you that it will eventually happen... moreover, it will definitely happen Before The Spring! It is possible, that Washington DC will [ somehow ] work out another temporary solution. Not very likely, but definitely possible.... However, neither: The Democrats nor The Republicans - have the necessary: Political Backbone, nor Desire to fix ' America's True Problems '.

I can say this with complete conviction and sincerity... from both, my: Knowledge of History and Understanding of The Scriptures. The question: is not if, but when, will The United States of America default upon its debts... and as The Political Rhetoric continues to escalate to unheard of new levels, I am rapidly growing more confident in this particular time frame! My own personal gut feeling, is that August 2nd will be the date.

So, what will ' Really Happen ' when The United States of America defaults upon its debt obligations? For just one moment, let's consider the true ramifications....

The Short Term Results Of A Debt Default:
  • America will lose its: " Good Credit Rating ".
  • Interest Rates will go up for: The United States Government, All 50 States, County and City Governments, and The Public At Large.
  • Foreign Investors will pull out of Our Domestic Markets.
  • The Stock and Bond Markets will both drop tremendously.
  • The Banking and Credit Markets will become even more tightfisted with their money.
  • The Commodities Markets will soar into the stratosphere - before leveling off at much higher levels.
  • Platinum, Gold, and Silver will skyrocket to all time new highs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An American Debt Default is now looming its ugly head; but, we really shouldn't be surprised.

President Barack Obama confers with Federal Re...Image via Wikipedia
 President Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke.
One thing that history has taught us, is that when ' The Denials ' have become both: Exceptionally Loud and Frequent - The Worst Case Scenario is always fixing to happen! It happened with: The Great Crash Of 1929, The Technology Bubble, The Mortgage Crisis, The Banking Crisis, and The Overall Worldwide Economy... and it's, now, happening again with Our National Debt Crisis. As hard as it may be to accept, The Federal Government is just days from: " Defaulting On Its Debts. "

Just as those in: Our American Government and Wall Street - intentionally conspired to hide ' The Truth ' of The Impending Mortgage Crisis, in 2007/2008 - even now, they're doing it all over again. Why give The American Public a false sense of Financial Security? Because someone has to buy The Toxic Assets that they're quietly getting rid of - in preparation, for The Upcoming Bad News... and properly informed investors wouldn't dare to touch them! Why buy government bonds, that are going to be Defaulted Upon? Or, why buy government securities in a Hyper-Inflated Economy? No right minded individual would ever risk doing it... and therein lies ' The Real Problem '.

President Barack Hussein Obama went on television tonight - in order to prepare America for The Impending Debt Default; while shifting the blame for its eventual occurrence upon The Republicans in Congress. Not to be outflanked, however, House Speaker John Boehner did the exact same thing in blaming both: The Democrats and President Obama. Now here's where things get truly interesting... because, neither of them was actually lying... since, both: The Democrats and The Republicans are equally responsible! It's all just ' A Shell Game ', since we only have one actual party: " The Democratic-Republicans ".

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

America is one of The Most Referenced Nations in Biblical Prophecy!

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (bald eagle) landing ...
An American Bald Eagle.
In the hope of Awakening My Fellow Americans - to the reality of The Scriptural Prophecies, which currently surround us - I have created this 'Side By Side Comparison' of two very important nations. One is found clearly described in Biblical Prophecy; while the other is found in The News everyday. And as strange as this may sound, they are [in fact] The Very Same Nation! Let's examine them, very closely, and I do believe that you'll see - what I'm talking about....

As a wise man once said: "Nothing Can Ever Be Stranger Than The Truth!"


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Isaiah Chapter 18: A Prophecy Regarding America

Is: "America Found In Prophecy?"
As many of you already know, I both: Think and Write - upon a wide Diversity Of Topics.... for, I am not just, "The Real American," but I am also, "A True Believer" in Yahweh [God]. I consider: History, Religion, and Politics to be The Three Co-equal Threads upon which all societies are firmly built - as did, My Ancestors, before me....

And having spent a great deal of time in both: Spiritual Study and Reflection, Yahweh has unlocked certain amazing things - which shall shortly come to pass. And yet, I wonder, if there are any who are [honestly] prepared to hear them? Alas, the message may fall entirely upon: "deaf ears..." and the scriptural references may be placed before completely: "blind eyes..." but such is the burden of Yahweh's True Watchmen, to witness: "The Darkness and Gnashing Of Teeth" all around him; even as he points out safety, from the rooftops! This, Truly, is Vanity... and yet, we must all [still] pass through it.

Is America Mentioned In The Scriptures?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Truth About America Is Consolidating With "Real American Truth" Site

In Our Great Society, any job is "A Good One."
Having recently returned to the "Working World," out of absolute necessity, I have had to make some very important decisions lately. As much as it pains me to do this, one of them has been to reduce my current personal workload - by eliminating two of my current blogs online. Thus, I have been forced to choose among: "The Truth About America" and my "Real American Truth" site, due to their frequent informational overlap - with regard to individual political topics.

Although this site was my first one, and is considerably larger with regards to actual topical content, Real American Truth [honestly] does much better with respect to Search Engine Optimization. Ultimately, SEO Issues were my overriding concern - given these substantial structural changes. Consequently, I have decided to consolidate and move all of my articles over to the much newer blog site. I had hoped to keep them both online, however, my new job duties are presenting too big an obstacle - to maintain them both - over the long term.

Although this blog will remain up for the next couple of months, as I transition my articles between these two blogs, all future postings will be uploaded upon the "Real American Truth" site from now on.... Please feel free to check it out, and bookmark the new editorial page! In the meantime, I will be moving my current "Truth About America" blog archives as quickly as time permits me to do so... so that I may get back to my regularly posting of our rapidly developing and largely historical political events.

For more information, about these changes, please see the following article:
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