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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Precisely Is Capitalism:

Capitalism  is real “Individual and Personal Freedom” being expressed through the open and sincere desires of all human beings to evaluate and to fittingly, or properly, assign a dynamic value with respect to necessary goods and services, as they are [in-effect] logically required. It is also the natural, fundamental, and underlying economic system of every society on Earth !

Although we may foolishly tamper with our Natural, God-given, or Universal Laws governing our common human existence; we may never truly or fully ignore them! For instance: Fascism, Socialism, and Marxism may alter the terms upon which Capitalism must essentially operate - with respect to a given individual or society – but, in the end, they are still subject to all of its long term effects for both better or worse… and, since the proper amount of societal freedom generates rapid economic growth, truly capitalistic societies will inordinately receive the greatest societal effect!

This is a result of the certain marital relationship [or natural symbioses] between Capitalism and Freedom, which [truly] walk together hand in hand. There is nothing that can separate these two highly beneficial societal aspects! Even in a system of “State Imposed Slavery,” Capitalism may truly exist, however, any real economic growth is heavily dependent - upon the number [and desire] of its actual [and ongoing] participants. Although the prospective enslaving authorities may do so – for an apparent desire of tremendous economic gains – they will inevitably be grossly disappointed by the invariable results being so unreasonably obtained!

However, “Uncontrolled [Or Unchecked] Greed” is [not only] harmful to any society, but Capitalism has its own ways of economically punishing the specific offenders, as well; over its long term societal practice! Meanwhile, as their stash of ill-gotten wealth steadily declines – due to these factors – so does their equal ability to maintain a truly systemic political control over the necessary apparatus to do so. Consequently, history keeps repeating the very same cycles of oppression and dictatorial social collapse.

You would think that some people might learn, but it is greed that fully compels them and it is the most invasive and powerful drug to its power drunken addicts! Even today, our political leadership is pursuing a course to complete Fascist Dictatorship over both America and the rest of the world – through the soon to be enforced edicts of International Law - handed down by an un-elected United Nations world political body. And yet, that is the worst conceivable course for our planetary economic system!

Without any Capitalistic Economies any longer potentially available, the increase of institutional and societal shortages will simply explode! The economic, financial, and productive shortages of our past are merely the result of our ongoing worldwide failure to embrace the necessary concepts of Freedom and Capitalism – since the very beginning of time. A worldwide Social-Fascist State will only increase the problems we already inherently have!

To put it another way, when the entire world population is eventually free to participate - through "Individual and Personal Freedom " and with actual access to "True Capitalist Markets " - artificial scarcities, monetarily imposed shortages, and institutionalized impoverishment will no longer [factually] occur! The resultant pool of human skills, talents, and resources will be systemically unleashed worldwide, and the amount of wealth created for all will be [quite honestly] inconceivable! Everything that stands in that way is only a minfestation of "Uncontrolled and Unchecked Greed" upon those in our political leadership! 

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