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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

21 States Have Declared Their Sovereignty

Since 2009, Twenty-One out of the Fifty Interdependent and Sovereign States have "Formally and Officially Re-Iterated" - their Individual Sovereignty under The United States Constitution. Not since, two months previous to, The American Civil War – have the various chattel properties of this [patently illegal] Federal Empire exercised such unused political muscle! As a South Carolinian/American, with a highly vested interest, I hope that, The States have truly mustered the determination and willpower needed at this particular juncture in time… for, readily-apparent, political backbone has never been their strong suit….

Meanwhile, although many local news stations - across our union - have been adequately and accurately reporting this relatively new and growing circumstance, the National or Mainstream Media has been ominously silent upon these quickly moving developments! When even the International Media is reporting and covering these ongoing events in primetime –around the world. Either the National Media must be deeply asleep, or it has already [honestly and openly] chosen sides on this rapidly growing issue. Personally, I am certain, that it is - in fact - the latter….

From a historical perspective, things are beginning to get truly exciting… perhaps, for the very first time in decades! The issues being presented, by our ever ballooning Federal Bureaucratic Tyranny, have finally begun to chafe beyond acceptable Human and State measures and the political storm clouds are now gathering.

These Issues Are [among others]: 

Below Is A List Of Self-Declared Sovereign States:
We will provide the rest of these links, as they become available online... so please stay tuned!

Why are these State Declarations important? Please examine closely how they are worded.... If The United States Federal Government seeks to impose martial law, then they are Official Statements of Effective and Lawful Constitutional Dissolution... If Two-Thirds Of The States Can Lawfully Ratify The Union Contract, then Two-Thirds Of The States Can Lawfully Dissolve It... and any Federal Action Of Imposed Martial Law Will [in all reality] Execute That Legal Process!

This is more than a mild-mannered statement - on the part of The Respective States - it is truly a line of demarcation being drawn in the sand, once and for all! Bear that in mind.... The fact, that The States and Our Common Citizenship must resort to such extreme measures in order to, "Check The [All Consuming] Federal Hegemony [Over Us]," displays the truly malignant nature of our once glorious union. The "Great Societal Experiment" is finally nearing completion... soon, we shall rebuild - with what we have extensively learned!

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