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Monday, March 1, 2010

What Precisely Is Social-Fascism:

If Fascism is a product of The Right [as claimed by Premier Lenin, Commissar Stalin, and Chairman Mao] and Socialism is a product of The Left [as claimed by virtually everyone else], then what exactly is Social-Fascism… and how, in fact, does it exist? These are two very good questions, for “Real Americans,” to be [openly] asking!

First, let’s acquaint ourselves with the only three [and decidedly] primary economic systems in real world application or existence. These are: Capitalism, Fascism, and Socialism! Although, Communism could have been a fourth, it has never been [nor could ever be] applied, as an overall societal structure.

Capitalism: An economic system based upon strict property ownership, wherein all rights and authorities are vested fully in the hands of the property owner.

Fascism: A politico-economic system denoted by extreme nationalism and direct societal regulation of all privately held personal and corporate assets for the purposes of perceived societal benefit.

Socialism: A politico-economic system denoted by extreme nationalism and direct ownership, authority, power, and/or control over all societal assets for the purposes of perceived societal benefit.

The very first thing that we notice, from a side-by-side comparison of these competing ideological and economic systems, is that one of them is entirely different than the other two. Capitalism is an economic system devoid of, and set apart from, any overriding political machinery! It exists along side, but totally separate from every other type of [potentially] encroaching political power. It has been found in thriving democracies, warring feudal states, and even under despotic tyranny… however, it particularly loves Freedom and Republican Style Democracy!

Whereas, Fascism and Socialism are both Political and Economic creations of lesser and/or greater societal extent. In Fascism, people are still free to own personal, individual, and/or private property. However, the State reserve all rights to determine how it is regulated, used, and/or ultimately apportioned! In Socialism, all property is fully vested with the State. Thus, “Big Brother” looks out for everyone’s personal or individual “Best Interest” – since they most certainly always know what’s right!

When Karl Marx [an English social-economist] was explaining his economic theories, he placed Socialism on The Left and Capitalism on The Right in the equations from which he taught. Thus, Socialism was on “The Left,” and Capitalism was on “The Right,” of his instructional chalkboard. Right squarely in “The Middle” was where he theorized that Fascism would inevitably fall… and, this makes sense, because Fascism is where these two competing systems would [quite honestly] necessarily overlap.

As a tenured professor of political science and economics at one of England’s greatest universities, Marx was widely published, discussed, and read… by political and economic theorists all over the world! Consequently, when the Worldwide Social-Progressive Movement began in the 1860’s and 1870’s, his ideas were the primary ones from which to draw upon… and, like so few [others] in our History, his ideas “rocked the entire world!”

Up until that point, tremendous advances in technology and wealth had been made, but only a very few had received any substantial economic benefit! Some were slaves, many were indentured, and most were poor by intentional greed or corporate design. An entire planet was crying out under the yoke of their wealthier corporate masters. Thus, two entirely different solutions came into physical being overnight!

The first of these were the Trade Unions, which sought to collectively bargain on the side of labor. The second of them were the socially progressive political movements of that specific time. The fact that they were mutually supportive of each other, while possessing largely the very same political goals and social agendas, shouldn’t [at all] seem very surprising. Nor, possessing millions of hurting and socially wronged individuals between them, should it be surprising the amount of political power that they ultimately wielded. The world’s politicians were falling all over themselves in order to either “tap into,” or placate these two highly political societal-movements!

As for Marx, he was certain that some form of Socialism would inevitably or invariably result and the entire world would fall under its political power. Like Premier Lenin, who would later follow, he envisioned the entire planet existing under some form or degree of Socialist Authority. Thus, under such a particular vision, Fascism would then exist at “The [New] Far Right” and Socialism at “The [New] Far Left” of the ever-evolving political spectrum!

As “the dominoes began to fall” Lenin, Stalin, and Mao were in the forefront these political revolutions of “The Left.” Thus, any of the half-hearted efforts, which resulted in political Fascism, were treated with utter disdain and/or personal contempt – as products of “Their Right…” while, Capitalists viewed both of them as [honestly] “Leftist Political Philosophies.” Which, they [truly] are!

Soon realizing their mistake, the corporate industrialists tried setting things right with their thoroughly abused workers… raising pay, offering retirement, and even begrudgingly certain other benefits. However, the societal damage inflicted by their excessive greed was already done! Even The Republicans had shifted subtly to The Left into Fascism… while the Democrats sought to usher in a more “Progressive System” of political empowerment.

However, with The Republicans still “To The Right” of them, The Democrats couldn’t dare “grasp the golden ring of collectivism” or make any factual allusions to that same goal. Consequently, they adopted an entirely new political strategy – to use their considerable muscles - to drag our society further and further Left; by the careful application of brute political force each new election! Thus, inextricably American Fascism was carefully modified, in certain ways, over time. Social-Fascism is the net result!

Social-Fascism has all of the [inherently perceived] beneficial social machinery of Socialism, without any need to forcefully confiscate everyone’s individual or private property! Thus, it has considerably less political baggage. It is Fascism with ever-growing governmental oversight, regulation, and financial supports. It is also, extremely Un-Constitutional....

However, as long as both parties agree… and they, continually, appoint the new judges… it is, what it is, "the law of our land!" Nor, without our current financial wake-up call, would most Americans even [honestly] care to bother complaining. But “Social-Fascism,” is [none-the-less] The True Cause. The Real American, thought you might want to [honestly] know!

Wake-Up America… the “Great Experiment” is nearing completion, and the results are there for you to know. The Tea Party Movement will soon undergo a significant transformation and they’ll need your help to affect “A True Change” of direction! History is in the making....

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