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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Final Authority Of Prophets

Just like the scriptures clearly state: "A Message From God Cannot Be Stopped!"

Quote: "If 'The Fear Of God is the beginning of Wisdom,' then where does 'the fullness there-of' stem from?" - author unknown.

Contrary to majority opinion, All [truly] wise men, are most assuredly prophets! Otherwise, from where is their wisdom derived... if not, from "The Most Holy God?" A Truly Just and Holy People, know this statement for a fact! For, most assuredly it is written, "The Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom..." whereof else speaks, the requirement to possess a healthy respect for our fellow man? And yet, all truly wise men, exhibit more than a rudimentary grasp of human Wisdom!

A Masters Degree or Doctorate may rightly confer Earthly Status, but Wisdom is obtained through and from God, alone. Although man may designate, confer, or bestow Earthly Credentials, the prophet has obtained A Testimony - which is far in excess of any that man may [honestly] offer! For, he speaks with the authority and power of "The Truth" on his side... and the facts are his to command, likened unto a general marshaling his forces into the heat of the battle.

He, who has ordered "The Macro-verse," has opened his eyes to a revelation - which is beyond the reach of [mere] Earthly Comprehension or Knowledge! Words of their nature hold great power.... A power to roil The Seas of Humanity. For, humanity knows "The Truth" - when they hear it - and actions both great and small inevitably or invariably result! Thus, it is written: "For you shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall set you Free." The mark of a prophet is found in his words... be they, Truthful and Just, at their core?

Although, every man stands in judgment of the prophet - be they for, or against his great vision - yet, the power of the prophet lies not in his mere words alone! Does not an "All-Seeing God," judge surely amongst the hearts of men? Let, therefore, speak the prophet... and, heed well the words, which he utters! For, our hearts - being in tuned with our maker - brings forth a great and heightened understanding, upon The Earth.

Erstwhile, we stumble along, in the way... for Truth, of its nature, is not always much pleasant... and, all of us, fall short of His mark! Yet, The Truth is what The Truth is, and the contrast is often quite telling and stark.

Personally, I claim no prophetic authorities... nor, powers of beyond that of any other mere man. Yet, if they eventually display themselves, per God's Own Judgment, then so be it. For, God elevates those whom He knowingly chooses, and brings low those whom He [most certainly] must! Who are we, mere men, to question His judgment?

Many have supposed to anoint me a preacher... for my mind contains much understanding of Yahweh [God] - which is sadly much needed at this time! Yet, Yahweh has raised up the heart of a teacher, for matters - which shortly must be revealed. I carry a message and reminder to All Of His People: "Return quickly to My protection, for the time is now drawn very short, indeed... Examine My Word, and Be Healed!"

America's True Greatness, cannot be found in the words of her long dead and spiritually great men... Nor, in its lofty and God-given Ideals. Its Greatness, is found in the solemn and repentant hearts, that allow them to [once again] be anointed and sealed! Each generation of men, though blessed or cursed by the will and actions of their fathers before, must rise and fall - by their own hands. That, which they knowingly do - whether right or wrong - is always measured in the balance! In Truth, our failing to act is equally measured, "By A Just God," as well....

I know that this message will fall upon many stiffened necks, and many more spiritually deafened ears, as well... however, let him who has an ear listen and him who has a quickened conscience obey! "Make your paths straight for almighty Yahweh [God]," and do it soon. The Covenant - which our Spiritually Enlightened Ancestors made - is equally binding today! For proof, I offer you Malachi 4:4-6, read it....

  • "Remember the Law of Moses, My servant, Which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel, With the statutes and judgments. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse." - Malachi 4:4-6.
Is this not what is occurring in our cities, and upon our streets? Have I not warned you, that the point of no return is nearly at hand, or that the time of repentance will soon be over? Let he who has an eye, at spiritual perception, continually receive God's Blessings! Shalom.

Note: This is a crossover article, which may be found [in a very slightly altered form] on The Truth About God blog site, as well.... since, I equally produce both of them, I may occasionally take the liberty to do so in the future - where [honestly] appropriate. I beg, your indulgence... however, like  Martin Luther, I most certainly wouldn't pay for it... since, God is my only real concern! If you are a spiritually minded Judeo-Christian Believer, then feel free to visit my other site, as well... however, I warn you - In Advance - that it isn't geared, toward the nominal christian believer!


  1. So, first you see yourself as some all intelligent, factual historian of American politics and sole interpreter of our founding father's intentions whilst basically trying to capitalize on what Glenn Beck and others who have worked and paid their dues over years to achieve their status have already said and written.

    Then, you fancy yourself a prophet, though you make no claim to such, putting yourself up in the company of Moses and Martin Luther. And of course who could dispute this non-claim of yours since, as you say, no man can pass judgement as to whether someone is a prophet - for only God can make that distinction.

    I don't know people... Seems to me the more someone says they are one thing the more you can bet they are something else all together. But hey, I'm just a common man. Maybe I don't have the capacity to comprehend all this intellectual stuff that The Real American Prophet puts forth.

  2. Perhaps, you haven't noticed... but, I always attempt to write a more spiritually oriented article on God's Sabbath. I am most-certainly unashamed, to do so! It is His Day, after all.

    The point being made in the article, however, is that all wisdom comes from God... God chooses whom He chooses... and not a single one of God's prophets went to school - in order to become one! Thus, as Americans and humans, we should look for Truth elsewhere; and honestly or gratefully accept it for what it is.

    If we continue waiting for "True Wisdom" to come though man's system of education and/or training, then we shall be waiting an awful long time! If, on the other hand, we are accepting of it - for what it is - then His prophets are currently standing all around us....

    Your narrow focus on me, and your very shallow thinking in general, does yourself a great dis-service. There is nothing on this site about me! Rather, everything on this site is thoughtfully written and honestly devised to open your eyes to the deep philosophical issues surrounding us each and everyday.


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