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Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Claim That Greed Is The Problem With Capitalism

Capitalism: The Unknown IdealModern Americans, like many others around the world, think that, “Greed is the problem with Capitalism…” Some, few, are even wise enough to understand that Greed is only a problem when taken to extremes or excess… but, very few indeed, possess any true insight into the true and very real nature of the problem. Greed has never been a problem for Capitalism, at all…. It is a problem for Humanity, alone!

Capitalism has never been greedy! It is the [mere] mechanical process, or factual underlying instrument, of our common and altogether human existence. It neither: wishes to factually bless us, nor to inflict any intentional harm. Capitalism is inherently “Neutral” with respect to our personal human relations, and treats us all: equally, fairly, and impartially - under its utterly principled and God-given laws! Nor, could it conceivably do [through any means] otherwise.

Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play: Transforming the Buyer/Seller RelationshipWhether we are Rich or Poor, Capitalism is no respecter of persons… it neither cares, nor even keeps score! Each transaction must stand upon its own preconceived [or perceptual] merits, in the eyes of the buyers and sellers. For no such exchange, is even possible without the given, expressed, or implied consent of both parties to its contractual terms!

It operates, stringently, under the Absolute Principles of Freedom, Equality, and Justice! For both parties must be: “Free” to engage in such altruistic activities, possess an “Equal” opportunity to offer up terms, and perceive “Just” benefits in occurring from the eventual and mutual exchange. The fact that, we may not [quite honestly] understand this conceptually, doesn’t alter its relationship [to us] one single bit!

Unlike Humans, it doesn’t have a personal agenda, a highly valued vested interest, or an ulterior motivation! To it, even Life or Death, have no meaning…. What much-needed benefit could it [ever] derive? Nothing! Like God [Himself], it is Eternal… and it lives merely to serve at our beneficial discretion. It is Patient and Longsuffering of its nature… it will wait a millennia for the very next transaction, and will even accept the additional human terms of: Fascism, Socialism, and Marxism – if they [so foolishly] choose.

In fact, Capitalism is precisely so Godlike [in every conceivable way], because God [Himself] is - by His nature – the very first, and wealthiest, of all Capitalists! Who was it that first gave us “Our Property Laws” engraved in the stone? Thou shalt not Steal… Thou shalt not Covet… Thou shalt not Commit Adultery… and The Laws of Moses, with The Statutes and The Judgments - to properly and effectively administer them?

He used examples of Human Commerce to teach us His glorious principles… defining Himself as a Banker, Carpenter, Potter, Vintner, or even a Shepard… and further explained His relationship to us as an Investor, Architect, and Merchant. He described Himself as A Consumer haggling with The Obstinate Salesmen of their own souls… “Come let us reason together, while the time is still growing short,” He implores. Oh, Yes, God [Himself] is a Capitalist!

However, there are Wolves around [and sometimes inside] of every Sheep Pen! They would herd us and cull us from the safety of God’s Flock. These are the “Children of Utter Darkness,” who cannot stand to walk about in The Light… the inventors of varying shades of gray… and those that would gladly obscure every helpful Truth! Like their father, they are: Liars, Devourers, and Destroyers [of their nature]… they will quietly covet, manipulate, and abuse everyone around them… and use their inherent human cleverness to accomplish their Agenda Driven Tasks!

You see “Greed” is found only in the natures of humans! Guns don’t rob Banks, all by themselves! Nor, do your Credit Cards go out and mysteriously make their own purchases… or, even your Governmental Institutions make you their own personal slaves alone… but, humans Do. Humans will do anything for Money! Jump any obstacle in order to achieve Political Power! And, even embrace the very doctrines of “Utter Evil,” to enslave you!

Meanwhile, every Economic System in the world operates under The Laws of Capitalism! Our commodities and products are: Freely, Equally, and Justly distributed across the markets by her laws… but, it is [merely] the contention of our leaders, to decide our portion - for all the effort, which we invest, while making [them] their patently: undue, unjust, and unearned profits!

The greediest of all human individuals are usually found at the top of the Economic Pyramid. History records this fact, for all time! Why do the Republicans embrace Fascism? Why are the Democrats so hung up on Social-Fascism? If you think it’s merely a matter of Societal Fairness, then you are gravely mistaken…. I would caution you to rethink your logic!

If "Money" and "Power" are: co-existent, co-equal, completely interchangeable, and fungible... and both money and power are the primary sources of human grief, suffering, and destruction... then why place both of them into the very same hands? When government controls all of your money, property, and power, what do you have left to fight back with? Nothing... and that's just they way they want it! This is the Keynesian Economic Control Structure in a nutshell.

Open your eyes... look at the world around... ask questions... and think! Why are so many Americans upset? Why are political electorates around the world, and at home, dumping their incumbent political leaders? Who, truly, are those Tea Party members? And what do they know that we don't?

Knowledge is a powerful weapon... and the human mind is its tool! Exercise it, like any other muscle, and help it to grow strong. You might be surprised by what you'll learn....

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