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Monday, March 1, 2010

Who And/Or What Is “The Truth About America”

It has recently come to my attention, as a Political Editorialist and Social Commentarian, that South Carolina has an [honest-to-God] law requiring a registration of anyone who - participates in, speaks up for, or intends to promote the overthrow of either: The State of South Carolina, or The Federal Governmental Entity… since my writings, may be wrongly perceived [or incorrectly viewed] as possessing a certain inflammatory nature, I have decided that two things must occur, before I continue my honestly good-natured and well-intended activities.

First, I wish to make a very important statement regarding the overall purpose of this website or blog…. We are, an informational site [ONLY], dedicated to supplying “Real Americans” everywhere - with “The Truth about our current societal condition as a nation and political-economic society!” Nothing here: “either promotes, encourages, or intends the overthrow of any physical human government… whether: South Carolina’s, that of The United States’, or any other!”

What any Americans do, with the information being [thusly] provided, is a personal matter for their own: individual and consensual sovereignty as: “Freeborn Citizens of America” or as, “Lawful and Taxpaying [Resident] Citizens of the various interdependent and sovereign American States!" We Are Not: “A Spokesman, Official Voice, or even An Un-Official Outlet," for the political forces of any physical revolution! We Are [However]: “Analyzers, Interpreters, and Purveyors of accurate American History – up and unto the present modern day!” There is a profound and significant difference between these two….

In Our Opinion: "If, South Carolina [or any other governmental entity] is gravely concerned over the prevention of Illegal and Un-Constitutional Usurpations of political power and/or lawful electoral authority, then it seems that their own efforts on this part have been entered into very late in the game… since, Fascism is highly illegal under our common political laws and The Republicans and The Democrats have thusly-controlled and manipulated our popular electorate, for well over 100 physical years!"

That being said, we shall observe the letter of this [apparently] new law… in registering with the local authorities, before any more New Updates to our Blog. Even though, we are [merely] an informational source of accurate American history, political editorial, and societal commentary! It is a great irony, that in Modern America’s "Bible Belt" the Truth: [can not only] "Set You Free," but [apparently] "Lock You Up" as well….

However, we shall continue to add inherent and highly needed value to our site in the form of new links, available resources, and an expansion of our referential glossary of specific political terms - as understood by our nation's founding fathers... since, such simple additions of objectively useful content cannot conceivably be viewed as politically subversive to any reasonable human being! Therfore, in the long run, we should come out of this with a much more useful editorial product for everyone. For those of you, who are currently enjoying our service, Please bear with us!

In the meantime, we appreciate your continued support for our services and beg your indulgence for our abscence from the ongoing political discussion. Please consider us in your prayers, during this somewhat disturbing political development in our [supposedly] Freedom Loving Democracy!

The Real American.


  1. Maybe you do hope to aid in the overthrow of a state and/or the federal government if you see this law and believe it applies to you enough to go through the motion of actually registering under the law even whilst saying it does not apply to your site. Furthermore although you attempt to rationalize otherwise, saying that what an individual does after reading your content is not your responsibility, your writing appeals to one's emotions, helps incite hatred and could very well help spur someone to rationalize an act of violence as a legitimate attempt to stand up against an unjust government. You also present the view that the government has been unconstitutionally taken over by fascist Republicans and Democrats and imply that any law to overthrow the government is therefore invalid. One can infer from that that you do in fact believe it is not illegal to overthrow a state and/or the federal government. If that is not the case then you are just being an utter idiot, looking to make trouble for yourself out of nothing while adding to the hype of your blog.

    As for the actual law on the books; I have not read it but think the intent of the law is that change should occur through the system and not by overthrowing it through violence. Nor are acts of terrorism justified by malcontent. If in yours [and anyone else's] views the progressives and liberals have taken over the government then by the same methods you can take it back if the majority of people are in agreement. If you do not like the way things are say so through your vote. If you believe there is no one to vote for then run yourself or help someone you support. Start at the local level and work your way up as you gain support. That is the way our system is supposed to work and the way to achieve the change you desire if the majority of the people also desire it.

    I say it is the rational, hard working common person that suffers the consequences of right and left wing extremists who hold the center hostage to their endless, sophomoric name calling and derision, mistruths and misrepresentations whilst decrying that its the end of life as we know it if we all do not take down the other side as quickly and as decisively as possible. Fascism and socialism are not the only dangers facing our government. Having two extremes battling it out, blind of all but their philosophical political views, is robbing us, the majority of Americans, of our government's ability to solve even the simplest of issues facing us today.

    Go ahead and put yourself on the government watch list if you believe it appropriate - you may very well deserve to be on it.

  2. Vulcan420 said...

    Maybe you do hope to aid in the overthrow of a state and/or the federal government if you see this law and believe it applies to you enough to go through the motion of actually registering under the law even whilst saying it does not apply to your site.

    First of all, the local news media [here in SC, of which you are apparently not privvy] stated that it specifically applied to "all of us bloggers in SC - seeking true constitutional reform - since we are seen as dissidents to the system." Nor, they claimed, "did we possess freedom of the press - like them."

    The point, however, is moot! Our state representation has [since then] stated flatly, that this law: isn't new, doesn't apply to reform minded bloggers, and would shortly be removed as a source of current ongoing political embarrassment.

    Apparently, it was: a relic of the "Cold War/Mc Carthy Era," was to prevent the threat of the American Communist Party, and long forgotten by everyone until someone finding it on the books in SC [while living in New York] came down here specifically to register and embarras our state....

    In the meantime, we shall again be updating our editorial, as usual! Thanx for your concern!


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